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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Trixie Bet 2021: Strategy, Tips & Top Betting Sites

In many cases, when someone asks what’s a trixie in betting, bettors would then be inclined to ask who trixie was. But in the case of what’s a trixie bet, that is a whole different story. The each way trixie bet is a wager that allows bettors to make multiple selections that are folded into several wagers that each have a chance to deliver profits. In this guide to the trixie bet, bettors will have the trixie bet explained to them as we review trixie bet strategy and potential bet system use that could make this wager a profitable one.

Some facts you should know about Trixie Bet
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  • Consists of four sports picks

  • Those picks are made into four total wagers

  • Two doubles and a treble bet

  • Not all three picks have to win to make a profit

What’s a trixie bet?

Bettors who want to know what does trixie bet mean, or what’s a trixie bet, can look forward to seeing the trixie bet explained in this guide. But the basic meaning of this bet type is that a bettor will make three selections from the plethora of sports betting markets out there. With those picks, bettors will essentially be placing four different multi bets with this wager. Here is a breakdown of what wagers are performed with this system as a whole.

  • Three doubles
  • One treble

This is, essentially, a simplified patent wager. The patent consists of three singles to go along with the three doubles and one treble. The double and treble components are the same, with the patent adding the singles to nearly double the amount of wagers made.

There is, of course, a lot more to think about when it comes to the trixie bet sportsbet, such as bet strategy, which we will get to later in this guide. But it doesn’t take an elaborate bet system to understand that the more of the three selections a bettor wins, the better their chances are of turning a profit when placing their each way variety of this wager. If they can win all three picks, the treble bet hits for a potentially large payday.

How does a trixie bet work?

Now that bettors have a basic idea of what’s a trixie in betting, it’s time for them to find out what’s a trixie bet in greater detail. Here, bettors will have how to place this type of bet explained, so they know what to expect when they go to the sportsbook of their choice to place one. The first step is to go to a sports betting provider and login to an account. Once that step has been completed, bettors can start choosing their three picks, using their trixie bet strategy to inform those picks.

The next step of this bet system, after picking the three games, is to lock in the bet. This is an important step, as there are two different ways to stake funds with an each way trixie bet. The first stake method of the trixie bet explained as the stake per bet makes it so a bettor is risking a certain amount for each of the bet’s four wagers. The second method is the overall stake method, where a bettor can choose a specific amount that is split evenly among the four bets.

Once a bettor has selected which stake method they want to use, they can lock in their bets and hope that enough of their picks won to turn a profit. How many of the three picks need to cash to turn a profit depends on the odds of each of those three picks.

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Advantages of a trixie bet

One of the big advantages to knowing what’s a trixie in betting is having the ability to put a trixie bet strategy into action without having to risk a lot. Unlike other combination bet types like the Goliath bet, this bet only has four wagers, and carries a lower risk as a result. Bettors might not like to have the trixie bet explained as something that doesn’t pay out as much as a Goliath when profitable. But bettors will be happy to know that the answer to what’s a trixie bet is that it is a wager that can be a low risk and high reward proposition.

Another huge bonus to this wager type is the fact that bettors can calculate the accumulator results of their trixie bet system ahead of time. This allows them to see, without doing a lot of work, how a bet is likely to work out for them and allows them to decide whether or not it is worth pursuing and what the treble bet return might be. This is especially helpful in sports like football, where the payouts aren’t as robust.

Drawbacks to a trixie bet

A trixie bet explained without drawbacks would be an incomplete description of the each way trixie wager. While the answer to what’s a trixie in betting is often a positive answer, there is no doubt that even a solid trixie bet strategy can’t make up for the fact that sometimes the trixie bet system just isn’t going to be profitable in some cases.

Take our above example as a case study in that phenomenon, where three bets at –110 odds require all three picks to hit for the bet to make money. Meanwhile, if a bettor placed three single bets and won two of them, they would have been profitable. The trixie offers plenty of chances for strong payouts, but bettors need to understand what’s a trixie bet and when it should and should not be used.

Example of a trixie bet

Now that bettors have seen what’s a trixie bet consist of, let’s run through an example of a trixie bet to get even more comfortable with the concept of what’s a trixie bet. For this each way trixie example, let’s say that we are going to pick three football spread bets, all with odds of –110. In that example, all three of our football selections would need to win for our trixie bet strategy to pay off, as the payouts of the winning picks would not be high enough to turn a profit if all three picks didn’t win.

For that reason, an effective bet system for this wager is most commonly used in horse racing, rather than football. This is because horse racing odds tend to be longer than most standard sports betting payouts, which can yield profits if just two of the three picks win. Compared to football betting, this type of wager just tends to make more sense in a longer odds situation. However, bettors are not relegated to horse racing picks for this wager. They can use sports outside of horse racing as well to stack up potential profits.

How to calculate trixie bet return

With these bets explained as something that requires bettors to shoot for odds that can produce a profitable outcome, bettors should know what’s a trixie bet going to return in all scenarios. And thanks to the useful trixie bet calculator, bettors can figure out what’s a trixie in betting going to return based on the odds of each selection and whether or not those selections are winners.

To use a calculator for figuring out the winnings for this bet, bettors must first enter the odds of each of their three betting picks that comprise the wager. From there, they can enter if each pick was a winner or loser, as well as the risk amount for each bet or for these bets as a whole. Either way, by changing which picks are winners and losers, bettors can see what they would stand to make from their betting strategy at every possible outcome. This tool gives great insight as to whether or not a bettor’s betting system will work.

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Trixie bet strategy

Having smart betting strategy is one of the keys to a successful experience with this bet type. After all, what’s a trixie in betting without having a plan going into it? There is no one strategy that bettors can use to fit every single situation with this bet, but there is a way to make sure that bettors are giving themselves the best chance to win at this bet type.

It may not be a complex betting system, but bettors should do the math of these bets for every bet combination to see what they would need to happen in order for these bets to be profitable. If it seems like profitability is unlikely, or that another bet type would work out better with those three selections, bettors should choose a different wager instead. Because while knowing all about this bet is important, it doesn’t mean that bettors are obligated to wager on it when there are better choices for them.

Find the best trixie bet operator for your needs

Now that you have seen this form of betting explained from all angles and understand what’s a trixie bet, it’s time to use that knowledge to place the wager for yourself. To do that, you will want to use the best sportsbook for your unique needs. And we can help find the best sites for you, with our sportsbook comparison tool. Our tool lets you compare criteria across multiples sportsbooks, so you can choose the best bookmaker based on your own needs, and use that site to put your bet system to the test. Don’t waste another second, compare sportsbooks and get your bonus now!

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Easy to understand, and winnable too
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While the answer to what’s a trixie in betting is fairly straightforward, the implications of these bets can be a little more complex. With three selections that make up four multi bets, bettors have to employ strong betting strategy to make sure that their bets have a shot at profitability. But as long as bettors are thorough about evaluating their bets before placing them, these bets could be a profitable addition to a bettor’s arsenal.
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