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Online Betting Sites In Illinois

Sports Betting in Illinois: Quick Overview 2020

Illinois is one of the best states in America for sports, with a major market in Chicago boasting several professional teams and plenty of exciting college sports action as well. As a result, it is only fitting that Illinois sports betting is on its way. In this guide to Illinois sports betting, find out everything you need to know about the impending launch of sports wagering throughout the state and what it could mean for those who are getting ready to place their bets. With the identity of many cities being so closely tied to sports, fans will likely be excited for every new development in this space that surfaces.

Land-based Betting Operators & Racetracks in Illinois 2020

Sports betting makes perfect sense for IL given how passionate the state is about its sports teams. And fortunately for bettors in IL, that sports betting is on its way thanks to the passage of Senate Bill 690 in June of 2019. That bill has allowed for the implementation of land-based sports gambling, which should be on its way to the state in the very near future. The gaming board is even taking applications from operators as a first step in getting started.

Some operators are already getting ready for sports gambling to get started, with casino facilities making renovations to include a sportsbook section of their facility. While sports betting may not be ready to launch in 2019, land-based operators should be able to get up and running in 2020, with the goal being to get started around the Super Bowl and the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Those are two of the biggest events in all of sports betting, so it would make sense to try and start operations for them.

As of now, it is planned for 10 land-based casino locations in IL to offer sports betting action, but the exact number of facilities that will be a part of the action will be determined as the licensing process goes on. No matter how many sportsbooks open, though, bettors in IL will be happy to know that the future of sports betting is certainly bright in their state and that there will be at least some land-based betting options coming soon.

Illinois Sports Betting

Is Sports Betting in Illinois legal? We have the answer!

Online Betting in Illinois 2020

When it comes to online betting Illinois bettors have some good news coming their way as well. Senate Bill 690 also created permission for online sports betting to take place in IL, with the physical casino locations that offer sports wagering set to issue licenses to online operators. The timeline of this process is still unknown, but plans are for online sports betting to also go live in 2020 as of this time.

One of the exciting parts of this portion of the sports betting legalization in Illinois is the fact that there should be a decent amount of betting operators to choose from. With up to 10 casino locations set to start operating sportsbooks, that means that there could be 10 sportsbooks issuing Illinois sports betting licenses to online operators. Assuming that not all of those casino facilities issue a new license to the same operator, there should be a decent number of new sportsbooks that players can choose from in the online setting, which will allow bettors to compare lines to get the most favorable wagers they can.

Also worth noting here is the fact that online sports betting in Illinois should go live before online sports betting is possible in many states that have started legalized sports betting before it. States like New York have had legal sports betting since the summer of 2019 but have made no effort to include new online wagering in their repertoire. This state, meanwhile, has been aggressive about making sure that sports bettors have all of the necessary options at their disposal.

Mobile Sports Betting in Illinois 2020

In conjunction with online betting Illinois will have mobile sports betting as well. The sportsbooks that gain licenses to operate through the physical casino locations in IL will be able to offer their product to bettors via mobile devices as well. This will either be done through the use of a mobile app that can be downloaded or through the use of a mobile version of their website, which can be accessed via a mobile web browser. Either way, bettors should have options as to how they bet online.

Mobile sports betting is especially convenient for bettors, as the ability to make bets as quickly as possible is so important in sports betting. Breaking news about the status of a player or coach can change the complexion of a game entirely, and having to wait until a bettor gets to a computer or a physical location could result in lines changing drastically before a bettor can make their selections. With mobile sports betting, that is less of a concern.

Illinois Betting Site List: Legal Betting Operators in 2020

OperatorLandbased Partner
BetRiversRivers Casino

Gambling in Illinois: A journey into the past

The history of wagering in IL goes well beyond the Illinois sports betting that has gamblers so excited for 2020. In fact, the history of wagering in IL goes all the way back to the 1800s, when riverboat casinos were run without being legalized on the state’s waterways. Since that point, things have been done by the books a lot more, starting with the introduction of the state lottery in 1974. In the 1990s, riverboat casinos were made legal in IL, which was ironic given that they were run illegally in the century prior.

It took all the way until 2011 for casino wagering to be allowed at land-based locations, which paved the way for the current 10 operating land-based casinos that bettors frequent. And despite those delays in getting casino wagering into IL, the state has done a nice job of being ahead of the curve when it comes to sports wagering. The 2019 legalization efforts in Illinois swiftly included both land-based and mobile sports wagering, unlike many states that are offering one or the other.

Also happening in 2019 is the expansion of wagering for casino games in Illinois. Bettors are going to be able to take on more gaming positions throughout Illinois casinos, along with more gaming machines at places like truck stops and airports as the limits on those machines have been increased. While the history of wagering in Illinois is one that dates back centuries, the last few years have seen a huge uptick in the wagering legislation that has been passed to make Illinois a better place to bet.

Illinois Gambling Guide

Sports gambling in Illinois is just one of the ways that bettors can get involved with wagering in this state. Here is a look at some of the other forms of betting that are popular throughout the state of Illinois, along with the legal status of each of those betting disciplines.

Betting typeLegal status
Land-based casinosCasino and poker, sports coming soon
Online gamblingSports coming soon, casino/poker unregulated
Sports bettingComing soon
LotteryOnline and offline
Daily fantasy sportsUnregulated
Minimum gambling age21

Best Sports Betting Site

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FAQ: Often asked and answered here

Sports betting is not yet available in Illinois. However, it is coming soon thanks to legislation that was passed in 2019 to allow for both land-based and online sports betting options. The licensing process is currently underway for those options, as the state is taking applications for them at this time.

Online betting in Illinois is not yet here, which means that there is not yet a sports betting site that can be considered the best. Once sports betting does launch online in Illinois, bettors should evaluate sportsbooks based on their own needs and remember that there is no one sportsbook that can be the best to everyone.

Legal sports betting in Illinois has not yet opened. At this point, it is being said that Illinois is hopeful that sports betting can become an option for February or March of 2020. Whether or not that target can be hit remains to be seen, as casinos will need to issue licenses to online wagering operators ahead of those dates.

Online betting in Illinois became legal in June of 2019 with the passage of Senate Bill 690. Because of that bill, land-based casinos will be applying for licenses to operate sports betting facilities, with those casinos then being able to issue licenses to online operators shortly after they are licensed.

Sports bettors do not currently have anywhere that they can bet on sports using their mobile devices in Illinois. They will have to wait until online sportsbooks are licensed through the state’s casinos. However, bettors will be able to use their mobile devices to bet at those online sportsbooks once those books are licensed via betting apps.

Online gambling in Illinois is currently unregulated when it comes to casino and poker gaming. Sports wagering will be regulated formally by the Illinois Gaming Board, though. While bettors can play casino games and poker at offshore sites due to those markets being unregulated, sports betting will be restricted to locally licensed operators.

The number of sports that bettors can wager on in Illinois will look a lot like the wagering menus in other states that have previously legalized sports betting. Popular American sports like football and basketball will be options, as well baseball, hockey, racing, combat sports, and other popular sports that take place year round.

A very promising state

Sports is a huge part of the culture of the state of Illinois, so it only makes sense that the sports betting Illinois is poised to get will also be a part of its culture as well. Bettors will soon be able to wager on sports both in person and online, thanks to legislation that passed in June of 2019. Those options should give bettors all of the tools that they need to make the best bets possible no matter where they are. Don’t miss out on your chance to get in on the fun when Illinois sports betting goes live. Get your bonus and start your sports betting journey in style.
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