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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Scorecast Bet 2021: Strategy, Tips & Top Betting Sites

The scorecast bet is one of the most fun types of wagers in all of sports betting, as it puts a bettor’s skills to the test in multiple ways. Instead of placing one straight wager, this bet acts like a parlay bet where a deep understanding of soccer or football is required. In this guide to the scorecast, we will review everything you need to know to understand what’s a scorecast bet, including the rules and tips on how to place and win the wager for yourself.

Some facts you should know about Scorecast Bet
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  • Bettor to choose first goalscorer and correct score

  • Acts like a parlay bet for those two wagers

  • Longer odds than playing either as a single bet

  • More difficult to win than single bet on either market

What is a scorecast bet?

This wager acts as an accumulator or multi bet where a bettor is tasked with deciding who the first goalscorer of a game will be and what the exact score of the game will be as well. The scorecast rules require both of these selections to be correct in order for the bet to come home. So as far as this wager is concerned, the answer is that it is a soccer or football parlay bet more than it is a single wager.

Because of that, scorecast bet soccer or football action can be tougher to bring home than more traditional single bets. But with the rules requiring these two relatively difficult bets to be chosen correctly, bettors can use the rules to earn some very strong payouts relative to other bet types.

How does a scorecast bet work?

The scorecast bet rules are what drive how the wager works in most cases. So in a way, what this wager has got in terms of rules can dictate how to place and have these bets come home with a win. But this general outline on how the wager works should work with most sets of rules. The first thing a bettor wants to do is login to their sportsbook account and start looking for the soccer or football match they want to wager on. These are usually separated by country and then league.

Next, a bettor can locate the scorecast market, and choose the player they think is going to be first goalscorer and what the correct score will be per the rules. After that, the bettor can choose their stake amount that they would like to risk and finalize their wager once and for all.

And what’s this wager type without the opportunity to place and win a similar wager to it? The wincast betting market is similar, only with the ability to select the first goalscorer bet and the three-way result of the game instead of the exact score. The wincast typically offers less favorable payouts given the higher number of possibilities in the exact final tally portion of the scorecast, but it is still an interesting alternative on the scorecast.

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Advantages to these bets

Now that bettors understand this wager, they can look at some of the positive tips that come along with taking on the betting risk. At the top of the list is the potential for big payouts under the rules of these bets. The fact that the bet combines two very difficult markets allows for that payout potential, which makes the bet very exciting in the process.

The potential for flexibility with scorecast rules is another advantage to the scorecast wager. With many sportsbooks allowing bettors to request their own exact scores or add a potential first goal scorer to the list, this is one of the underrated aspects of this betting market.

Drawbacks to these bets

Of course, what’s this kind of betting or any betting market without a couple of drawbacks as well? While the scorecast rules do set up nicely for potential profits, the convoluted nature of the bet type makes it so that in-play scorecast betting is difficult if not impossible. The amount of time required to lock in a first goalscorer and exact score makes it so that most sportsbooks wouldn’t offer this market live. And, of course, once a goal is scored the market wouldn’t be an option anyway.

Also working against the scorecast is the fact that it can often be decided quickly. With scorecast bet rules requiring the selection of the first goal scorer and the correct final, if someone other than the bettor’s first goalscorer pick scores first, the bet is already done. And with the potential for goals to be scored just seconds into soccer or football games, there is always the potential for these bets to be busted immediately. While this type of bet isn’t placed with the intention of being some sort of futures wager, it can still be disappointing to see the bet play out that way.

Scorecast bet example

There are countless examples of this type of betting in action that can help demonstrate it. But in this case, we will use a simple example that should help players understand how to place and win these bets regardless of the scorecast rules that exist at a given bookmaker. For this example, let’s say that Team A and Team B are playing a match and we need to decide who the first goal scorer will be along with what the exact score will be.

For the first goalscorer market, we will say that Player A of Team A will be the first player to get the ball into the back of the net. And we will say that the exact score of the game will be 1-0 in favor of Team A. If those two things happening together were deemed to be worth +1000 odds, then a $100 bet would yield a $1000 payout.

According to scorecast rules, calculating the payouts for this type of bet is not as easy as simply multiplying the odds for each individual item taking place. That is because the first goalscorer and the overall result of the match are usually impactful on one another. But each bookmaker will display the payout for the scorecast before a bettor locks in their wager.

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What are the most important rules?

There are some rules that players should be sure to review, because what’s this kind of betting or any kind of wager without following the sportsbook rules? Chief among those scorecast rules is the fact that some bookmakers may not void a bet based on whether or not a chosen first goalscorer plays in a match. According to the scorecast sports bet rules of some bookmakers, the play could still have action, or the wager could just be voided into a correct final tally depending on the league and competition being contested.

There are also scorecast rules related to the correct final tally market, as some bookmakers may allow players to request additional scorelines, while others may not depending on the popularity of each league. Either way, now that bettors understand this kind of bettingsthey should review the rules at their chosen sportsbook to make sure they understand what to expect with their unique experiences.

Best strategies for this wager

There is some degree of betting strategy and tips that can be employed to place the best possible wagers in this market. At the top of the list of those scorecast bet tips is to understand the odds laid out in front of a bettor. Again, what’s this type of wager? It is not a single bet, but rather a double wager. Therefore, bettors should understand that the odds will be longer than most single wagers. But figuring out when the odds are appropriate and when they aren’t long enough is the key to success when playing by scorecast rules.

Also important when it comes to these tips is to look at the form of both attack and defense for both teams heading into a match. The rules for this type of betting don’t let bettors skip the first goalscorer or exact score markets, so bettors should know who is playing well and if each defense has been susceptible to giving up goals. If they have been, backing a higher scoring exact tally could be a good idea, and a lucrative one at that given how rare high scoring games are in the sport. Here is a rundown of some other strategic elements that could be used to ace this wager.

  • Make sure to check the lineups relative to your bookmaker’s rules
  • Is a player injured? Verify injury reports ahead of time
  • Stick to teams and leagues that you know and understand

Find your ideal sportsbook today!

Now that you understand how the scorecast sports bet works, it’s time to put that knowledge to the test by going to a sportsbook and placing the wager for yourself. If you are looking for a betting provider to place scorecasts with, our sportsbook comparison tool can help. This tool helps you compare and review sportsbooks by criteria such as promotions, such as a scorecast bet boost, and other criteria to help choose the best sportsbook for your needs. Don’t miss out on the chance to review your options and find your ideal bookmaker today.

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High risk, higher reward
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The scorecast market is a tough one to figure out, given all of the variables that go into it. But if bettors can nail the first goalscorer and the exact final tally of the match, they are likely to be rewarded handsomely for doing so. And it is that kind of potential for big payouts that makes sports betting so exciting to begin with.
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