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Gambling In New Jersey: Full Overview 2020

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Similar to how Nevada has become sort of the home of gaming on the West coast, online casino New Jersey sites have become the most sought after casino gaming on the East coast. With legalized casino gaming that isn't limited to only Atlantic City, New Jersey has plenty to offer fans of casino slots and New Jersey online casino games. The state also has legal sports betting, both online and in-person. And the state has granted people in it to play poker legally as well. While New Jersey is often thought of as the little brother stuck in the shadow of New York, the state has absolutely set itself apart from anyone in the region in terms of its real money gaming possibilities. When it comes to online gambling, New Jersey is the pioneer among the US states. The state was one of the first states to pass various laws to regulate legal online gambling including casino, poker and sports betting.

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New Jersey gambling history and social importance

History: An American gambling institution

The history of real money casino gambling in New Jersey dates all the way back to the American Revolution, something that virtually no other state can claim. Lotteries were a big part of the origins of gambling in America, with New Jersey lotteries helping to fund military efforts during the war that helped America become an independent nation. The state was also home of the first racetrack in America, with horse racing taking place in New Jersey from the 1830s on.

After some back and forth involving the legality of casino games throughout the 1900s, the 1970s saw some permanent forward momentum related to New Jersey casino gambling. The mid-1970s saw real money casino gaming legalized in the state for only Atlantic City. And in the 2010s, the state added the possibility for online casino gambling and sports betting sites to go along with all of the physical casino games that the state has to offer. While states like New York nearby have yet to legalize online gambling or casino sites to go along with land-based betting venues, New Jersey has set itself apart by offering both to players who are interested.

Social importance: Synonymous with NJ

For New Jersey, casino and sports gaming is a huge social component of what goes on in the state. The fact that New Jersey is so close to New York creates a situation where New York City is often a more appealing option for people who are looking for something to do. But with all of the gambling possibilities in New Jersey, people are staying in Jersey more often now, something that will only continue as more and more casino games and options begin presenting themselves throughout the state. New Jersey is not only outperforming New York with its casino games and betting options, but it is also prompting people who usually go to states like Nevada to give them a chance instead.

New Jersey

Legal situation of casinos and online casinos in New Jersey 2020

Land-based casinos: Legal for decades

Is gambling legal in New Jersey casinos? Yes. For those who want to get after it with land-based casino action, there is certainly no shortage of choices when it comes to New Jersey and the casino gambling  industry. With Atlantic City being one of the cornerstones of casino gambling in the United States, there are casinos galore. Those casinos offer casino online slots, table games, and countless other casino gambling options that have made this state one that gamblers have loved even before the onslaught of legalized online betting sites that has come in New Jersey and elsewhere. And not only is there a high quantity when it comes to casino games options, there is quality as well thanks to the presence of big names in the land-based casino industry.

Legal situation for land-based casinos: No legal challenges

Land-based casinos have been legal in New Jersey for decades, with Atlantic City casinos pre-dating the legalization of casino gambling in many other states by a sizable margin. Today, physical casinos have an interesting role in the legality of casino gaming in the state. While their legal status to operate at physical casinos is in no way being challenged, these operators are gaining footholds in the online casino world similar to what is taking place in Nevada thanks to the progressions that are being made in the online casino site world. This has greatly helped casinos along with players who may not have immediate access to a casino.

Online casinos: Online options available

Can I bet online in New Jersey? You bet. Online casino sites are another option for casino players in New Jersey, with that side of the casino industry evolving to become more diverse and of better quality with the technological advancements being made. Players can take on casino games from their computers or mobile devices so long as they are located in the state, with New Jersey-specific casino bonus options being available to players to make playing online in many cases more advantageous than playing in person. The combination of the best online casino New Jersey brands (such as the Tropicana online casino New Jersey) working through respected physical casino brands has created a casino experience that has been enjoyed by many players throughout the state.

OperatorLandbased Partner
888 CasinoCaesars Atlantic City
Bet365 CasinoHard Rock Resort & Casino
BetAmerica CasinoGolden Nugget Hotel Casino & Marina
BetMGM CasinoBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Betfair CasinoGolden Nugget Hotel Casino & Marina
Borgata OnlineBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Caesars Online CasinoCaesars Atlantic City
DraftKings CasinoN/A
FanDuel CasinoGolden Nugget Hotel Casino & Marina
Golden Nugget OnlineGolden Nugget Hotel Casino & Marina
Hard Rock Online CasinoHard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City
Harrah's Online CasinoHarrah's Atlantic City
Mohegan Sun Online CasinoResorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City
Ocean Resort Online CasinoOcean Resort Casino Atlantic City
Pala CasinoBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Party CasinoBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa
PokerStars CasinoResorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City
Resorts Online CasinoResorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City
Scores CasinoBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa
SugarHouse CasinoGolden Nugget Hotel Casino & Marina
Tropicana Online CasinoTropicana Casino & Resort Atlantic City
Unibet CasinoHard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City
Virgin Casino OnlineTropicana Casino & Resort Atlantic City
playMGM CasinoBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa

Legal situation for online casinos: Legal for years

Online casino site play was made legal in New Jersey in February of 2013 with the passing of Assembly Bill 2578. Just like Nevada's legal status for online casino sites play, New Jersey stipulates that online casino sites have to come from brick and mortar casino brands that are operating in the state. As a result, you end up with online casino brands like DraftKings that operate through licensed casinos such as Resorts Hotel and Casino. Those pairings have resulted in some strong site efforts from every online casino in NJ, the likes of which do not appear to be slowing down anytime soon as an added bonus to bettors.

Market prediction for the future

Taking a look at the future of the casino industry in New Jersey should fill people who spend time in the state with optimism. There are so many casino games and options for legal casino play both online and through land-based operators that players can really pick and choose what they like based on as many criteria as they would like. And with some interesting technology such as the ability to play live casino games online based on land-based table games in casinos, expect more casino operators to introduce innovations that will keep casino play in New Jersey much more interesting than it ever was when there were few casino games and options beyond Atlantic City.

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Legal situation of sports betting and online betting in New Jersey 2020

Land-based betting operators/racetracks: A leading state

Sports betting is relatively new to New Jersey, but the state has embraced the industry with open arms since it was legalized in 2018. From a land-based sportsbook perspective, New Jersey is second only to Nevada in terms of what they have to offer. Not only are there large amounts of sportsbooks to be found in the state, but many of them have done a great job with their presentation of sports betting. This includes massive areas for bettors to watch games without having to go to another location, along with enough in-game betting markets to keep players entertained regardless of how their bets are playing out.

Legal situation for land-based betting operators/racetracks: Famously legal

Land-based sports betting operators were given a license to operate in New Jersey in June of 2018, with Monmouth Park headlining the list of the first locations to start accepting bets in the state thanks to Assembly Bill 4111. Since then, many others have joined the fray including the famous Meadowlands racetrack and many more. As is the case with most states, the influx of online sports betting options has resulted in land-based locations having to take a look at the markets that they offer and stepping their games up to remain competitive. But with New Jersey legalizing both together, that concern wasn't as pressing for this state.

OperatorLandbased Partner
888sportBally's Atlantic City
Bet365Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City
BetAmericaGolden Nugget Hotel Casino & Marina
BetMGMBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa
BetStarsMeadowlands Racing & Entertainment
Borgata SportsBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Caesars SportsbookBally's Atlantic City
DraftKings SportsbookResorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City
FOX BetMeadowlands Racing & Entertainment
FanDuel SportsbookMeadowlands Racing & Entertainment
Golden Nugget SportsbookGolden Nugget Hotel Casino & Marina
Hard Rock SportsbookHard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City
PointsBetMeadowlands Racing & Entertainment
Resorts SportsbookResorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City
SugarHouse Casino SportsbookMonmouth Park
UnibetHard Rock Hotel & Casino
William HillMonmouth Park & Ocean Resort Casino
theScore BetMonmouth Park

Online sports betting: Legal in-state

In addition to the physical casino games options that exist throughout New Jersey, there are plenty of online casino options as well. Not only are there many online sports betting options in the state, but they are incredibly convenient in that players can be anywhere in New Jersey in order to take advantage of a desired site. For bettors who might live in the far reaches of New Jersey, or just don't spend much time outside of certain parts of the state, the legalization of online sports betting has been great news. And with the backing of many land-based sportsbook supporting brands, the quality of the product has been strong too from site to site.

Legal situation for betting sites: Legal and running

Online sports betting in New Jersey was legalized in June of 2018, with the state's Assembly Bill 4111 clearing the path for the state to start accepting sports bets online. There are a wide range of options in terms of licensed online sportsbooks in New Jersey, but all of them are attached in one way or another to a licensed physical location within the state as well. This has included sportsbook efforts from daily fantasy sports giants such as FanDuel and DraftKings, with online sports betting giant bet365 and even Fox set to get in on the action in the near future in a completely legal way.

Market prediction for the future

The future for sports betting in New Jersey is incredibly bright to the point that some huge names in the sports and sports betting industries are throwing their hats into the proverbial ring to get in on what the state has going on. Eventually it could be possible that sportsbooks would not have to work through existing physical gambling partners, but even if they did it would not hamper what truly is an excellent sports betting menu in the state. With praise even coming from those who are accustomed to gambling in Nevada, sports betting in New Jersey's future is likely that of an innovator above all else.

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Legal situation of poker rooms and online poker in New Jersey 2020

Land-based poker rooms: Ready to deal

Is poker legal in New Jersey? It sure is. With all of the other betting options that are up for grabs in New Jersey, it’s no surprise that New Jersey casinos also offer poker for their players. NJ casinos offer land-based poker in multiple locations in Atlantic City as players are able to play both tournament and ring game action in an in-person setting. There are three main NJ casinos in Atlantic City that offer this action, with those names being some of the more recognizable in New Jersey gambling. While there are certainly more options in some other states, but you could do a lot worse than land-based poker rooms in New Jersey casinos.

Legal situation for land-based poker rooms: Legal card playing haven

In terms of the legality of land-based poker rooms in New Jersey, this state was one of the first to have legal land-based poker gaming. This took place in the 1990s, with Atlantic City leading the charge relative to a lot of the other states out there. Since then, more poker rooms have become an option in the state, and they have paved the way for some of the online site options that have made it into the fold as the game has become more popular thanks in large part to the online poker sites boom of the 2000s.

OperatorLandbased Partner
888 PokerBally's Atlantic City
BetMGM PokerBorgata Casino Resort & Spa
Borgata PokerBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Pala PokerBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Party PokerBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa
PokerStarsResorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City
WSOP PokerBally's Atlantic City
playMGM PokerBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa

Online poker: Yet another option

Playing poker online is one of the most exciting forms of online gambling NJ has to offer. And thanks to the continued legalization of online gambling in NJ and the rest of America, this is becoming more and more common in New Jersey and beyond. New Jersey has had legal online poker since February 2013, with poker sites having to work with licensed casinos that operate in the state to create the poker action that players have grown to know and love within New Jersey. Big names in the online poker industry such as PokerStars and 888 Poker have made it into the game in this state so far.

Legal situation for online poker: No problems

The legality of online poker in New Jersey was brought about by Assembly Bill 2578 in New Jersey as of February of 2013. New Jersey poker is overseen by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement. As mentioned previously, the legality of online poker in the state is limited to poker sites who are working through licensed operators of land-based casinos in the state, with big names in the poker industry working with casinos such as Caesars and Borgata to be eligible to operate online poker in New Jersey.

Market prediction for the future

Looking ahead at the future of poker in New Jersey is an interesting exercise, with the fact that poker in the state is already healthy working in the favor of New Jersey and the people in or near it. If there was anything to look forward to, though, it could be the continued expansion of online poker in the state as more poker operators could either start working with licensed casinos in the state or that requirement could one day be lifted. The latter option there is far less likely than more operators developing relationships with casinos, but you never know in a fast-moving state like this one that has expanded its reach far beyond Atlantic City.

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Legal situation of lotteries and online lottery in New Jersey 2020

Lottery action in New Jersey is allowed. However, it is only permitted for offline action at this time. As of now, the entity Northstar New Jersey is in charge of the lottery in New Jersey. And the state has an agreement that that company to operate the lottery exclusively until the year 2028. Until then, it is unlikely that there would be any addition of online lottery play that players could add to their online gaming portfolio. Given all of the betting options that players have at their disposal in the state, in Atlantic City and online, it is unlikely that online lottery play is that highly sought after. Besides, Nevada doesn’t have any lottery capabilities and it is doing just fine. Offshore online lottery play is doable in this state, but it isn’t legal and it is not advised as a result of that fact.

Legal situation of daily fantasy sports in New Jersey 2020

Daily fantasy sports is very much permitted in New Jersey, and has been since 2017 with the passage of New Jersey Assembly Bill 3532. There are many daily fantasy sports operators that operate out of New Jersey, with big names such as DraftKings and FanDuel operating in the state. Smaller entities like FastPick also operate in New Jersey, which speaks to the positive relationship that New Jersey has with the daily fantasy sports world.

Also, big name daily fantasy sports operators DraftKings and FanDuel both operate sportsbooks in New Jersey. That speaks to the fact that those two daily fantasy sports operators plan on being in Jersey for the long haul. As a result, daily fantasy sports game enthusiasts can expect to continue to play these games through those providers and many more for the foreseeable future also.

New Jersey Gambling

Legal situation of social casino in New Jersey 2020

Social casino gaming is something that is very unique in the context of betting and online gambling. Instead of players risking their money in an effort to win big money, players can play games that resemble online casino games in a setting where they are not risking any of their own money at a casino but rather among friends or in a social setting. In New Jersey, this social casino gaming is allowed, as players are able to play casino titles for fun without having to worry about whether or not they win money or lose money. Given all of the real money betting options that exist in New Jersey inside and out of Atlantic City, fans of these kinds of games likely don’t overlap much with those who want to bet on casino games for real money. But players have the option to take part in either practice, which only opens up the number of options that they have to play.

Conclusion: A gambling leader

When people think of the best in the world at things, New Jersey likely isn’t the place that they go first. However, New Jersey has become one of the titans of the casino gaming industry in a number of different ways. Their legalization of so many different kinds of casino betting has made them a strong place for any serious casino bettor to consider traveling to, with casino, poker, and sports betting action all on the list of things that players can play while they are located in the state. And the fact that players do not have to travel to a physical casino in order to play those casino options only makes playing in a New Jersey casino all the more convenient. With their willingness to try new things by accepting the ideas of their casino gaming providers, don’t miss your chance to bet in New Jersey. Get started today!

Gambling typeLegal status
Land-based casinosLegal
Online gamblingLegal sports, poker, casino
Sports bettingLegal in person and online
LotteryOffline only
Daily fantasy sportsLegal
Minimum gambling age21