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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Both Teams to Score 2021: Strategy, Tips & Top Betting Sites

Both teams to score, often written as the abbreviated form BTTS, is one of the most popular bets among the fans of soccer betting. Like the name suggests, this is the type of bet where you're betting that both teams will score goals during the regular time and the final outcome of the match is not relevant. One of the bigger advantages the BTTS bet type, especially for casual punters, is the fact that it is never a fail until the very end of the match. For serious bettors, who know their ins and outs, these bets can be valuable additions to their accumulators and betting slips.

Some facts you should know about Both teams to score
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  • Exciting bet type for soccer fans

  • Place better bets with statistics

  • Stick to leagues you know about

  • Enjoy the action until the very end

Both teams to score basics

There are all sorts of bets available to punters at various betting sites and people often bet on outrights, meaning they wager on the winner of the match. While this may be entertaining and is certainly a good fit for the fans looking to back their team in the Premier League, for example, the biggest issue with this sort of wager is that it can become virtually dead after some play, making it no longer interesting to keep up.

For example, if you back one team to win and they are down 3 or 4-0 by the halftime, they’re not likely to come back. If you had placed the both teams to score bet instead, though, your bet would still be very much alive. All you need to have happen with BTTS is for the losing team to get just one goal in, even by accident, and your wager will be the winning one.

In addition to this, BTTS can also be a very good alternative in strong league matches where you just can’t figure out who to bet on and don’t have any tips to go on. If two strong football teams are going against each other, it may be difficult to say who’ll end up winning, but they’re both likely to go for the win, which means they are also more likely to both score.

Variations of this bet type

Of course, like with most bets these days, bookmakers offer different types of variations and possibilities for the punters. While the usual way to place these bets is for the entire match, most bookies will also let you do different things and place BTTS wagers such as:

  • Both teams to score in 2nd half
  • Both teams to score in both halves
  • Both teams to score and win

This gives you some wiggle room and can help you create even better betting accumulator or single bets with improved odds. Your choice of the bet will depend on various factors. For example, in some football matches, it may be more likely for BTTS in the 2nd half because they’re more likely to be careful during the 1st half and test each other.

If you believe that both teams will get goals in but there will be the winner in the end (i.e. the match won’t end up being a draw), you can go for the score and win wager. Of course, some of these predictions will offer better odds than the others as if you’re only betting on a single half the odds of your bet coming in are reduced.

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In general, bookies will only consider the regular time and any injury time for this type of a bet. Once the game goes into extra time, your bet is done. Any goals scored after the regular 90 minutes (plus the injury time) will not count, unless specifically stated by the bookmaker. If you are ever uncertain does both team to score include extra time, you can always ask, but in most instances this won’t be the case.

Finding a good prediction site for both teams to score

Like many other betting types, this one relies heavily on statistics and knowledge of the particular league you’re betting in. For example, you could know a lot about the Premier League and another major football league, but not too many people are knowledgeable about all soccer leagues out there.

Luckily, you don’t have to have all the knowledge in your head to place good wagers. Finding a solid, reliable prediction site for both teams to score can go a long way in helping you create your single or accumulator bets. There are many sites of this type out there and many of them are completely free so you won’t have to dish out any additional money to get your betting tips and predictions.

These sites provide reliable both teams to score tips and you can use them with your favorite bookmaker. Of course, if you’ve just started using a new site, it is always recommended to take things slowly and see how good their tips are before spending too much money on your bets. Test the waters and see how often their predictions really come in. Also, many sites will specialize for a particular competition such as the Premier League and this is where they’ll usually offer the best and most accurate predictions and tips.

Oftentimes, these tips and prediction sites will also suggest the best both teams to score odds out there. This means they won’t just tell you what to bet on but also where to bet. It is no secret that different bookies offer different odds for the same events and knowing where you need to go to get the best price can really go a long way in helping you build your betting bankroll.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to stick to any free predictions you find online. If your own knowledge and experience tell you that the bet may not be all that favorable, you can simply skip it or even go the other way. Although there are some good prediction sites out there, they don’t get all tips right every time and the best approach is to combine their predictions with your own knowledge, especially if you’re an experienced bettor or an avid soccer fan who know a thing or two about the players, team strategies, etc.

Both teams to score betting strategy

Devising a solid both teams to score betting strategy isn’t as complex or difficult as for some other types of bets. This wager type is pretty straightforward as it focuses on one particular aspect, namely the team’s ability to score goals and/or their propensity to concede. These statistics are widely available online and you’ll have no problems finding the numbers for all major national leagues like the Premier League, Champions League, and other big competitions.

When looking at the both teams to score stats, you’ll need to first check out these general factors. Some teams are simply better at scoring goals as they have a more aggressive, forward strategy. Other teams may play a more conservative game focusing more on the defense, which means they aren’t as likely to score every time. These should factor into your predictions and you should create your accumulator bets accordingly.

Of course, if you want to expand this strategy even more and add these bet types to your accumulator slips, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper. Looking at the statistics for how particular teams have done against each other can be a very good reference point. If the Team A and the Team B have played many games without goals in the recent past, this may indicate that their next clash may yield a similar result.

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Look at the wider picture

The best bettors will also go beyond this and look at a wider picture. For example, if a team has secured its position in the league and they won’t achieve any movement by winning, they might be employing a more conservative strategy and preserve their strength for the Champions League or whatever comes next for them. Don’t just try to find free tips and stick blindly to them. Do some research on your own and you won’t just have better results but you’ll have more fun in the process of finding best BTTS bets.

In types of situations described above, for example, betting on both teams to score or more than 2.5 goals is probably not a good idea, especially if they’re up against a football team that’s of similar quality. Likewise, if there are two teams fighting for survival and needing a win, you can safely bet that they’ll both score. While this isn’t a sure thing, it is quite likely to happen as they’ll probably play an open match as they have nothing to lose and everything to win.

Sports betting isn’t an exact science, but statistics and current information play a huge role in creating your BTTS predictions and placing winning bets. Knowing what to look for and how to interpret the information is, thus, a key to long-term success with BTTS and many other types of wagers. That’s exactly why most punters tend to stick to leagues and competitions they know most about. While there are no guarantees, solid knowledge and some research are bound to increase your winning odds. Knowing a lot about the Premier League, for example, combined with some free tips from other punters, can get you a long way.

Bet on both teams to score now

Betting BTTS is a very exciting way to bet. It is the kind of bet that you’ll be waiting for until the last second of a football match as there is always a chance for that last-minute goal that can really turn things around for you. So, pick your favorite online bookmaker, do some research, and start placing your bets right now! You’re guaranteed to have a blast and with a bit of luck and some skills, you could also grow your betting bankroll.

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Keep your bets alive longer
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