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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Goal Bet 2021: Strategy, Tips & Top Betting Sites

The goal bet in sports betting allows bettors to wager on one of the most gratifying things in all of sports, which is a scoring play in football or soccer. In this form of betting, bettors have the opportunity to place this bet in a number of different ways, with plenty of avenues to place winning bets. In this guide to the goal sports betting, check out our series of tips and learn everything a bettor needs to know before placing bets about scoring.

Some facts you should know about Goal Bet
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  • Bettors can wager on numerous scoring-related markets

  • Bets can be used in single or multi bets

  • Odds depend on factors such as teams playing

  • Availability of markets depends on interest in matches

What is a goal bet?

This form of betting is what it means to place a goal bet on one of the many markets out there that have to do with betting on goals scored. With so many of these markets up for grabs, it’s hard to pinpoint one specific thing that is tied to goal sports betting. But no matter what a better chooses to wager on, if it pertains to goals, it can be considered under this umbrella.

The standard definition of this wager typically covers betting on the number of goals scored by a team rather than by one player as a goalscorer bet usually does. For that reason, this goal bet guide will cover the team-related wagering markets that bettors can often choose from. These kinds of bets are usually available over a full game or for just one half of the games, with the answer to the question “what is a half goal bet?” being the same as the full contest answer, only spanning half as much of a contest.

How does a goal bet work?

How this type of wager works depends on what kind of wager a bettor is taking on. For bettors who are betting on a total, for example, their odds and potential profit may be different than someone who is betting on a both teams to score market. We will get to the different types of action that bettors can enjoy a little later in this guide.

But across all forms of this kind of betting, goal betting works by having bettors take on a side in one of the many goal sports betting markets that are available in each game. Some of these markets only have two possible options, while others have a large number of choices that need to be dissected. Either way, there are more than enough goal betting options to go around.

Advantages of goal bets

One of the biggest advantages of this form of betting is the fact that this bet can mean so many different things. Bettors are able to find a bet that fits their approach instead of relying on a more one size fits all betting market. This is especially good for bettors who are good at handicapping scoring from a number of different angles, as they will be the best equipped to spot market inefficiencies and win the bet.

The flexibility of these wagers is another thing that works in their favor. Bettors can place straight goal sports betting wagers or add their selections to their multi bets without any trouble at all. This makes this wager type very easy to work with for both hardcore and casual bettors.

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Drawbacks to placing goal bets

There are some drawbacks to be found with this type of action as well. Namely, the fact that there are so many of these betting markets to choose from, and the fact that they can be information overload if a bettor isn’t careful. Goal sports betting can also result in smaller payouts when compared to other markets. This depends on what market is selected, but the both teams to score option typically has the most lopsided odds, and even the underdog in that market can feel underwhelming when compared to multi bets or other more exotic wagers.

Example of a goal bet

Given just how many choices there are for those looking to place such a bet, it is a good idea to provide an example of a goal bet prediction. For this example, we will say that there is a premier level soccer or football game going on between Team A and Team B. We will bet on whether or not both teams will score in this event, given that both teams are considered to have potent attacks. Given the reputation of both teams, the Yes option is at –300 odds while the No option is at +200 odds. We will put $100 on the No option, and hope that both teams do not score in the game. If our bet is a winner, we would earn $200 and lose $100 if both teams did score.

How to place a goal bet

Goal sports betting is easy to do, and placing such a bet is simple as a result. Bettors can go online to the sportsbook of their choice and select a goal bet offer that suits them. From there, they can choose the goal betting market that they are interested in betting on from one of the many variations of this bet. With soccer or football betting, bettors can usually select a soccer or football category and then choose the country and league that they want to bet on to get there as easily as possible. Keep in mind that each league tends to have different attacking abilities that can vary from league to league and country to country.

After a bettor has chosen the event and the bet that they want to make, they can select the risk amount that they want to put into the bet and finalize their selection. If a bettor wants to add multiple selections to their betslip, that is also an option.

Types of goal bets

Total bets

Total betting is arguably the most common form of goal betting, as bettors have a chance to wager on the number of total goals scored in a matchup. The totals listed and the odds for each one are largely dictated by the two teams playing in a contest, both in terms of their form and how well they match up with one another to where an offensive explosion may or may not be anticipated. Another option is the market for the number of goals scored by one team in a contest, rather than by both teams.

Exact score

Another market that tests a bettor’s ability to predict the action, the exact score market gives bettors a chance to predict the exact final score of a matchup. There are typically more options to choose from in this goal sports betting market, hence the higher payouts for each option.

Both Teams To Score

The both teams to score, or BTTS market, asks bettors whether or not both teams will score in a match. This offering makes bettors evaluate both the offenses and defenses of the teams in question, making it a nifty test for most football handicappers.

When it comes to these three main types of these bets, they are often available both before the start of a match and while a match is in-play. live betting is so popular today that it would only make sense for players to have the chance to make goal live bet tips as a match wears on in these markets that people love to play. Here are a few other wagers that fall into this category also.

  • Win to nil
  • Totals
  • Goalscorer markets

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Goal betting strategy

There are many goal betting strategies that players can use to give themselves the best chance to win this type of wager at half time or full time. At the top of that list of strategies and tips is the fact that bettors may be able to go against the action of the public when doing their goal sports betting. This tends to work bets with totals wagers, as one team keeping a clean sheet for full time can really have an impact on the overall success of that betting market.

Another quality tip is the idea that bettors should analyze previous performances from every time and angle before making this kind of wager. Evaluating the form of the two teams playing along with their recent opponents and identifying where there might be an aspect of one of the team’s games where they are overrated or underrated is a great place to start. Home and away handicapping is another smart way to do this, as teams play differently at home and on the road.

Using live betting markets is another solid strategy, as live betting odds can be used to find value throughout a match depending on what is happening on the field. To do this, bettors need to be keenly aware of what is happening on the pitch.

Find the best sportsbook for you to place this type of bet

Now that American sports bettors are getting used to the thought of sports betting, they can start looking for somewhere to do their own betting. Our sportsbook comparison tool helps bettors find the right bookmaker to do their goal sports betting, with you being able to compare each sportsbook to one another based on criteria like bonus amounts, availability of betting markets, and so many others. Don’t miss out for another minute, find your ideal sportsbook today and get a bonus of your own.

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So many choices, all of which are interesting
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The concept of this type of bet is simple, in that bettors can wager on markets that have to do with goals scored for a match. But with so many different betting markets to pick from, this type of wagering is anything but straightforward. Instead, this type of sports betting requires bettors to develop unique understandings of several betting markets for the best chance at turning a profit. Bettors who are up for that challenge are rewarded in a big way.
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