Betting Lines 101: Everything you need to know about them

Online betting has become more famous than it used to be because of its growth above the regular shores. It has even become a general phenomenon in many countries across the globe, and this has given them no much of choice than to legalize betting, both online and offline, while those who have not legalized are anticipating to do that because of its juicy yield to economy. The betting industry is now clouded with many betting firms. This is like icing sugar on the cake for anyone who is interested in earning more in betting without any stress.

Bettors are now free to place their bets on any kind of game or activity in the world whether online or live, using any betting odds stipulated for the games.

Meanwhile, placing bets on sports like horse racing, football, baseball, NBA, MLB, NFL, hockey, etc. can bring a lot of winnings and advantages. Although, you have to understand some key points about betting before you place your bets, such as betting odds, the betting lines, calculations of potential winnings and prediction of subsequent happening. This piece will expressly explain betting lines as we will analyze everything to be known about betting lines and their functionalities.

Everything you need to know about Betting Lines
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  • Betting lines are used to determine wagering procedure

  • No much difference exists in different games betting lines

  • Betting lines help you win most of your stakes

Betting lines Explained

Betting lines are the forms of yardsticks used in determining the procedure for wagering the favorite and underdog in betting or any kind of betting activities. It is the working of wagering on the implementation of encouragement in betting activities for the contestants who are involved at the two sides.

Instead of deciding the absolute winner, the bettors will have to bet at the final lap of the game, and the winner will have to acquire some particular points while the one at disadvantage should stay a range of points.

For instance, Raven -8.5, meaning that Ravens is likely to win and must win by at least 9 points. Cardinals +8.5 implies that Cardinals is the underdog and has been awarded 6.5 points; peradventure Cardinals loses with 8 or lesser points, it is definitely a winning bet.

The lines are usually put with half point (for example, 8.5) so as to avoid the final margin to land on the main spread point. Meanwhile, in case there is a tie or equal proportion of points, it will go into the sportsbook, except if there is a background arrangement beforehand to create a mutual agreement.

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How Betting Lines Work?

The first thing a bettor is supposed to know before placing any bet on any game is to ‘know when they are good to place‘. To know when the bet is favorable is about having the best knowledge of the value of the market, it also concerns knowing who you best thought will win the contest. More so, you have to consider the odds of the games with the price value and most importantly understanding the functionality of the betting lines.

Using the NFL for illustration, although it is uncommon to see the equal proportions or ties in the NFL, we can still see the allowance of the whole scope of betting their games.


Money Line Betting: Putting a bet on of $200 to receive $100 on a Cardinals win

Line Betting: A stake of $1.90 ($11 stake will return $10 -21 in total). It then becomes a win at least 9 points for the Cardinals.

Total Betting: Placing a bet will be above or below 40 points scored in the game, with the equal price of $1.90 for maybe the outcome (an $11stake will return $10-$21 in total)

Another example of how Betting lines work can be visualized in NBA: due to the back and forth style of basketball, handicaps are quite difficult for the bookie to get right, putting the number of points scored in a particular game into consideration. For instance the game between the L.A Clippers and Brooklyn Nets can be used as a case study in the illustration below:

L.A Clippers +160+3.5215.5
Brooklyn N -180-3.5

In the above example given, there are three types of betting that our attention can be placed on. The betting can be on the following items:

Money Line Betting: Putting a bet of $180 in order to win $100 on Brooklyn will surely amount to winning.

Line Betting: The Price of $190 (an $11 bet will yield the returns of $10 - $21 in total), for the Brooklyn to win at least 3.5 points.

Total Betting: A stake that there will be over or below 215.5 points scored in the game, with a tie price of $1.90 for either results (an $ 11 stake will turn $10- $21 in total).

NB: It should be known that there is barely a chance of the line splitting due to the fact that line betting is usually put in a decimal (e.g., 4.5), in this situation, there will be demands for refunds.

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Sportsbooks that gives fancy online sport betting lines

You can find more on how to get the perfect sportsbook which gives the standard and best services, especially as far as online sports betting lines are concerned to have the topnotch bets which will be profitable. All you need to understand will be found on our sports betting comparison. Our sports betting comparison is critically analyzed and well detailed to serve as your best guide to betting lines to enhance your winning ways. Therefore it is highly recommended and important you check this page out.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Betting Line

There are no much differences between money line and betting line, both have to do sports betting. Although betting line has to do with handicapping a player in order to create equal contest. The handicap will establish a line between the players to bring two likely results. While money bet seems more straightforward because no handicap is forced on bettors.

Betting lines in football and baseball are much identical because they follow the same pattern in their placement. However, betting lines in hockey are slightly different from the sports mentioned earlier, this owing to the fact that there is always an addition of opportunity to have overtime. Because of this, the bookies will definitely allow the overtime to reflect in the total market.

It is highly essential that you have knowledge of betting lines and how it works because it aids you in knowing when placing of bet is good or favorable. It also gives you insight on how to place your wager on the right odds by knowing what may come up as a result of each game afterwards.

Sports betting lines are determined by the sports bookies using different parameters such as teams’ abilities, players’ constituencies, the venue of the games, the position of the teams and the tendencies of one team being an underdog and the other being the favorite.

You will surely find the juicy betting lines for different sports due to wider range of sports followers in the world (the US as an example) but the best way to achieve that is by capitalizing on where the greater values fall into and when you get it, do not hesitate to place your stake on it.

Bet the Moneyline

Sports betting is truly a common phenomenon, but many bettors find the technicality of betting lines complicated, meanwhile betting lines determine your game chances and potential outcomes of games. This is why it is highly expedient that you know everything you need to have favorable returns. This piece has thereby given you the insightful things you deserve to know about betting lines. In that wise, having known these concepts fully, you can now continue to wager and have an encouraging return which will make your soul delighted in subsequent betting.
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