Head To Head Bet 2020: Strategy, Tips & Top Betting Sites

With all of the types of fancy wagers out there, bettors might have a hard time selecting in terms of what kinds of wagers they want to place. But there is one kind of bet that has stood the test of time and is still largely used as one of the main bet types in the industry. That bet is the head to head bet. In this guide to the head to head bet, have the head to head bet meaning explained and get the answer to the question “what does head to head betting mean?”

Some facts you should know about Head To Head Bet
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  • Bettors choose one side of a wager

  • Go head to head with the opposing side

  • Typically features two sides, although three are possible

What is a head to head bet?

A head to head bet is a wager where a bettor has to choose between a set of options as far as what they want to back for the outcome of a matchup. As one would expect from a bet type like that, it is pretty straightforward, and as a result is versatile enough to be featured across several different sports. And in some of those different sports, head to head wagering can be different. Take, for example, head to head football wagering and head to head soccer wagering, where one has two bet options while the other has three.

In addition to the different types of head to head wagers that are produced by different sports, there are also different ways for these wagers to be placed. They can be placed at traditional sportsbooks, where bettors choose what they are backing against the house, or at wagering exchanges. At a wagering exchange, a bettor can choose what they are backing and have a bettor place a lay bet to go against them.

How does a head to head work?

Head to head wagering is very simple in terms of how it works. For starters, bettors can treat this wagering market just like a moneyline bet, with head to head meaning they are just backing a team to win a matchup. But just as importantly as what the bet is like is how easy it is to perform this type of betting no matter what sportsbook a bettor uses.

To do this type of betting, a bettor needs to login to their sportsbook of choice. From there, they can choose what sport and what competition they are looking to bet on. Once that has been done, the bettor can pick what matchup they want to wager on. Next is putting a stake to that wagering market, with the amount risked determining the amount of the payout in the event that the bet grade is a victory when all is said and done.

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For this type of betting to be graded a victory at the end, the requirements are simple, in that the team or player in question needs to win that event. In the event of a tie, in most cases, a bet is graded as a push and the funds are returned to a player. However, sports like soccer and hockey that offer three-way head to head bets are different. With those markets, a draw through the end of regulation would see this variety of betting on either side end in a loss. This is because the draw is an option as far as what bettors can wager on within the three choices listed.

Advantages of using a head to head bet

When it comes to advantages of head to head wagering, the simplicity of the bet has to be considered one or the top reasons to use this type of wager. There are only two or three outcomes that are associated with this kind of bet, with being the match winner being the only question being asked without any other conditions. Sure, bettors will have to find the answers to many other questions so they can determine which side to back in the next wager, but that is a small price to pay for the potential of a head to head bet victory.

The diverse odds that head to head bets show are also an advantage to using this type of wager. While wagers like spread wagers only have a set of odds that doesn’t really change from contest to contest, head to head bets can vary wildly in their odds, which can result in both big payouts on underdogs or seemingly simpler victories with the favorites in a given contest. Here are a few other advantages to this wagering type.

  • Rewards bettors who know a league in-depth
  • Makes team sports about the team rather than individuals
  • Easy to follow along with and cheer for while in progress

Drawbacks to using a head to head bet

The biggest drawaback to head to head wagering is the fact that it can almost lull bettors into a false sense of security. With heavy favorites having heavily juiced lines, some bettors might assume that those bets would be easy wins. But there is no such thing as an easy cash in conventional sports wagering, with the possibility for an opponent to step their game up always looming large. Bettors have to be mindful of that fact whenever they do this type of betting, along with the fact that the draw is something that soccer bettors need to remember can result in a loss during their wagers.

Example of a head to head bet

Here are a couple of examples of head to head wagers that are worth keeping in mind for the next time that a bettor wants to wager on this particular wagering market. Our first example will be from the sport of basketball, where there are only two options to this form of betting. In this example, Team A and Team B are both at –110 odds to be victorious in their matchup against one another. Backing either team would require a $110 investment to claim $100. If we back team A and they come out on top, we earn $100. If they were to lose, we would lose our $110 stake. And in basketball, there are no ties, so that is not an issue.

In our second example, we will go to soccer, where Teams A and B are clashing in a footy match. Both teams have odds of +120 to win the contest, while the draw sits at +300. We are going to back the draw for this match, putting down $100 to win $300 per the odds for this match. If the match ends in a draw between the teams, we would win our bet. But if either team won the match, our bet would be a loser.

As you can see, there is a big difference between wagering on soccer and betting on other sports in the head to head wagering market. Understanding that difference and being able to overcome it is important to bettors looking to make a profit and important for bettors who don’t want to be surprised with the results of one of their bets.

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Head to head betting strategy

As far as strategy is concerned, one of the best head to head bet tips that anyone can get is that they should be willing to take on underdogs when it is beneficial to do so. Only backing favorites or underdogs is a dangerous game to get into, given that any competitor can win at any time. But underdogs get especially overlooked when it comes to head to head bets, and that could result in plenty of missed profit opportunities for bettors.

Another bit of strategy that bettors shouldn’t miss out on is the fact that bettors can always leverage their pregame bets with a live betting wager. If pre-game betting isn’t going well, bettors can use what they have observed from that game to place an effective live bet. More effective, though, is the way of using a positive start when betting to justify a live bet that either hedges on the original bet or creates a situation where the bettor can make money in two different ways in the same game. This takes practice and creativity to pull off, but is certainly possible.

Compare sportsbooks and find one just for you

Now that you are an expert on head to head betting, you can head to a bookmaker and place your own wagers. And if you’re still looking for a bookmaker to enjoy this form of betting action with, look no further than our sportsbook comparison tool. This tool allows bettors to look at several criteria such as bonus information and how easy it is to contact customer support, to determine which sportsbook is going to be the best option for them. And it can help you do the same, so you can find an ideal sportsbook and start placing those head to head bets. Don’t wait another minute to take advantage of this opportunity!

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Head to head betting is a straightforward form of betting in that it is asking which of the teams in a bet is going to win a matchup. But that doesn’t mean that head to head betting is easy. In fact, there are plenty of difficult decisions that a bettor has to make when it comes to head to head betting. And if that bettor can make those decisions with a clear head, they are likely to come out of their head to head wagers with some profits.
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