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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Lucky 63 Bet 2021: Strategy, Tips & Top Betting Sites

Sports bettors love to have several betting options to choose from when they place their wagers. But some wagers allow them to have all of the betting options they want all in once place. That’s where they lucky 63 bet each way comes into play. In this betting guide, learn the lucky 63 bet meaning and have the lucky 63 bet explained in a fashion that is easy to understand. And after having the lucky 63 explained, bettors should be able to place their own lucky 63 wagers and use their bonus to make such a bet in sports like football and horse racing.

Some facts you should know about Lucky 63 Bet Explained
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  • Bet takes six selection combination in total

  • Those six selections are turned in 63 wagers

  • Winning combinations get paid out

  • Not all six selections made have to win

What is a lucky 63 bet?

The simplest terms in which to have lucky 63 betting explained is that it takes six picks and morphs them into 63 different bets. But lucky 63 bets do this in a very specific fashion. Here are the different singles and accumulator wagers in the lucky 63 explained in full.

  • 6 singles
  • 15 double accumulator wagers
  • 20 treble accumulator wagers
  • 15 four fold accumulator wagers
  • 6 five fold accumulator wagers
  • 1 six fold accumulator bet

As bettors can see, lucky 63 betting meaning lives up to the name of the bet, given the fact that the six lucky 63 bet selections feed in 63 different bets that could be a huge bonus to a bankroll. And bettors should also be able to see that the lucky 63 bet features plenty of multi bets that have the ability to sent the return skyrocketing in the right situations thanks to four fold, five fold, and six fold wagers being included.

How does lucky 63 betting work?

Aside from the initial pieces of having the lucky 63 bet explained, there are plenty of other components to the bet that bettors should know about. Most notably is how lucky 63 betting works in terms of return. How the return works in this kind of betting requires having he lucky 63 explained in greater detail, as they can vary wildly depending on the wagers used.

In general, a lucky 63 bet return depend most heavily on the odds of the six selections used to make the bets. Just like in a single bet or another form of multi, the lucky 63 bet each way pays out more the more that underdogs are put into the equation. Of course, it doesn’t take having the lucky 63 bet explained to know that taking underdogs can also make winning more difficult, but it is up to the bettor to find a balance.

To have placing a lucky 63 explained is relatively simple. Bettors should log into their sport betting account and select each selection that they want to be a part of their lucky 63 bet. Bettors can choose options in horse racing, football, basketball, and countless other sports. From there, bettors will have the option to select this bet type as opposed to a series of singles or another form of multi. And once bettors have done that, they can move onto the most important part of the process: choosing a stake.

Both new bettors and those who are experienced enough to not need the lucky 63 explained should re-read this: bettors should always double check their stake when placing the lucky 63 bet each way. This is because there is typically the option to either stake a certain amount for each of the 63 wagers, or to split a set stake amount among the 63 wagers that are being placed. Getting this wrong could have a huge impact on a player’s bankroll, and it should always be reviewed.

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Advantages of using lucky 63 bet

The advantages to the lucky 63 bet outweigh the drawbacks of the wager to say the least. The potential for a hefty win amount is the most important of those advantages, as the lucky 63 bet explained as 63 bets means the potential for 63 different winning wagers if all of the six selections that comprise the bet come to fruition.

Also working in the favor of the lucky 63 is the fact that the bet is easy to place. While having the lucky 63 explained is only the start of becoming an expert in this bet type, bettors are fortunate in that this bet type doesn’t take very much practice to understand. That is because sportsbooks do all of the hard work for bettors by placing all of the 63 bets for them, similar to what takes place when a bettor places a lucky 31 bet. It is also easy to track potential return on investment with a calculator tool, and we will discuss the lucky 63 calculator later in this guide.

Finally, the versatility of this wager is nice. Being able to include sports from football to horse racing to tennis and beyond is a great way for bettors who enjoy several sports to get involved. And whether wagering on football, horse racing or something else, being able to choose different stake types and amounts is another big benefit.

Drawbacks to using lucky 63 bet

Of course, anyone would be advised to keep in mind the drawbacks to the wager that do exist. On one hand, the bet often requires the vast majority of the six betting selections to be correct in order to make a profit off of the lucky 63 bet each way. As we had the lucky 63 explained earlier, while not all six selections need to win, any lucky 63 bet that excludes some underdogs will likely need five or six winning selections to see profit. That might be too daunting a task for some bettors, but success could be a huge added bonus to a player’s bankroll.

Example of a lucky 63 bet

Now that bettors have had the lucky 63 bet explained to them in greater detail, it is time to go through a lucky 63 bet example. For the purposes of this example, let’s say that we are going to pick six spread bets in football. Each of those bets have –110 odds. In this scenario, a bettor would have to win four of the six selections that they put into their lucky 63 bet in order to come out with a profit. And even in that case, they would likely agree they could have the profit from the lucky 63 explained as miniscule in that case. Really, bettors would need to see five wins in order to see a real profit.

But this is a good example of lucky 63 betting explained as something where bettors may want to get a little more adventurous with their picks to avoid a situation where the odds aren’t profitable without hitting nearly all of their selections.

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How to calculate a lucky 63 bet

Calculating the returns on a lucky 63 bet can be difficult, given that there are so many moving parts to the bet and that there are so many different ways that bettors can both win and lose within the wager. But the key to calculating the potential payouts for a lucky 63 betting is to use a tool that will help make that task a whole lot easier.

In this case, that tool is the lucky 63 bet calculator. What this calculator does is take the potential payout of each individual portion of a lucky 63 bet and uses the lucky 63 bet stake that a bettor chooses to utilize throughout the wager. Combining those two elements, a bettor can see what their payout would be with the calculator, and can change each selection within the bet from winner to loser to see what exactly their bet results would change by depending on the results of each individual selection changing. Compared to manually calculating the results, the calculator method is a lot easier, providing players a time bonus in figuring out their return.

Lucky 63 betting strategy

There are plenty of strategies that bettors can use when placing a lucky 63 bets. And now it is time for bettors to have some of those strategies of the lucky 63 explained to them. The first step toward developing a successful lucky 63 system is to not be afraid to take risks. After all, there are countless chances for bettors to win big if they are willing to take a look at some underdogs. With each multi bet rewarding bettors for going out on a limb, this is a strategy that tends to work well in the lucky 63 setting.

Another of the most popular lucky 63 bet tips is to stick with selections that a bettor is confident in. Going with long odds can increase payouts, but those long odds selections need to be backed by confidence, or they are just a selection that runs the risk of losing when it comes time to see that event play out. As is the case in all forms of sports betting, bettors should be confident in the picks that they make.

Place your next wager at the best sportsbook for you

Now that you have had the lucky 63 explained in great detail from all angles, it is time to put your knowledge of lucky 63 bets to the test. To do so, a bettor will want to find a sportsbook where they can place said bet and not just singles, with a bonus that works for them as well. With our sportsbook comparison tool, bettors can evaluate sportsbooks based on their own needs, to find where they might get the best possible bonus or odds that would benefit them the most when placing wagers such as the lucky 63 bet. Don’t waste another second, find your sportsbook and claim your bonus now!

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Lots of chances to win in one wager
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Bettors who have had the lucky 63 bet explained to them know that there are plenty of betting opportunities to be had with lucky 63 bets. As long as bettors give themselves a chance to perform in this bet by making six smart selections, a nice return may not be far behind, with each wager combination serving as an added bonus on top of the next for horse racing and other sports bets.
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