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September 15, 2021
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Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.
Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.

3 Way Moneyline 2021: Strategy, Tips & Top Betting Sites

The 3 way moneyline speaks for itself. As a sports bettor, the 3 way moneyline offers you three options to pick from before you place your money on a game. This is more advantageous than the conventional moneyline wagers which limit you to betting between one of two sides in a game. With the 3 way moneyline, you have an additional option as you can choose to bet on a tie to win the game, basically you have three ways to bet your money on. Betting a 3 way moneyline is reckoned to be a profitable system in those sports which have regulation time and can result in a draw.

Important facts to know about 3 way moneyline
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  • It allows you bet on a tie between two teams

  • It is a profitable system which features more odds

  • Best for matches with regulation time

  • This system can be used with variety of sports

3 Way Betting Explained

As a sports bettor, you’re probably used to selecting either of two options, not because you want to, but because you’re restricted to those two. However, imagine these restrictions got lifted and you had another option, a better option! Wouldn’t you go for it? This is exactly what the 3-way game brings to the table, it gives you another option to choose from.

Rather than being confined to the conventional style of betting in choosing one winner from two teams where one will win and the other will lose, the three way game gives you a third option of selecting a tie between those two teams. This system works best for those games which have regular time, therefore in a game which requires a winner, it is beneficial to stick to the conventional selection of either team. In this article, you get to find out how 3 way betting works, the various sports you can use it and how you can use it online.

Applicable Sports

As consistently reiterated in this article, the 3 way moneyline favors those sports which have a regulation time and where a winner need not emerge in a match, so you definitely do not want to bet the three way game in a cup final or on a wrestling match. Before adopting 3 way betting, it is important to examine the nature of the sports you’re about to place wagers on.

This 3 way bet system is best for those sports that run in form of annual leagues, that is sports which are run for a whole season and which record weekly points of which the total accumulated points determine the winner. These include:

The National Football League (NFL)

NFL and its popular Superblow game are easily the most popular sporting events in the USA. Betting on NFL games is very common, most bets on the NFL are usually Spread Betting, Moneyline betting, Quarter and 1st Half Lines bets, Halftime Lines, Parlays, Totals and Future bets. However, 3 way moneyline which features 3 bet options of a favorite, underdog or a draw can also be used. This is however not frequently done since most times a winner emerges. However, there are circumstances where the match ends in a tie. This may sound strange to you, you may be wondering how does this work? Well, Sit back and learn.

Based on the rules of the NFL, for a tie to happen

  1. At the end of the regulation period, both teams must have equal scores
  2. Next, the game continues in one single 15 minute overtime period where a coin flip will determine the first possession.
  3. If by the end of the 15 minute overtime period, both teams are still level, then the game ends up as a tie.

This is exactly what occurred on the 16th of September, 2018 where there was a draw between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers who both played to a 29-29 tie. Though this applies only to regular season games and not playoff games, as playoffs require a winner irrespective of how long the game becomes.

Therefore, since a tie can happen, your guts may rightly predict a draw between both teams, for example, on your favorite sportsbook, you’ll see something such as:

  • New Orleans Saints -250
  • Draw + 450
  • Dallas Cowboys + 300

In such a situation, the sportsbooks consider New Orleans as the winning favorites, so placing a $250 bet would only get you a $100 profit, the next possibility is for a Dallas Cowboy win and placing a bet of $100 will reward you with $300. However, the bookies believe the least possible result is a draw and so your reward for laying $100 on a draw will be $450. Overtimes are also counted in such bets, unless it is specifically stated that they are not.

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Soccer is arguably the most popular sport around the world. There are various soccer leagues around the world, for example we have the Major League Soccer (MLS) here in America, as well as other leagues in Europe such as the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A, The German Bundesliga down to the South African Premier Soccer League in Africa.

Given the fact that the game of soccer is played under a regulation time of 90 minutes, 3 way bets are a common thing since there can be a win for either team or a draw. So, you can bet on the favorite to win, the underdog or for a draw between both sides, for instance if D.C. United were to play a league game against Chicago Fire and you intend betting. Upon getting to your preferred sportsbook, there are three possible results and these results have moneyline that follow each. So, the sportsbook would display the possible three options like this,

  • D.C. United – 150
  • Draw + 270
  • Chicago Fire + 300

You can clearly see that the sportsbooks consider D.C. United as the favorite to win the match over even a draw or an upset by Chicago Fire. This is why a higher price is placed on the latter, as the sportsbook seems quite certain that they won’t come out with a win. So, when faced with this sort of scenario, if you choose to bet on D.C. United to win, you would have to wager $150 to win $100. If you feel Chicago Fire might pull a surprise, betting $100 would triple your earnings to $300. However, if you rightly predict both teams sharing points, you’ll be rewarded with $270 when you bet $100. This can be measured as Likely result, less likely result and Least likely result of which the least comes with a bigger risk, and as all sports bettors know, the bigger the risk, the better the reward.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

The process is very similar to those already discussed above, the Sportsbook provides you with the likely result favoring the favorite team which comes with low odds, the less likely result which may be the underdog and the least likely result, the draw in this situation. For instance:

  • New York Yankees -175
  • Draw+215
  • Baltimore Orioles+200

As a sports bettor, you can bet on either team or the draw. This depends on regulation or 8.5 innings to 9 innings. Games which do not go at least 8.5 innings will have no action. In a situation where the game is tied between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles after 9 full innings, the draw is the winning bet. Therefore, a sports bettor who had bet $100 on a draw will be rewarded with $215.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

Just like in other sports, 3 way moneyline market is very simple and applies to the end result of the match after regular time. Your options are home team win, away team win and a draw and the bet is closed when the regular time is up, without counting the overtime.

National Hockey League (NHL)

This might sound surprising since the NHL has always recorded a winner since the 2004-2005 Collective Bargaining Agreement which eliminated the possibility of a game ending in a tie. But the 3 way betting system also works in the game of hockey which has three sets. When using the NHL 3 way bet, you’ll be choosing what the result of the game will be after the three 20-minute regular time. Therefore, regulation time results determine the success of your bet. If a goal is score in overtime, such will not count as only regulation time matters.

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Why You Should Use The 3 Way Moneyline

Apart from giving you three possible options, the 3 way moneyline betting system is better for players since it yields better rewards than the 2 way bet since the odds are greater though the sportsbooks are the ones who determine the odds of each game. In some games, the sportsbooks are more certain of a draw between both teams than a win or a loss, so it is important to always observe how the odds have been shared for each game.

Also, you can even get bonus offers from certain sportsbooks which provide a double chance opportunity in 3 way moneyline betting, this simply means that you can make a 2 sided wager betting on two possible outcomes, so you can bet on both a win and a draw, though this method increases your chances of winning, the odds won’t be as attractive since there’s a lesser risk.

Where can you bet with 3 way moneyline?

Armed with this important piece of knowledge that teams need not even win for you to win. What’s next on your mind may be where to start gaming with 3 way moneyline bets. This has been extremely simplified for you. On our sports betting comparison, we intend to carefully help and guide you, so we have provided free tips and recommended the best sites for you to place your 3 way bets on.

Register with your preferred site from our comparison and you will be ready to start making 3 way bets quickly. All you need to start betting is an account with the operator and a deposit into your balance. For that reason remember to create an account with your proper details and never lie to the operator as this will be crucial once you try to make a withdrawal. Making a deposit can be done easily with any of the available deposit methods, but cashouts will require you to confirm your identity, so always keep that in mind.

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Good things come in Threes
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With the arrival of the 3 way bet system, sports bettors can now bet on a tie to win a game, rather than predict a win or loss of either team. What’s even better is that this system is available in our most popular sports such as the Football, Hockey, Baseball, Soccer and Basketball. What’s best is that it comes with better odds than the 2 way bet. Truly, the 3 way moneyline reiterates to us all that good things really do come in threes!
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