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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Online Betting Sites in Michigan

Sports Betting in Michigan: Quick Overview 2020

For many years, sports betting used to only be legal in very select parts of the USA, but that all changed in May 2018 when The Supreme Court of the United States decided to lift the previous ban on sports betting and allow individual states to decide on sports betting legislation.

Since then numerous states have lifted the ban and Michigan sports betting finally became a reality. Today, residents of Michigan can enjoy sports betting both in live casinos that offer sports betting and in online bookies. We had a close look at the current situation of Michigan sports betting online and we bring you a quick rundown on what options are available to players in this state.

Land-based Betting Operators & Racetracks in Michigan 2020

The state of Michigan has had legal gambling since 1996, but the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act that was passed then only allowed for gambling games, without any mention of sports betting specifically. Since sports betting was banned on the federal level, no casino in the state offered it for many years.

Sports betting in Michigan finally became possible after December 2019, when Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed Bill 196, which legalized sports betting as such. This bill allows both live sports betting and online sports betting in Michigan, along with mobile options.

Following the passage of this bill, all commercial casinos in the state, currently three of them, got the option of launching betting on their premises. Along with these, tribal casinos that are more available throughout Michigan also started offering sports betting.

Today, players can place sports bets in all commercial casinos in Michigan, with various options available. All sports betting revenue is taxed at 8.4% by the state, in which the commercial casinos in Detroit has to pay an additional 1.25% tax to the city. There are also two racetracks in the state which offer pari-mutuel betting on horse races.

Michigan Sports Betting

Is Sports Betting in Michigan legal? We have the answer!

Online Betting in Michigan 2020

Similar to live betting, online sports betting in Michigan was legalized by Senate Bill 186 which was brought into power in December 2019. By this bill, all live gambling operators were allowed to apply for an online gambling license as well, which can be issued by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB). Every online sports betting operator in the state has to be associated with a live casino to apply for such a license.

With the bill in place, it did not take a long time for retail sports betting to actually become a reality, with first licenses issued and operation starting in March 2020. When it comes to mobile sports betting, it too was legalized by the same bill, but mobile launch is expected to only happen sometime in 2021.

The requirements associated with the issuing of online sports betting Michigan licenses mean that only a finite number of operators will be able to offer services in this state. In the future, new live casino operators may also be allowed to offer online sports betting, but there are no plans for such casinos at this time. It remains to be seen if some of the casino operators will join with international bookmakers to set up shop in Michigan like it’s happened in some of the other states.

When it comes to players themselves, all Michigan residents who are at least 21 years old will be able to sign up for accounts and take part in real money sports betting at any of the licensed bookmakers.

Mobile Sports Betting in Michigan 2020

Mobile sports betting was also included in the bill that legalized the activities of bookmakers in the state, but it may be some time before you can actually download a Michigan sports betting app to your phone. However, this is only a matter of logistics and there are no legal obstacles to mobile betting at this time.

It is expected that first mobile betting operators in Michigan will start offering their services in 2021 and these services will be offered by the same companies that already offer retail betting. This means players will likely be able to use the same account to bet on both retail and mobile platforms and there should be no additional restrictions when it comes to mobile betting.

Michigan Betting Site List: Legal Betting Operators in 2020

Gambling in Michigan: A journey into the past

All sorts of games of chance have a long history in the state of Michigan, dating back to the 19th century. People of Michigan used to take part in gambling games and bet on horse races in the 1800s but it wasn’t before 1933 that pari-mutuel betting was officially regulated and horse race betting became legal.

In 1972, the state also legalized a state lottery, which is still active today. This game people of Michigan another form of gambling to take part in, but for many, this was still not enough as casino games and sports betting were both still illegal.

Proper casino gambling was introduced in Michigan in 1988 when first tribal casinos opened their doors to the public. Since then a total of 23 tribal casinos opened up in Michigan. In 1996, the first commercial casinos also opened up, with a total of three currently operating in Detroit.

The Michigan sports betting bill was passed in December 2019, finally legalizing one of the last still illegal forms of gambling in the state. The bill legalized both live and online betting, with retail betting launching in March 2020 and mobile betting planned for launch in 2021.

The same day that the sports betting bill was passed; House Bill 4311 was also passed, legalizing online poker in the state of Michigan. PokerStars was the first international operator that applied for the license in cooperation with the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians Gaming Authority and the launch of Michigan online poker is imminent.

Guide to Michigan Online Betting

Gambling in Michigan is possible both online and live, as online gambling has been legalized during late 2019 for the most part. We take a look at the various forms of online gambling and when they were legalized as well as what you can expect in terms of age and other restrictions.

Gambling typeLegal status
Land-Based CasinosLegalized in 1988, 23 tribal and 3 commercial casinos
Online GamblingLegal since Dec. 2019
Sports BettingRetail sports betting since March 2020, mobile in 2021
LotteryLottery launched in 1972
Daily Fantasy SportsLegal since its inception
House GamblingAllowed if the house is not taking rake
Minimum Gambling Age21 years of age in commercial, 18 or 19 in tribal casinos


Often asked and answered here

Yes! Starting in late 2019, the state of Michigan sports gambling is finally legal. You can now bet on sports in both live casinos and with online betting operators who have appropriate betting licenses without any concerns for legality or safety.

All Michigan residents who are at least 21 years old can take part in sports betting both live and online. Keep in mind that you have to physically be in Michigan to play on Michigan licensed sportsbooks and trying to do so from other locations will not lead to a positive outcome.

If you are looking for a sportsbook in Michigan, it is very important that you choose one that has an actual operating license in the state. Many international bookies will let you sign up, but these bookies don’t have the appropriate licenses and you should stay clear of them at all times.

Mobile sports betting is the last step of the introduction of sports betting in the state of Michigan. As such, it is set for launch in 2021, about one year after the initial launch of retail sports betting. Players will be able to enjoy betting on smartphones and tablets of all brands.

Simply choose one of the sports betting Michigan websites offered on this page and you will be on your way to betting with a legal operator. Sign up for a free account, have a look around, and make a deposit if you like the site. You will be able to get into real action in less than 10 minutes.


Michigan Sports Betting is Live
With the passage of Bill 916, Michigan sports betting online finally became a reality. If you are a sports fan who enjoys wagering on sports games, your chance to shine is now. Check out the legal and licensed sports betting operators in the state and sign up with them for generous welcome bonuses and an opportunity to place bets on upcoming and live events. It’s all 100% legal and safe so why not have a go and see how you do betting with your local operators?!
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