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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Goalscorer Bet 2021: Strategy, Tips & Top Betting Sites

Soccer is a sport that is all about the goals, with each game seeing the tension build up until those breakthroughs are finally achieved. And bettors who want to make predictions on which players are going to be responsible for those breakthroughs can test their abilities through the goalscorer bet. In this free guide to the goalscorer betting, find out everything you need to know about what is goalscorer bet, such as first goalscorer rules and all other important information to place a goalscorer bet today.

Some facts you should know about Goalscorer Bet
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  • Bettors wager on players they think will score

  • Typically solid payouts for each player

  • Defenders usually have lower probabilities than strikers

  • Several different types of goalscorer bets to choose from

How does goalscorer bet work and how to win a goalscorer bet?

The goalscorer bet is one of the more straightforward betting types out there, as it simply asks bettors to predict which player or players will get on the scoresheet in a match. There are several different types of goalscorer match betting types, which we will cover later in this free guide. But the basic gist of the goalscorer match bet is that a bet is a win if the athlete that a bettor wagers on to get on the scoresheet manages to get either the first goal of a game or a tally at any point in a game.

How exactly this type of betting works depends on the rules at the sportsbook the bet is placed on. For example, if a bettor wants to place a first player or team to score bet, the first player to score bet rules and first goalscorer odds can vary from book to book. But no matter what sportsbook a bettor chooses, the bettor’s wager is a win if that athlete scores within the time frame that the bettor wagered on, and the bet is a loser if they do not get that goal or goals.

Some books may specify that an athlete needs to play or start in order for this goals wager to have action. When a bet is actionable and when it can be cancelled is something that should be looked at ahead of time, as sportsbooks lay out their first scorer game rules and other betting market rules so bettors know what to expect before their game.

How to place goalscorer bet

Placing a goalscorer match bet is relatively easy, given that bettors typically don’t have to look to hard to find first player or team to score odds or other goalscorer betting markets. After a bettor has set up an account at a sportsbook, their first move will be to feel free to find the match that they want to wager on. To do this, most bookmakers have sorted their soccer or football action by country and by competition for ease of use, such as the Premier League and La Liga.

Once a bettor has found the match that they want to place a goalscorer match bet on, they are able to sort through the different betting markets that are available for that match. If they want first player to score odds, they can choose that market, or some of the others such as anytime goalscorer which we will cover in greater detail shortly. After selecting a market, players can choose an athlete from one team that they want to back to satisfy the scoring requirement of that market.

From there, bettors simply have to lock in their risk amount and finalize their bet. Before doing so, bettors would be smart to double check the first scorer rules or rules for whichever betting markets they are taking on with that wager. Doing so will help make sure that there are no surprises when their wagers are graded.

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Types of goalscorer bet

First goalscorer

Perhaps the most popular type of goalscorer match bet, first scorer odds just want to know which football player will be the first one to get the ball into the back of the net for their team during a football match. Because this can be difficult to predict, the payout is often handsome even as a single bet. This form of goalscorer match bet typically sees bettors rely on players who are the focal points of their team attack, and those players usually have shorter first scorer potential payouts than the rest of the two competing squads as a result.

Bettors who take on this market should be aware of the first goalscorer rules at their sportsbook, especially as they pertain to players who don’t end up playing in a football match. Those first scorer rules could be the difference between a push if an athlete sits out or a loss if an athlete doesn’t end up on the field. And knowing where a bettor stands ahead of time is extremely important.

Anytime goalscorer

The anytime goalscorer market is another popular bet type in this category as, unlike with first scorer payouts, bettors just need to predict whether a footballer will get a goal at any point in a match. Since it is easier to get on the scoresheet at any point in the match than it is to get a goal before anyone else, the rules for this market have the potential to differ from first goalscorer rules.

One of the biggest areas where the rules might differ from first goalscorer rules would be whether or not a player needs to play or start for the bet to count. First goalscorer markets are usually more dependent on players starting or playing to count, whereas the potential for substitutes to come on and get a goal at any time makes anytime goalscorer bets less likely to have those potential bailouts.


The scorecast bet is a unique type of goalscorer match bet, which acts as a multibet in a way. Instead of just having to predict a goalscorer, bettors are also free to make a prediction relative to the final tally of a match. This makes a goalscorer match bet more difficult, but also has the potential to greatly increase the payout for this type of bet.

Example of a goalscorer bet

A quick example of a goal scorer bet should be enough to illustrate how they work. In this scenarion, let’s say that a bettor thinks that Athlete A is going to claim a goal in the match. Instead of predicting that they will net first, the bettor thinks A will just score at any time during the match to win. At +500 odds to score anytime, a $100 bet on Athlete A to score at anytime would yield $500 if he was able to put the ball in the back of the net during the match. If a bettor wanted to bet on that same athlete to score first, the first goal scorer potential payout might be closer to +700, as it is typically more difficult to score the game’s first goal.

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What to consider before placing goalscorer bet

Understanding the first scorer rules or other goal scorer bet rules is perhaps the most valuable goal scorer bet tips a bettor can remember. Some sites might allow for an accumulator bet on goal scorer match bet selections, while others might not. And some bookmakers might have different rules than others in the event a bettor’s goalscorer bet doesn’t play. Knowing these first scorer rules is the first step any bettor should take when remembering tips for this wager type.

Another of the many tips worth considering is the form of teams and players heading into each match. A scorer match bet can pay out well, but it is far less likely to do so if the player that a bettor is backing is struggling to score goals. Looking up how well a player is doing with converting their scoring chances and how well a team is doing at creating chances are two things that every bettor should get used to doing. This allows bettors to get an edge on the rest of the betting public, which can lead to finding value in the betting options made available.

Bettors should also keep their eyes open for sportsbook promotions that they can use for goal scorer bets. These could significantly lower the risk associated with making an initial scorer bet, and could present quite the value depending on a player’s preferences and needs relative to said promotion. Aside from first scorer rules and other goal scorer bet rules, this is one of the most important things a bookmaker can offer. Here are some other things that one should look into before placing these wagers.

  • What is the weather going to be like for a match?
  • Are the injuries heading into a match going to be a factor?
  • Is the opposing goalkeeper someone who normally stops big chances?

Use our comparison tool and find the best goalscorer bet operator!

Now that you understand how the bet works, from first scorer bets to scorecast wagers, it is time to determine the top sportsbook for your tastes. And we can help you determine which sportsbook would be best for you with our sportsbook comparison tool. Going through a series of criteria, you can evaluate each sportsbook against the others en route to picking your perfect bookmaker. So don’t delay, find the best sportsbook for you today!

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A diverse and potentially lucrative bet type
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For soccer (or football) bettors, the goal scorer bet options that are available to players are plentiful and potentially lucrative. First scorer wagers and scorecast bets in particular can pay out in a big way, without the requirement of a big risk amount to earn a sizeable reward. As the tension continues to build in a match, this bet type only feels more and more exciting as a match continues until that tension is finally relieved with a goal that could result in a winning wager.
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