Fibonacci Betting Strategy

The Fibonacci betting strategy (some referred to it as Fibonacci staking plan or strategy) is a little bit complicated than some other variable staking plans like the Martingale Betting Strategy. However, this article simplifies its working concept for you. This article explains how you will use Fibonacci strategy in your betting career and casino gambling to win some impressive games and make some cool money. Just as the Kelly Strategy was given birth to by a genius, so does Fibonacci. It was the handy work of an Italian mathematician by the name Leonardo Pisano. Let’s dive in.

Everything you need to know about Fibonacci Betting Strategy
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  • A little complicated than Martingale but worth the sweat

  • Developed in the 13th Century by Leonardo Pisano

  • Always select a small base unit

  • When in profit stance, try to move to your base unit

  • Big base unit is not advisable

Fibonacci Betting Strategy Explained

The Fibonacci betting strategy has been working the magic for most bettors in their betting and gambling endeavors and they have money they win from their casino gambling and sports bets to show for it. A little complex than some other variable staking plan, yes, but bettors who are able to get the basics and fundamentals of how Fibonacci strategy works are enjoying the betting and gambling as they are able to take good care of their betting budget.

In the 13th century, an Italian mathematician took to pen and started working out some genius formula and sequence. Mathematicians and their quest of finding formulas and sequence that we can apply in our daily lives to make this world a more enjoyable paradise. His name was Leonardo Pisano. He came up with the Fibonacci Sequence, which is basically built on a sequence of numbers. The magic is in the sequence. The Fibonacci sequence the Pisano came up with proved so valuable and significant that its application that span across a number of fields, disciplines, and areas of mankind engagement. One very good example of those fields we are currently interested in is sports betting. Online casino enthusiasts love the Fibonacci sequence because they know how important it is to making money when applied right.

The Fibonacci Sequence

So, the Fibonacci Sequence. What is it exactly? Well, the Fibonacci sequence is just a sequence of numbers. Let’s arrange the definitive properties of a Fibonacci sequence using bullet points to make it clearer and easy to digest:

  • For each Fibonacci sequence, zero is always the starting number in the sequence.
  • After the first zero which starts the sequence, a base unit is next.
  • The next occurring number in the sequence at this point will now be the summation of the immediate previous two numbers.

A simple example to clear things up. The example is a Fibonacci sequence that uses a base unit of 1:

Fibonacci Sequence (Example)
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377…

From the above example, you can see that this Fibonacci sequence starts with a zero, as specified by the rule. Then, a base unit of 1 was chosen to continue the sequence. After that, each next occurring number in the sequence is a summation of the immediate two previous numbers that occur before it in the sequence: 2 = 1 + 1; 3 = 2 + 1; 5 = 3 + 2; 8 = 5 + 3; etc.

That’s all there is to know about the Fibonacci Sequence. A better understanding of Fibonacci sequence is required to grasp its application to your betting and gambling affairs – that’s the ultimate objective, right?

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Using Fibonacci Sequence in Sports Betting

Yes, it’s important to understand how the Fibonacci sequence works, but what we are really interested in is how we can use the Fibonacci sequence in our sports betting and casino gambling to know exactly how much is appropriate to wager on our bets. Applying the Fibonacci sequence to your betting will give a sort of guide and template on how much you should wager on each bet you make in your sports betting and casino gambling while factoring in your previous betting and gambling events and timeline.

Now, what exactly will you go about applying Fibonacci sequence to your bets.

Each sequence always starts with a zero. That settles determining the first number in the sequence. Your first task is then to determine what you want to make your base unit for your Fibonacci sequence.

Simply put, this base unit will represent the smallest bet you will place in that sequence. The best practice is to use a relatively small amount as your base unit, say $1, $2, etc. depending on the size of your betting budget.

Always keep in mind that the base unit is just the amount you will be starting your betting with. There is a good tendency that things can spin very fast out of your control as the sequence grows bigger.

The simple rule of thumb is that how high your bets will be down the road (sequence) is contingent/dependent on how high your base unit is.  After you have successfully determined your base unit, the next thing is to build your sequence and place your bet accordingly.

Remember that your next number in the Fibonacci sequence will always be the addition of the last two occurring number in the sequence.

Another best practice is to use a computer program application like Microsoft Excel to formulate numbers in your sequence and keep a good track of it.

It is best to have the sequence prepared and mapped out before you start betting and gambling with the sequence template.

In your sports betting and gambling, your first bet is your base unit in your sequence – for those using Fibonacci sequence anyway.

For each wager that you bet and lose, the Fibonacci strategy principle states that you make the next number in the sequence wager amount. For each wager that you bet and win, the Fibonacci strategy principle states that you reset you next wager amount back to two numbers in your sequence.

One simple example to clear things up. For this example, our base unit for the Fibonacci sequence will be $1:

BetWagerBet OutcomeFibonacci Action
No. 1$1LoseWager next number in the sequence
No. 2$2LoseWager next number in the sequence
No. 3$3LoseWager next number in the sequence
No. 4$5LoseWager next number in the sequence
No. 5$8LoseWager next number in the sequence
No. 6$13LoseWager next number in the sequence
No. 7$21WinWager the number before the last in the sequence
No. 8$8LoseWager next number in the sequence
No. 9$13WinWager the number before the last in the sequence

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Why choose Fibonacci Betting Strategy

A pretty good question to ask yourself is that why should you choose Fibonacci strategy of all other systems out there that bettors used to win their casino roulette games and all. As we always make sure we give you all the facts, one thing to have at the back of your mind when planning your winning and staking with this strategy is that losing is a possible. No staking or betting strategy can give you a 100% guarantee of not losing in your sports betting and online casinos affairs – well, may arbitrage betting: How to use it in Sports Betting. As experienced bettors will do, think long game:

  • Fibonacci system, among other systems that work, takes good care of you even when losing. Know that things can spin up pretty fast when you are losing consecutively in your bet, but with one winning, Fibonacci staking restore you by decreasing your wager.
  • The strategy is also very flexible. One best practice is that instead of following your sequence template to the letter and staking high figure because the sequence continue, it is always allowed and advisable, in fact, to go back to your base unit (some sort of reset in your betting) whenever you can ascertain that you are in a profit position and standing.
  • The point is that you don’t have to follow the sequence to its glorious end. When you are in profit, you can always revert back to your base unit and start the same sequence afresh.

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The Fibonacci Flavor

Winning you casino roulette and online sports bets on games and sports events in one thing. Having an objective, soundproof template that will guide you on how much to stake on this casino roulette when gambling in your online casinos or placing bets on in your online sports events and games is another thing entirely. Fibonacci strategy amongst other systems gives you a good overview and oversight on how much is appropriate to stake on each wager in your games to guarantee you safety and chance to profit right from the start of your games.
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