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Online Betting Sites In Indiana

Sports Betting in Indiana: Quick Overview 2020

Indiana sports betting is something that has been in demand for a long time, thanks to the passion of fans of the teams that reside in the midwest. With so many professional sports teams calling the state home, it only makes sense that bettors there have the option to place bets on the sports that they have such a close relationship with. In person sports wagering is a possibility in the state of Indiana. And online sports betting is legal as well, with placing pre-game and live bets online looking poised to take a leap forward as some of the biggest names in the industry are looking to get involved in the state.

  • Land-based wagering now legal
  • Online betting made legal as well
  • Sportsbooks currently getting licenses to operate online

Land-based Betting Operators & Racetracks in Indiana 2020

Indiana sports betting currently exists through a series of land-based sportsbook providers now that the 2019 legalization of gaming on sports has taken place in the state. The ability to go to a physical sportsbook in Indiana is something that people have been able to celebrate given that they had spent a long time without the ability to bet on sports in a fully legalized fashion due to the interesting gray area that has existed around the industry for a long time. With the ruling to make the industry fully legal, sportsbooks were the first step toward a world where betting on sports in Indiana was 100% legitimized.

At this time, there are over a dozen land-based sportsbook providers of sports betting, which is great for two reasons. The first is the fact that bettors will have a large number of physical casino options to choose from to place their bets. The second is the fact that there will be a large number of online sports betting providers that can get licensed through those casinos. The end result should, at least in theory, be a massive number of sportsbook options for players who want to place bets in person and for those who want to play online. And that will be the best possible situation for just about all involved.

While all of that is getting itself sorted out, though, land-based sports betting is still around for those who want to play now.

Indiana Sports Betting

Is sports betting in Indiana legal? We have the answer!

Online Betting in Indiana 2020

When it comes to sports betting in Indiana, online sports gaming is the future of the industry. But in a way, it is also the present, thanks to the lack of concrete sportsbook regulation across the board in the industry. As of right now, online sports betting has been legalized thanks to House Bill 1015 which was passed in May of 2019. But before that, sports betting wasn't exactly illegal either. The state had no law prohibiting sports betting from taking place online at sportsbooks that were regulated elsewhere, which created an environment where it was still perfectly okay to bet on sports on the internet. Today, that is still the situation that applies to the online casino and online poker worlds, which has made them both similarly okay for bettors to take part in.

Soon, though, fully legal online sports betting is coming to Indiana. That will happen as online sports betting operators provide their services after getting licensed from the brick and mortar casinos that already have sports betting options in those states. Fortunately, Indiana has been very attractive to the sports betting industry, with several big names in the sportsbook and gaming industries already making it clear that they intend to operate there such as DraftKings sportsbook. With the high number of physical casinos that can issue licenses, it is no surprise that there are poised to be so many online sportsbook betting options. The question will then become how those options compare to the options that are regulated elsewhere. With the possibility of mobile apps and other bells and whistles, the likelihood of an enhanced online sports betting experience would appear strong for bettors across Indiana.

The most tangible place where this will be felt is the live betting arena. Live bets are much easier to play online given that they are time sensitive. And with the ability to quickly log in and place live wagers being more efficient than going to a physical location, the live wagering component of the online experience should be a big plus.

Mobile Sports Betting in Indiana 2020

Legalized mobile sports betting in Indiana is not yet fully off the ground either, as bettors will have to wait until they get online sports betting providers to launch their products before they can get started with apps. That is anticipated to take place in 2021 and should encompass mobile sports betting apps as well. In the meantime, mobile sports betting does exist in something of a legal gray area for Indiana. There is currently no legislation to make sports betting illegal if it is done at a shop that is regulated elsewhere. As a result, players are able to use their mobile devices and browser apps to place bets at other locations until full legalization and launch is achieved. That will have to suffice for now for bettors in Indiana, although change is coming soon. Bettors will just need to stay patient in order to get to the point of sanctioned mobile apps.

Indiana Betting Site List: Legal Betting Operators in 2020

OperatorLandbased Partner
BetAmericaGolden Nugget Hotel Casino & Marina
BetMGMBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa
BetRiversRivers Casino
DraftKings SportsbookResorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City
FanDuel SportsbookMeadowlands Racing & Entertainment
PointsBetMeadowlands Racing & Entertainment
William HillMonmouth Park & Ocean Resort Casino

Gambling in Indiana: A journey into the past

Sports betting in Indiana isn't the only facet of gaming that is seeing history be made. The history of gaming in the state is an interesting one, as it took some serious fighting to pass legislation that would end up shaping the industry as we know it today. That fighting started in the 1990s, when there were repeated attempts to pass gaming legislation, specifically in the city of Gary. On multiple occasions, attempts to legalize casino gaming in that city and others nearby passed in the house but were shot down in the senate, making people wonder if legalization would ever take place.

Eventually, in 1993, a compromise was reached that led to the legalization of riverboat casinos. Those laid the groundwork for the eventual allowing of the state's two racetracks to have slots as well. And in 2015, some of the state's riverboat casinos were given permission to move onto actual land to stop them from having to operate on a boat. As you can see, the legal status of gambling as a whole in Indiana is one that has moved somewhat slowly, as it hasn't been all that progressive in the wagering department compared to many of the states in America.

With that said, officials there have done an admirable job of getting legislation passed for sports betting, something that will bring so much added excitement to the big sporting events both in the midwest and around the rest of the country.

Indiana Gambling Guide

There are some options in legal sports betting Indiana can already take advantage of, with more coming soon. But it is only getting started. Here is a look at the other betting options that are up for grabs in the state and the current status of each right now.

Betting typeLegal status
Land-based casinosCasino, sports and poker
Online gamblingAwaiting launch
Sports bettingCurrently in person only
Daily fantasy sportsPermitted
Minimum gambling age21

FAQ: Often asked and answered here

For sports betting Indiana exists in an interesting place, where bettors are able to bet on sports at brick and mortar casino locations. And while online sports betting is coming legally as well, there are currently no laws prohibiting people from wagering at places regulated outside of the United States either.

For online sports betting Indiana residents and visitors will need to do a lot of evaluating to pick the best sports betting site for them. There are plenty of criteria that some players value over others, which can greatly impact the answer to that question. Bettors should always thoroughly look at what each betting site has to offer before making any determinations.

As far as legal sports betting Indiana passed legislation in 2019. This will add a more local touch to the industry as, while sports betting wasn’t illegal in Indiana then, it wasn’t tied to anything locally or necessarily anything in America.

With online sports betting Indiana finally made the leap to legalize in May of 2019, which will see land-based sportsbooks offer licenses to online sports betting operators. And it looks like several big names in the industry such as bet365 and William Hill are lining up to be a part of the Indiana action ahead of the launch.

Right now, mobile sports betting is reserved for sportsbooks that are not regulated through the United States or Indiana. But that is set to change now that online sports betting has been made acceptable and there are going to be more Indiana-based sportsbooks to place bets with.

The regulation of online gambling in Indiana is handled by the Indiana Gaming Commission. Given that sports wagering is now a part of the gaming options that players have to choose from, sports betting will fall under their umbrella for the foreseeable future.

Right now, in sports betting Indiana customers can bet on virtually any sport, something that is likely to continue now that formally legalized sports betting is set to launch through regulated sportsbooks. This includes popular ones in the state like basketball and football, as well as those such as soccer and tennis and beyond.

An up and comer

The ability to access a sportsbook in Indiana is a relatively new one, with sports betting being legalized to create additional excitement for sports fans and bettors alike. The future of the sportsbook industry is still up in the air, as there are some changes that will be coming in the form of online and mobile sports betting in the future. That has made the prospect of wagering there an exciting one, even if it is still in its relative infancy compared to some of the more experienced states. Don't miss out on your chance to get in on the ground floor of the exciting sports betting action that Indiana has to offer. Check out these sportsbooks and start your sports betting journey on the right foot today!
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