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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Tricast Bet: Three Winners Means Big Profits

One of the most common sets of terms in horse racing are win, place and show, the terms for the first, second and third position finishers in a contest. And, as one would expect, there is a bet type available for predicting all three of those finishing positions within a race. The tricast bet is that wager, as bettors can bet on who they think will finish in the top three spots in an event. In this free guide to the tricast bet, find out how to put down a tricast, and how to calculate potential payouts with the tricast bet calculator and even how to find the best bonus.

Some facts you should know about Tricast Bet
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  • Bettors select horses to win, place, and show

  • Bet terms state all three selections have to be correct to win bet

  • Selection acts as treble accumulator bet for horse racing

  • Potential for much higher payouts than a straight bet

What is a tricast bet?

A tricast bet is a multi bet [multibet] that is one of the most popular forms of wagering in tricast bet horse racing. It makes the most sense to have the tricast bet explained as a wager where a bettor selects a combination of horses to finish in first, second and third places for an event, with those selections all having to be correct for the bet to win.

To figure out what they stand to make before locking in their wagers, bettors can use a tricast bet calculator. This tool takes the odds of each horse and demonstrates what the potential payout would be for each tricast, which is extremely useful for bettors looking to get in on this type of bet.

How does a tricast bet work?

Horse racing tricast bets work similarly to a treble bet [treble bet], as all three components of the wager need to be successful for the bets to pay out. To get started with placing the wager, a bettor should login to their sportsbook or casino site of choice and make sure their account has adequate funds. Once that step is complete, a bettor should select the contest that they want to put their tricast bet on.

Once a bettor has selected their event, they should feel free to select which horses they want to put into their tricast bets in the win, place and show positions. During this step, bettors are free to use the aforementioned calculation tool to determine what their potential payout would be for the price they’re wagering. The tricast calculator can save bettors the time of having to select each combination in their sportsbook or casino site, making the process of locking in their bet easier as an added bonus of sorts.

After a bettor has decided which horses they want to back in which positions, they can select the stake amount that they want to put into each position and lock in their bets at that stake amount. This isn’t an overly complicated process, but is one that bettors should know how to do ahead of time given the time sensitive and sometimes lucky nature of this wager. Here is a look at some of the strategic elements that bettors should consider when locking in a tricast.

  • Bettors have to look beyond the three favorites
  • Bettors should understand how track conditions impact competitors
  • Researching which jockeys have been on horses can help avoid losses

Advantages to tricast bets

There are plenty of advantages to the tricast bet and the tricast bet calculation tool. The most prominent of those advantages is the fact that the tricast has the potential to be much more profitable than a single bet [single betting] or a straight bet. This is because the tricast requires three outcomes to happen in the exactly correct order in order for the bet to pay out. And as a tricast calculator would show you, that can mean any number of potentially lucrative payouts to add a real bonus to a player’s bankroll.

Another advantage is the fact that the tricast bet calculation tool exists to make projecting payouts as simple as possible. Bettors typically have to do their own math in order to work out what their returns on investment would be for a given bet. But the tricast calculation tool does all of that work for a bettor, making them free to spend less time calculating payouts and more time handicapping the races.

And speaking of handicapping, with equine racing handicapping being as popular as it is, another advantage to tricast betting is the fact that there arae so many sources of tricast tips out there. This gives bettors the ability to get second opinions on races or to rely on their own tricast strategies to win their wagers.

Finally, the fact that the rules for the tricast bet tend to be similar from sportsbook to sportsbook is a big advantage for bettors. Some betting markets have rules that can vary depending on the sport and type of wager, but this particular betting market is relatively consistent, which is a big plus for those who like to bet at multiple sports betting providers or casino sites.

Drawbacks to tricast bets

Of course, the tricast bet isn’t perfect and does come with some drawbacks of its own. The most prominent drawback of the tricast is the fact that it is just difficult to win. Even with the convenience of using a tricast bet calculator and even if a bettor has a tricast bet system into action, the fact that three horses have to finish in a specific order to win makes this bet difficult to cash in some instances when compared to other markets without getting a little lucky.

There is also the fact that bettors may need to have a deeper knowledge of the sport that most sports bettors need to have about other sports when they put down a tricast bet. Sure, a tricast calculation tool can take the guesswork out of calculating a payout, but a bettor still needs to know all of the horses in a field to make a solid tricast bet unless they get lucky.

Example of a tricast bet?

In this example of a tricast, let’s say that there is an event where Racer A, Racer B, and Racer C are competing with the rest of the field. For the purposes of this example, we will say that we are going to enter Racer A to finish in first position, Racer B to finish in second, and Racer C to finish in third position as this bet works out as an accumulator of sorts.

Now, we will want to know what our tricast bets odds are. But instead of having to think about how to calculate tricast bets, we can just rely on a tricast calculator to do the work for us. Using the odds for each competitor, the tricast bet calculation tool can help determine what the odds of our tricast bet are, making that portion of the wagering process that much easier.

If the outcome does indeed pan out with Racer A winning the race, Racer B finishing in second place, and Racer C finishing in third, our bet will pay out with the odds that were listed in our tricast calculator. There is also the option to place an each way tricast bet, where the three horses could finish in the top three in any order and still pay out, which is worth considering if the bettor doesn’t mind paying the stake for each combination for those three horses.

How to use tricast bet calculator

The tricast calculator is among the most valuable tools that a horse racing bettor can utilize. Not only is it a tool where bettors can figure out their tricast bet return quickly, but it is a tool that allows bettors to not have to punch in combination after combination into their sportsbook or casino site to see their potential ROI. To use the tricast bet calculator, bettors can enter the odds of the different horses that are going to be taking part in a race that they want to back for each slot of the tricast.

From there, the tricast calculator simply spits out the odds for that tricast along with what the payout would be depending on the stake that was put into the wager by the bettor. Using the tricast bet calculator is quick, easy, and is a huge time saver. It also prevents accidentally locking in a bet when cycling through potential combinations in a bettor’s sportsbook or casino site, helping to preserve funds in that way as well.

Find a sportsbook with our comparison tool to get started!

Now that you understand how tricast forecast bets work and how to utilize the tricast bet calculator to calculate the odds of a tricast forecast, it is time to put that newfound knowledge to the test. To do that, you are going to want feel free to find the best possible sportsbook for you to place wagers with. And to find that sportsbook, our sportsbook comparison tool is here to help. With our tool, you can compare various sportsbooks based on the criteria you care about most, such as bonus information and termse, so you can put your tricast calculator calculations to good use at a sportsbook that meets your needs as an individual. Don’t miss out, feel free start comparing and get your bonus today.

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High payouts for perfect predictions
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The tricast forecast bets are one that has the potential to be plenty profitable, thanks to the fact that there are so many different three-leg outcomes that can take place during a given race. And with the tricast calculator, bettors can figure out what they stand to make from each of those combinations in a quick and efficient fashion. But the key to tricast forecast betting is the fact that even a slight surprise can really amplify the payout of this combination wager, and that is something that all bettors can get behind.
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