2 Way Bet 2020: Strategy, Tips & Top Betting Sites

There are so many ways to gamble the odds today, and one of the most common of them is the 2 Way Bet. Two-way bets do exactly what it sounds like – give you two outcomes to bet on. For example, you bet that either your chosen team wins or loses. 2-way bets are usually used by online bookmakers to indicate bets on events, such as tennis or basketball, where there are only two possible outcomes. You can only bet on one team or opponent winning or losing here; you can’t bet on a draw.

Some facts you should know about two-way bets
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  • There are only two possible outcomes in 2 way bet

  • Two-way bets are used in all types of sports that don't allow draws

  • Your original wager is returned if neither team in your 2-way bet wins

  • There are many special forms of 2 way bet

Two-way bet: Tips and Techniques

2-way bets are probably one of the simplest and most common forms of betting out there. Just as the name suggests, two-way bets only allow you to wager on two possible outcomes and you can only win by predicting the right one. They are usually used in all types of sports that don't allow draws, like in volleyball and basketball.

In other words, there are only two possible outcomes and, logically, two options for your bets. For example, a basketball game only has one winner and one loser; the winner can either be Team A or Team B, so you only have two options to choose from. In an ideal situation, this type of bet evens out your odds since there are only one winner and one loser, meaning that your chances of success are basically 50:50.

Betting the spread

However, this doesn’t translate to reality as some teams are stronger and better than others. To keep the bets fair, bookmakers combine their 2-way bets with the principles of spread betting. Whenever a historically strong team is matched up against a weaker one, the stronger team is termed the favorite, and the weaker team is called the underdog. Points are then awarded for each team to “even” them out.

For example, in a basketball game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the New York Knicks.  Based on past performance, the 76ers would be the favorites and Knicks the underdog. So, you may see something like this:

  • Philadelphia 76ers -110
  • New York Knicks+200

In this case, if you want to bet on the 76ers, i.e., the favorites, to win, you would have to wager $110 to win $100 – meaning that for every $1 you bet, you will get back $.909. So, if you bet $50 on the 76ers and they win, you’ll receive $45.45. Betting on the Knicks is, however, more straight-forward, as you get double your wager (200%); a successful $50 bet will get you $100. However, if the game ends in a draw, you won’t win – or lose – anything, and your original wager will be returned.

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Betting the long odds

Most bookmakers offer lower betting odds for 2-way bets – as there are only 2 possible outcomes – than for bets with three or more potential outcomes. Most 2 way betting odds fall between the range of +110 and +150. Higher odds usually mean lower chances of winning, so it’s important that you carry out some research on the team you’re betting on before you place your wager. Your bookmaker has put a lot of thought into calculating the betting odds for each team. It is important you do the same.

However, it’s not unusual to see the betting odds of +300, +450, and even higher. These odds are called longshots and for a good reason. If you’re going to bet on the underdog, you should have a lot more information than just a simple “gut feeling.” There are several factors you have to consider, including:

  • How good is the home team? What is their home record?
  • What is the away team’s record for away games?
  • How have both teams been playing recently?
  • Does one team have a better edge over the other?
  • Has a team been in a rut lately?
  • Are there any player injuries that may affect the overall game?
  • How motivated are both teams? Does one team stand to gain more?
  • Is there any previous rivalry between both teams? If yes, who is winning so far?
  • How rested are both teams? Has any team been playing a lot recently?

People who take the time to strategize and plan ahead can bet on longshot 2-way bets and generate high winnings.

Special 2-way bets

Classic two-way bets are placed in games that have only two possible outcomes, win or lose, as in basketball and tennis. However, 2-way bets can also be applied to all sports-related bets with two potential outcomes as well. This includes all third-party bets like “Team A will score more or less than 95 points in a particular basketball match?”, “Team B will score first”, “A goal will be scored in the first 15 minutes.” In all of these cases, there are only two possible outcomes: either Team A will score more or less than 95 points or they don’t.

Playing the odds with two way bets

Since profits from a successful two way bet are dependent on the spread, it is possible to bet on both outcomes of a 2-way bet and make a profit either way. Although unethical, it is, however, legal and, in some cases, encouraged. To bet on both outcomes of a 2-way bet, you may have to place your bets using different bookmakers. You would need at least two different accounts and a ton of research on the different odds available to make any serious money. We recommend betting both odds only if you’ve noticed a discrepancy in the odds spread offered by different bookies. In most cases, you can get guaranteed winnings if the odds for either outcome is +100 or higher.

For example, in an NBA basketball match between Philadelphia 76ers and the Chicago Bulls, you have two odds from different bookmakers:

  • A: odds that 76ers will win +110
  • B: odds that Bulls will win +130

This is what is called a sure bet because if you place a $100 with each bookmaker, you are sure of fixed winnings of $100 or $130 if either the 76ers or the Bulls win. However, these situations don’t happen all the time, and you may have to invest a lot of time and effort into something with limited results. A sure bet is one where your profits are guaranteed.

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Things to consider before placing a two-way bet

Most 2 way bests are set around a fixed playtime which is usually the regular playtime. For example, since some football matches (semi-finals and finals) must always have one winner and one loser. If the team you happen to bet on scores during overtime or penalty shootout, you might still be looking at a tie. To avoid being a victim of this kind of circumstance, ensure that you check and double-check precisely what match factors your bookmaker’s betting odds refer to. It is also advisable to take a look at their privacy policy and terms and conditions while you’re at it.

Which Operator Offers The Best Two Way Bet odds?

It is important that you place your bets with operators that are standard and trustworthy. We understand that the process of searching for an operator may be a herculean task, especially for new punters. That is why we have provided all relevant information in our Sports Betting Comparison. You can also take advantage of other betting types such as 3 way moneyline, Accumulator Bet, Asian Handicap, and others.

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Is 2 Way bet worth a Trial?

Two-way bets are the simplest, most basic form of gambling available today. They are usually used in games that have only two possible outcomes, either your team wins or loses, as in tennis and volleyball. Although 2-way bets theoretically have a 50:50 chance of winning, this isn’t strictly true in real life where some teams are stronger than others in the same league. To even the odds, bookmakers combine 2-way bets with the principles of spread betting, making it even more profitable.
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