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Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.
Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.

Future Betting Strategy

Future betting strategy is a very perfect instrument for profit maximization in sports betting and gambling for players who have taste for long term investment and dealings. Bettors and gamblers who like to play the long game always find future betting exceptionally interesting. With the requisite skills and knowledge, future betting strategy could be your roller-coaster to getting your fair share of wins and profit from sportsbooks in any given season. Read through this article to educate yourself on just about the right information you need to weaponize future betting strategy to your advantage in the sports betting world.

Everything you need to know about Future Betting Strategy
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  • It creates the avenue make tangible sports betting investments.

  • It is one of the best bets that you will ever get from a sportsbook.

  • It gives bettor the privilege to win more with less in bet.

  • It requires some level of financial buoyancy as return is not immediate.

  • It’s technically a type of prop bet.

Future Betting Strategy

Exactly as the name implies, ‘future’ means an event or aspect of reality that does not happen instant but sometime later. Applying this concept to sports betting, it simply means that when bettors place future bet, they are hoping to predict right an outcome of a game or sports event for which reward (should they predict right and win, or predict wrong and lose) are actualized and claim sometime in the future when this outcome are fulfilled. When you make future bets, you are betting on something is yet to occur.

On a strict level of analysis, a future bet belongs to the prop bet family.

Simply put, when you place a future bet, you are essentially placing a prop bet Strategy just that this type of prop bet has a rather longevity and lifespan. Therefore, in most cases, when the season open and bettors want to place bet on their favorite teams using their favorite sportsbook, you will realize that many sportsbooks have their future bet offering listed in the prop bet section of their betting sites. That tells you that futures are actually some kind of props.

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Future Betting: How Long into the Future

One can argue that of course all best are bets on outcome of games and sports events that are yet to happens – Pleaser Betting Strategy, Parlay Betting Strategy, Prop Betting Strategy, Teaser Betting Strategy. So, the question is what differentiate a future bet from all these bets.

Basically, the distinguishing feature of a future bet to other forms of bets is that a future bet typically goes beyond one game or sports event. They are often futuristic in a very glaring manner. That is, for a timeline that a future bet will last or cover for a game or sports event, bettors can conveniently or would have conveniently engage other forms of bets for that same sports or game. Let’s give some examples of how future bets can unfold:

  • A bettor can decide place a future wager on which team will emerge as winner of a given league or division Championship;
  • You can decide to place a future wager on how many touchdowns will be recorded for a given nfl team in one season;
  • You can place numerous futures on a set of players you think will get the MVP award of the league; among many other future bets.
  • You can go long and make predictions on which team will emerge winners in competitions like Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, National Title, World Series, etc. And then place future wagers accordingly.

We possibly can’t place wager on an aspect of game or sports event that has already happened. Then that will make sportsbook a charitable organization. So, to recap, what makes a future bet different from other bets is that it is relatively long-term in nature.

Simply put, future bets differ from standard prop bets and other forms of sports betting because future bets are relatively long-term in nature. Some future bets can go as far as a couple of months, one year, two years, and five years into the future.

Juice: Bookmakers’ Protection in Future Betting

Majority of bettors that place future bets are those interested in showing their faith in their favorite team by placing future wager on their success or other outcome usually over the course of a season. In most case, experienced and Pro bettors find future betting a bit less attractive and some often feel relatively uncomfortable to make future bets. And here’s why.

Bookmakers love competing on futures. However, one small funny outcome, say at the end of the season, is more than enough to clean bookmakers out, especially if they’ve offer futures on that particular outcome that now played out against them. Consequently, almost every sportsbook finds a way to protect himself by building massive juice into lines. From what we gather, betting juice that are added to future lines by Las Vegas bookmaker go as high as 40% to 70%.

What is betting juice? Sometimes referred to as Vigorish, Vig, or just Juice, it’s simply the amount or price that sportsbooks charge for making or offering sports bet.

One simple example is a Team A, a favorite by 7 points over another Team B. A sportsbook then set a juice of -110 on both sides. So, having something like this:

Team A -7 (-110)

Team B +7 (-110)

If you put a $100 on Team A and eventually win, you will be taking home $91 as profit.

Betting juice is how a sportsbook provide himself. Sportsbooks adjust the juice as events unfold. This adjustment can be done on certain sides and these adjustments are precipitated by variations in the probability of winning and/or fluctuation in the wagered amount recorded on one side.

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Future Betting Strategy Tips

The majority of bettors that use future bet often place their futures (future wagers) on their favorite teams in NFL and other sports competition with their sportsbook at the beginning of the season. It takes the right amount of energy and risk threshold to make futures with the best hope that your teams you’ve placed futures on to win, came out to be the ones that win at the end of the NFL season.

When placing futures with your best sportsbook, there are some very important things to need to pay attention to. The odds at which these futures have been offered is very important to note. We’ve already discussed how sports betting sites adjust juice in future line as the end of the season draws near. To make money on your futures, you need to understand how your sportsbook play around with juice and future line. As the win probability changes and the total amount of wagers on game and sports event outcome grow, sportsbook and sports betting sites often adjust juices in future line to protect themselves. It’s expected behavior and it’s normal. But you must make your calculations and choice such that these decisions don’t streamline your money potentials in terms of profit from your futures.

Why you should consider Future Betting Strategy

In other to make money from your futures, there is not as more important as understanding the underlying concepts of betting futures and which sports betting sites and sportsbooks to consider placing your futures on your favorite NFL team. Regardless of bet odds offered on futures by your betting sites for your chosen NFL team, there are some very important things that must be considered before placing futures if you plan to make money with it.

Betting sites and sportsbooks adjust juice on future line, and we’ve explained the reason why. There are some key occurrences that can happen during a season – bettors often place a future bet at the beginning of the season, e.g. NFL season. A serious injury to a key player, transfer of the player, changes in the coaching arrangement. All these factors determine to a reasonable extent to the outcome of your futures on your best NFL teams and your chance of making money.

You must weigh your options by finding a delicate balance between the strength of your favorite team (that NFL team you considered the best and put futures on) and the price that sportsbooks and betting sites have put on them.

As sports events unfold and timeline shift through the season, more interesting opportunities to place futures will surface. You must learn how to identify these opportunities and make the best use of them with the betting sites.

Your best NFL team that you’ve placed futures on will also experience their good times and bad times during the season. It’s very important for bettors to know what to look for in a team to decide whether such a team is good or not; whether such NFL team is just having a bad time or such team just don’t cut it.

Often time, the steam that nobody knows or put the hope of winning in are the ones that eventually bring in more money on futures. Learn to identify these teams as season play out.

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Bet Futures
Betting futures on the right NFL team at the right moment can bring in an impressive volume of money. But first, you need to learn how to hone your skills in betting futures. You must know what to look out for when planning to place a future wager on a given team. It’s also very important to pay attention to your bookmaker’s edge on futures. Interestingly, you will find out that most bettors make the sizeable amount in profit because they shop future lines and quite several betting sites and they pay detailed attention to how bookmakers adjust juice as bettors spot value through this.
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