Over Under Bet 2020: Strategy, Tips & Top Betting Sites

Wagering on overunder markets is one of the great tests for a bettor, as they are tasked with gambling on the point total that takes place in a sporting event. In this guide, bettors will have the over under bet explained to them, and they can learn how the wager works and what they need to think about before they place and win their over under bets across various sports.

Some facts you should know about Over Under Bet
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  • Bettors have to predict total score in game to win

  • Totals bets have mostly consistent odds

  • Fewer requirements than multiple bets

  • Available in football and most sports

What is an over under bet?

Playing over under markets is straightforward, as sports bettors have to make an over under bet prediction on the total that is provided by the bookmaker heading into a game to win. Unlike spread bets or moneyline bets, where bettors need one team or another to come out victorious in a matchup, the over under bet is one where the point total is all that matters. In some ways, this makes playing over under markets more convenient, as wagering on over under action requires sports bettors to only cheer for offense or defense. But in other ways, the over under bet can be more complex, as late game situations can impact wagering on over under markets more than other bet types.

How does over under betting work?

The mechanics of playing over under markets for both teams is simple when compared to markets that aren’t the over under bet. To play the over under bet, players simply need to decide if a matchup is going to see the total number of points scored go over or under the number set by the bookmaker. There are some wrinkles to gambling on overunder markets that can make them more interesting to play as well. But this market is usually available in most sports, including football and basketball.

One such wrinkle to wagering on over under markets is the ability to buy or sell a number of points in an attempt to win at better odds. Some sportsbooks allow players to raise or lower the designated total for a game when wagering on over under action. Doing so alters the odds for the bet as well, but makes it so bettors can have a more comfortable margin in their bet or win nicer payouts. There is also the ability to place these bets regardless of what roster news might come out for teams leading up to a game, which could be of interest to bettors who keep track of teams and their lineups. Here is a list of the different types of this wager that can be made.

  • Point totals
  • Win or loss totals in a futures wager
  • Totals in statistical categories (yards, touchdowns, etc.)

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How to place over under bet

Betting over under action is simple, as placing an overunder totals bet doesn’t take a lot of work to do in football or elsewhere. To start sports betting on over under markets, a player must first make sure that they have an account at a sportsbook that is funded. From there, the bettor can go to the sport that they want to place the over under bet in, as nearly every sport has this market available. This includes football, soccer, and most other sports.

Once a bettor has selected the sport and the event that they want to bet on, they can begin playing over under for that event. To do so, the bettor has to select if they want to bet on the over or under for that event’s number of points, as well as if they want to make any alterations to the number in question for the matchup. After that, the bettor can select their stake number and finalize their over under bet. Betting overunder sports markets isn’t all that difficult, as one can see.

Advantages to over under bet

Betting over under totals markets comes with a solid set of advantages when compared to other forms of sports betting. One such advantage is the fact that bettors can use statistical analysis when playing over under markets more so than they can in most other forms of sports betting. Understanding things like the pace of play for the teams and how players for the teams match up with one another are more effective in the over under bet than they are in most markets, which can come in handy in score predictions.

The popularity of the over under bet also works in its favor, as bettors can rely on a community of different thoughts and opinions on the market to place the best possible bets. Some sources of information provide detailed breakdowns of each instance of betting over under matchups. And some even have an over under bet calculator that can give bettors predictions on what will take place relative to the total. These markets can also typically be added to multi bets.

The versatility of the total wager is important as well. Bettors can wager on it for football, basketball, tennis, and even eSports. While football and basketball are the most popular, the ability to use this type of wager in nearly any sport is a huge boost for those who prefer to take totals outside of football and basketball.

Drawbacks to over under bet

Of course, there are some drawbacks to betting overunder action as well. Perhaps the biggest drawback is the fact that the over under bet can be in real trouble if a bettor wagers on the under and a game goes to overtime. Most bettors have been there when betting over under markets, asking themselves “does an over under bet include overtime?” And while over bettors love to see games to go to an extra period, backers of the under could see overtime as a real problem for an over under bet as teams would have extra time to score.

Another drawback to sports betting on over under markets is the fact that the payouts might not be as generous as different types of sports gambling. Most over under bet odds are standard across the board, similar to what one would see when gambling against the spread. But with more potentially profitable markets than sports betting on over under offerings out there, there might be other choices that bettors think about ahead of this one regardless of popularity.

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Example of over under bet

To help better illustrate what betting overunder markets is like, here is a quick over under bet example. In this over under bet example, let’s say that Team A and Team B are playing in an NFL game, with the total set at 45 for the matchup. When sports betting over under action, NFL bettors can choose to predict that the matchup will fall above or below that 45 point mark. For the purposes of this NFL example, let’s say that we are placing an over under bet on the over.

In this case of betting on the over under, that would mean that the total number of points scored in the game would need to exceed 45 points for our wager to win. If the total fell below 45 points, the bet would be graded a loss. And if the point total for the game was exactly 45 points, the bet would be graded a push and our funds would be returned. This is a simple example, but most cases of betting on the over under aren’t any more complicated, which is why this bet type is so popular in the NFL and other sports.

Things to consider with over under bets

Bettors have a lot to think about when betting on over under markets, and these tips could help them make the over under bet more effective for them. The first thing to think about when betting on over unders is what a team lineup looks like heading into a game. The over under bet is all about the ability of both teams to either score or not score. Therefore, evaluating lineups to see if they may be more attack or defense-minded is key to betting on the overunder successfully.

Additionally, bettors on the over under bet should look at a team schedule before they place their total bets. Having fresh legs is integral to the over hitting when betting on overunder markets, and tired legs tend to lend themselves to backing the under. If a team has had a rough schedule filled with games over a short period of time or filled with a lot of travel, that could impact a bettor’s decision on the total.

And perhaps the most important thing to consider when placing a total bet is to not get too locked into the simple statistics that are out there. A team may put up a lot of points per game, but those numbers might be misleading. Looking deeper into the statistical outputs of each team is the only way to make a truly informed decision about over under betting. Remembering that along with the rest of the advice in this guide will give a bettor the best possible chance to cash their totals wagers.

Find the ideal over under betting operator for you

Now that you understand how betting over under totals wagers works and what goes into making those bets, it is time to find the right sportsbook for you to place those bets. Using our sportsbook conversion tool, you can compare sites to one another, which will let you see which sites meet your desired criteria the best. And once you’ve figured that out, you use that information to sign up at the best bookmaker for you before placing your over under bets. So don’t hesitate, compare sportsbooks and find the ideal one for you today.

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A good idea for nearly all bettors

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As a whole, the over under bet is one of the easiest types of sports wagering there is. Totals bettors don’t have to worry about who wins the game, they simply have to predict where the score of the game will fall relative to the total set by the sportsbook. Having in-depth knowledge of each team competing can open up the opportunity for value in placing these kinds of bets with consistent odds. And with a relatively stress-free series of steps to place the over under bet, it’s no surprise that it is as well-liked as it is.
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