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June 6, 2021
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Our Associate Stephen is a former poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada, and online media editor. His in-depth view of the US online poker industry and his skills in playing the game are allowing him to write high-class and well-researched articles about regulation, legalization and poker events. He has an M.B.A in math and worked for several Universities.
Our Associate Stephen is a former poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada, and online media editor. His in-depth view of the US online poker industry and his skills in playing the game are allowing him to write high-class and well-researched articles about regulation, legalization and poker events. He has an M.B.A in math and worked for several Universities.

Top New Betting Sites USA 2021

Sports betting is spreading across American very fast and it looks like not much can really stop its progress. With that in mind, you should also keep an eye out for all the new betting sites popping up, as there is seemingly one launching every week or so. To help you weed out the foul players and find the best possible betting sites, we have set up this short guide on the topic of finding good new betting sites among all the rest of them. Remember that we always only promote legitimate American betting sites and stay away from any offshore sites or international bookmakers, as we wish to fully abide by the law. That means that every review you find and every recommendation we give you will be for a legitimate American new betting site that you can access and sign up with.

New Betting Sites: The Key Elements

When you are getting started with online bookmakers, there are many things you might not yet know. Things become even more complicated when we are talking about new betting sites that few other players have had experience with either. With that in mind, we wanted to help you out and make you feel more comfortable when looking into the new betting sites in the USA. We have compiled this short list of the absolute key elements that every new betting site should have before you consider it as your main place to place wagers:

  • Many betting sports, leagues and markets
  • Generous bonuses and other promotions
  • A working license in the state you are living in
  • Solid odds that will add up over time for maximum winnings
  • Helpful customer service agents who are able to help you 24/7
  • High levels of security and player satisfaction
  • Easy to use and fast to load interface for pre-match and live betting

Before you have picked out any betting site, you should ensure that they really offer all of these things. Only then should you sign up. You can find some great recommendations in our sports betting comparison, but make sure to make that final decision yourself.

Top 5 New Betting Sites Comparison

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Sports: 16+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: -190
Sports: 14+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: N/A
Sports: 16+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: -200
Sports: 18+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: N/A
Sports: 14+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: N/A
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10 Criteria for Good New Betting Sites

Players should understand that not every sports betting site is quite the same. In fact, there are many different types of online bookmakers and we want you to register and play only with the best and safest ones. With that in mind, here are the top 10 things you should consider in choosing your bookmaker:

Payment Methods

Payment methods are certainly among the first thing to consider in choosing a bookie. You want to register with one that offers plenty of different payment methods, including the ones you want to use, whether it's credit cards, online e-wallets or anything else.

Betting Offer & Odds

The odds offered on sports by the sites should be competitive because this is super important in the long run. Good ones will mean better return on your investment and you must ensure that your favorite leagues, sports teams and your favorite games are all available in great odds before going ahead.

In-Play Betting

Live play, or in-play betting is a crucial aspect of sports betting. Some players find live betting easier as it might be easier to predict the run of a game, after it starts. Thus, you need to be sure the betting site has a great architecture to support seamless in-play betting. Odds must be up-to-date and always executed in real-time as the sports event unfolds. There must also be a quick and easy-to-use betting interface that will enhance the fun.

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting has become quite the norm in the online gambling world, and there is no reason you should not find yourself a bookmaker who also offers a solid mobile betting platform you can use on your phone.

Welcome Bonus & Promotions

Bonuses are the cornerstone of the online betting market, and we suggest you find a bookmaker that offers a sports betting bonus no deposit as well as other welcome bonuses and promotions that you can use to boost your bankroll.

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Customer Service

Customer support is critical to any online player, and you will need to sign up somewhere where you can always get in touch with support agents and get the help you need to the fullest extent possible.

Limits & RTP

Getting a good return on your bets is also critical as well as being able to make deposits and bets for the size you prefer. Take all of these elements into consideration when picking the site you want to bet on.


The way the site is set up and how you navigate around it can be quite important to some players. If you are in this group, don't settle for second bets!


As an online bettor, you have every right to be protected in every way. For that reason, we always advise players to bet on fully regulated platforms that always provide top notch security and protect players' personal data and banking information.

Additional Offers

If you are the kind of punter who enjoys an occasional spin of the slots or a game of poker, you can sign up with plenty of online gambling operators who offer these products on top of the online betting offer.

Legal Situation of Online Betting in the USA

Back on the 14th of May in 2018, the United States Supreme Court decided to abolish one federal law which at the time was the biggest obstacle to legalized online betting and gambling activities in the United States. According to this law, betting on basketball, baseball, football as well as other sports was forbidden. Following the growing popularity of sports, sports betting activities have been gaining rapidly in popularity in the United States as well as across the globe.

In 2020, many US states have legalized some or all online sports betting activities and this applies to other countries globally as well. When it comes to engaging in mobile sports betting activities, many states allow these as well which means Americans can place bets online using their portable devices. Speaking of the legality of sports betting in the states, sports betting legislation and laws vary from one state to another. Unless you live in a state which has legal bans on such activities, you as a citizen of the United States can legally engage in online sports betting and gambling activities at legalized operators.

It should be noted that in some states, there are rather hefty taxes imposed on such activities, but these do not prohibit engaging in such activities. In other words, there are no federal laws that prohibit online sports betting and gambling. However, the best idea is to check out bet guide page to make sure that you can legally bet and gamble in your state.

Registration for Online New Betting Sites

If you are considering signing up with a new online betting site, we advise you to make sure that the site in question adheres to certain standards. Make sure you have done your research and only register on legal sites that fully comply with these requirements and your personal expectations as well. This includes the following important point:

  • Many sports bad markets to bet on
  • Free deposits
  • Quick and cheap withdrawals
  • Valuable bonus offers
  • Operating license from your state
  • Good reputation among players
  • Customer service willing to help
  • Good wagering terms on bonuses

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Tips for New Players

Those new to the concept of online betting will surely encounter some hitches along the way, so here are a few tips that will help you make better bets and win more money:

  • Keep an eye on the news: Sports news are crucial to winning in sports betting as you want to catch any roster changes, injury news and other details as early as possible.
  • Bet your favorite sports: Betting on the sports you know a lot about will help you get the best results guaranteed!
  • Be ready to lose: Losses and wins are both a part of the betting process. Make sure you are ready for some losing bets as these are absolutely inevitable no matter how good you are.
  • Subscribe to tipsters with knowledgeable statistics: This will help you maintain a profitable winning streak.
  • Learn when to stop: Always be aware of your bankroll and how much you can realistically afford to lose.
  • Gamble responsibly: It is very important to remain responsible when gambling and not waste the money you need for other things.

If you want even more interesting betting tips, check the Bet Guide main page.


Important FAQs and Answers about New Betting Sites
These are the question most often asked by online l punters when they are searching for new betting sites to sign up on

Any sports betting site recommended by us should be fine. It should be reliable and trustworthy, proven track record, licensed, regulated, and operating legally, accepts customers from your region. It is important to play with only top betting sites that avoid heartaches and disappointments that comes with dealing with shady and unrecognized operators.

When it comes to betting bonuses, it really depends on the terms. Many bonuses offered by US bookies are absolutely worth taking and we highly recommend getting them. However, if the wagering terms are not fair, you are probably best of not taking the bonus and playing without one.

On-play or live betting platforms allow players to make bets on games that have already began. This way, you can get the most out of the situation on the pitch and make bets predicting upcoming events in a match that is already underway. There is no better way for a savvy bettor to use his understanding of the game than live betting.

According to the IRS, gambling winnings are taxable income which means that residents of the United States who win over $600 must pay taxes on their winnings. This applies to all winnings including online sports betting and online casino gaming winnings.

Yes. Use trusted legally licensed betting sites to ensure that your funds and personal information will be completely safe. They’re not going to disappear with your money or sell your banking details. However, you must be sure to be in bed with only operators that we have certified here to be trustworthy and reliable. We have done the hard work of cross-checking them out on your behalf, so you just have to sit back, choose which operator is right for your state, and get ahead to playing.