Sports Betting Apps Android 2020: Top 5 Mobile Apps

If you are a sports punter in the United States, you have a lot of options available to you on mobile, especially Android-powered a mobile device. We are here to guide you on your journey into the American mobile betting world with robust, informative comparisons on good betting apps for Android. This page is a complete overview of the top 5 sports betting apps you can use as an American sports bettor. The US sports betting market online is quickly expanding and we have made sure to include all the best American Betting Sites that offer a mobile app in this review. Keep reading and find the top spots where you can bet sports on the go from within the USA, completely legally.

Sports Betting Apps Android: Most Important Things

Searching online for betting apps for Android for download to your device, some important features must be present to give you the ultimate mobile gambling experience. These are some of the most important features all mobile betting apps for Android must-have.

  • Easy navigation and simplicity in use
  • The app should have offline connection capability; Punters should be able to track the game statistics and results, even if the Internet connection is lost.
  • The app must be secure. This includes protecting against hackers attack such data as custom software, servers & networks, payment & user information. Ensuring privacy to the user and putting in privacy policy against a third party
  • Secure payment process. What users need is straightforward and easy-to-use money depositing system like the William Hill deposits and the confidence that they are making a secure transaction
  • Favorable app reviews to ensure that users are happy with the app performance
  • Live gaming markets, in-play betting, exchange are important features that the app must possess
  • An integrated live video streaming module to stay on top of your favorite races and events

All of these things must be kept in mind when choosing a betting app to use, but our Sports Betting Comparison can also greatly help you as it already lists all the best bookies available to US players through both desktop and mobile devices.

Sports Betting Apps Comparison

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New Hampshire
New Jersey
West Virginia
Mobile :App
Mobile Payment :Yes
Sports Count :20+
Available for:
android apple-ios- html5
Mobile :App
Mobile Payment :Yes
Sports Count :15+
Available for:
android apple-ios-
Mobile :App
Mobile Payment :Yes
Sports Count :13+
Available for:
blackberry windows android apple-ios- html5
Mobile :App
Mobile Payment :Yes
Sports Count :14+
Available for:
android apple-ios- html5
Mobile :App
Mobile Payment :Yes
Sports Count :16+
Available for:
blackberry windows android apple-ios- html5
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6 Criteria for a Good Sports Betting App for Android

Mobile betting sites provide a fun way to wager on your favorite sports. As a punter, having a sportsbook with a good betting app that will get you the most for your bets is of paramount interest and very important. These are the crucial criteria for a good betting app for iPhone:

Mobile Betting Offer & Fantastic Odds

A great odd is very important when wagering to get substantial a payout. You should be offered the best odds in real-time on your mobile app. you do not waste your time shopping around, especially if you have a mobile app. The software should also provide you statistics.

Mobile In-Play Betting

A betting app for iPhone should offer you the ability of live betting. Active wager while the event is going on increases the mobile betting experience.  Odds update in real-time should be made available

Web App / Download App

The betting app should be readily found on google play store among betting apps in google play, and the download should be easy for your device for install. It's paramount that it's compatible with the host device and bug-free on usage

Mobile Bonus

First Deposit Bonus in Free Bets to new users is an essential, welcome package. This encourages the punter to place more bets. Additional bonuses including all sorts of free bets, boosted odds bets, welcome bonuses and more should be integrated to reward the punter for playing. Do well to read the terms and conditions attached to this.

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App Usability & Special Functions

Easy navigation and content organization of a betting app is very important as this aids the flexibility of use. Pages should load quickly; betting options should be easily visible. Quick loading times and easy to use menu should be integrated

Payment Options

Integrated payment options should be easy and seamless. The majority of sportsbooks from the United States accepts popular payment means including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash or Ethereum as a form of deposit o their apps

Legal Situation of Online Betting in the USA

Speaking from a legal perspective, online betting in the USA is still in its infantile phases. While recent court decisions have enabled states to bring forward laws that would allow sports betting online, not all the states have yet done this. With that in mind, you should always be aware of which state you are playing from and make sure to adjust to the local laws of that particular state. However, if you do live in one of the states where online betting is legal, you should also make sure that the particular bookies you are betting with also have a license for operation as many offshore sites are still offering their services in the USA without such a license.

Registration for Online Betting

Registering with online betting sites is quite simple and does not take too much. All you need to do is share some basic information with the operator in question and you are good to go. However, before you do sign up, you should make sure that the operator in question offers:

  • Safe online banking
  • A platform that's easy to use
  • Free deposits and fast transactions
  • Good bonuses that add true value
  • Many different sports
  • Variety of betting markets
  • A proper gaming license
  • Reasonable bonus terms and conditions

Make sure you conduct a full research based on these factors and sign up with the site that is best in this comprehensive comparison.

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Tips for New Players

New sports betting customers can be a bit confuser at times, so we have prepared some tips to help get you started. You can combine the tips provided in this section with some of our other instructional texts such as betting basics in order to gain even more understanding of the odds and markets concepts.

  • Subscribe to tipsters with experience: It is very important you follow only tipsters that have demonstrated good experience when it comes to betting so that you can be assured of a winning ratio guarantees profit.
  • Familiarize yourself with the betting app using small wagers: Small wagers are good to manage risks and get adjusted to the market setting.
  • Prepare yourself for winning and losing: Losing your stakes once in a while in a reality that every punter needs to accept.
  • Limit your losses: Make sure you know how much money and time you can realistically lose and don't go past that.
  • Be Careful: Sports betting and gambling can be addictive, so always remember to double check your action and make sure you are in check.

Take a look at our Bet Guide page for even more useful tips on sports betting online.

Important FAQs and Answers about Sports Betting Apps Android

Below are some important frequently asked questions by punters who want to make use of mobile android sports betting apps

Not necessarily, online bookmakers also offer web apps that look the same and offer exactly the same features as the mobile app. In some cases, you might not need to download the mobile app. But if you can download the mobile app, it’s advisable to do so as this will ease your access.

The good news is that online bookmakers also offer web apps that look the same and offer exactly the same features. To access these apps, you just need to browse to their main website from your mobile phone, and you will be automatically redirected.

Yes. All the apps are enabled with payment processing so you can make a deposit or withdraw funds anytime you like. The app Is just a more personalized version of the website which can perform all operations comfortably as the main website

Most mobile betting apps for Android offer betting bonus and promotions to users. Contact customer service of your sportsbook to know the offers and promotions available. You can also request an automated mail that notifies you of promotions.

Normally all odds are the same across all platform. But sometimes boosted odds are offered by sportsbook as incentives for mobile bets in order to get you to use their mobile app. So, try to compare odds on the mobile app and the websites to see if there are variations.