Half Time Bet 2020: Strategy, Tips & Top Betting Sites

Halftime betting is one of the more interesting forms of sports wagering, as it is really more of a half time full time selection than anything. Placing the HT FT action requires bettors to understand the flow of a match and how momentum plays a role in it. In this guide to the half time full time bet, get half time betting tips that can help you navigate HT FT odds and place the best possible HT FT bet on a consistent basis. And once you understand half time betting, the half time selection could work well in your sports wagering portfolio.

Some facts you should know about Goliath Bet
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  • Bettors have to predict who leads at half time and full time

  • Better payout than moneyline option

  • Also more difficult to predict than moneyline betting

  • Available in NFL football and many other sports

How does half time bet work?

To answer the question of how a half time full time selection works, one has to understand the answer to the question of what is a half time bet prediction. A half time selection, or HT FT betting, asks bettors to accurately predict which team will be leading at halftime as well as at the end of a match. This betting type is typically used in soccer but is also available for NFL football, non NFL football, and other American sports leagues. And while many bettors would say that the team that is favored to win the match will be leading at the half as well, it is entirely possible that the underdog claims one or both halves of the half time full time selection.

As a result, making a halftime betting prediction is more difficult than it looks, as it requires two results to go a bettor’s way instead of the one required to cash a moneyline bet. Bettors need to approach this market with a HT FT betting strategy that gives them value against the HT FT market. Understanding how each team interacts with the rhythm of each game before placing a half time result bet is one of the many pieces of HT FT betting strategy that will be covered in this guide, as the half time selection requires a lot of thought to be performed successfully. Here is a list of the types of markets that fall into this category.

  • Pre-match wager
  • In-game wager
  • Multi wager

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How to place half time bet?

To place a half time full time selection players first need to make sure that they have an account with a sportsbook that is funded. Assuming they have done that, they can move toward placing a halftime selection. Their second step will be to select the sport and competition that they want to place a HT FT selection in, and to choose the game that they want to place a half time full time choice on.

When it comes to halftime betting, not all sportsbooks offer this for all sports, so bettors will want to check that there are HT FT options up for grabs on the games they are interested in. Once they can confirm that the HT FT markets are available, bettors can select the half time betting market they want to place using their HT FT betting strategy. From there, they can select the amount they want to risk and finalize their half time betting.

Advantages of half time bet

There are plenty of advantages to placing a halftime selection as opposed to other wagering markets. The biggest advantage to the half time full time market is the number of opportunities it presents for higher payouts compared to other markets. With HT FT odds offering more possibilities than the typical single bet, the HT FT option offers more generous odds than the typical full-game selection. Another advantage is the fact that this market can be used for NFL football or other leagues across the first and second halves of action.

Also working in the favor of halftime picks is the fact that there are many cases where the HT FT market is decided by half time. If your half time full time bets are a loser by half time, you can move on from your HT FT odds and shift your focus to an entirely different wagering market or continue to use your HT FT betting strategy to place another half game wager. Either way, this is a layer of convenience that full games bets just can’t provide.

The option to apply common markets like points spread or total points scored is also fascinating. There are also moneyline options for those who don’t want points related markets.

Drawbacks of half time bet

On the flip side of things, the half time market does have some drawbacks that can work against it. For starters, the market is structured like an accumulator bet , where bettors have to get two picks correct to win instead of one. As a result, the HT FT market has the potential to be less profitable than single bets even though HT FT odds tend to be more generous.

Additionally, even with the best HT FT betting strategy, a half time picks still have plenty of potential to go wrong due to teams not necessarily needing to be ahead at the first half. The goal of any sports team is to win the full match at the end of the second half. So, unlike standard moneyline bets, the HT FT result isn’t nearly as important as the full match result by the end of the second half. That is why HT FT odds are typically higher than full match odds, with the added risk being a factor when placing a half time play.

Example of a half time bet

Now that you understand the basics of the half time play, it’s time to see a real example of a half time play. In this half time market example, Team A is playing Team B, with Team A favored to win the match. There will be six half time market permutations listed for this match. They are Team A/Team A, Team B/Team A, Draw/Team A, Team A/Team B, Team B/Team B, and Draw/Team B. In sports where games can end in a draw, the half time wager will also include three half time outcomes for a draw at full time.

In this half time example, backing Team A for both half time and full time would be the most heavily favored outcome. Meanwhile, a half time wager where Team A had to win the full game after being behind or tied at half would yield a higher payout. And any outcome where Team B won the game would be the most lucrative series of outcomes due to their underdog status. While there are a lot of things to consider here, it is important to not rule out any of the half time wagering options listed.

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Half time bet strategies

There are plenty of pieces of ht ft betting strategy that bettors can use when placing a half time pick. These strategies will help bettors find value in the HT FT odds that they are faced with. The first piece of ht ft betting strategy worth taking a look at is studying the form of teams heading into a half time pick. But instead of just looking at full match results, bettors should look at form with the half time full time action in mind. This consists of looking at halftime results as well as full time results to nail the HT FT wagering market.

Performing this HT FT betting strategy will help bettors better understand which teams perform well in the first half and which teams perform well in the second half. Developing that understanding will make placing a half time full time selection easier in the long run, as the entire premise of the half time full time market is that one team might not sweep the first and second halves.

Elsewhere in ht ft betting strategy, bettors could opt to go against what the wagering public is thinking for a half time selection. If one team is heavily favored over another and their HT FT odds are well skewed as a result, there could be an opportunity to place a half time selection that goes against them for potentially large profits. Even if a bettor backs the heavy favorite to win the full match, placing a half time selection that sees them falling behind at the half could make that action much more lucrative.

Another HT FT wagering strategy is to not be afraid to entertain the possibility of tie games at the half. While one team might be favored over another in a half time situation, there is always a possibility that a match goes into the break with a tie score. The half time draw bet isn’t something that happens all of the time, but can happen on a semi-regular basis depending on the sport that is being wagered on and score frequency. At the very least, bettors would be remiss to not entertain the possibility of this happening in a half time score selection.

Find the best half time bet capable sportsbooks

For bettors who are looking to place a halftime selection of their own after learning all about the HT FT game market, there are plenty of sportsbooks that can facilitate that. But which site is the best for placing a half time wager? That can depend on your needs as an individual. A great way to figure out which site you should be using to place a halftime selection is to use our sportsbook comparison tool. This tool can help you figure out which criteria each bookmaker can meet for you, so you can do some wagering at a provider that is right for you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, find the best sportsbook for you now!

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High variables, high rewards

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At the end of the day, this market is an interesting wagering market to approach for NFL football, soccer or other sports. While the market is more challenging than a standard full match bet, the wager is also more potentially lucrative. As long as you can remember that the HT FT bet contains more variance than other markets, and plan accordingly, the wager could become a nice part of your repertoire.
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