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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Betting Hedge or Hedging in Sports Betting: What is that?

Many bettors are aware of the term betting hedge, many vaguely understand the actual meaning of this term, which often results in them underutilizing the potentials that this technique has in terms of winning. Many others are not even aware of hedging in sports betting. The truth is that betting hedge is not a feature for novice bettors. Pros and bettors who take their time to understand its underlying concept and themes end up knowing exactly when to use betting hedge and in almost always rack the money in for them. By the time you are done reading this article, you would have joined the league of pros; you will understand what it means to hedge your bet, and when to hedge your bet.

Everything you need to know about Betting Hedge
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  • Hedging technique of betting is a very powerful tool.

  • Betting hedge is a form of insurance betting.

  • It simply connotes playing it safe and minimizing risk.

  • Betting hedge is not Arbitrage betting.

  • The concept is widely used even outside sports betting.

Betting Hedge or Hedging in Sports Betting: What is that?

First point to note – betting hedge or hedging in sports betting is not the same as arbitrage betting: How to use it in Sports Betting. The second point to note in this article is that we will be doing less explaining and more example. It makes more sense when enough relevant examples to explain a concept than just describing and explaining in lengthy words.

Hedging in Sports Betting explained

In the simplest term of meaning, hedging your bets in online or offline sports betting simply means you are playing it smart by playing it safe as you are making moves that put risk minimization at the core of its strategy and planning. When you hedge your bets, you are simply protecting yourself from your escapable risks while still positioning yourself in strategically advantageous stance. Let’s give an example outside of sports betting:

Charles is going for an impromptu journey overseas but he is not very sure of what the weather will be like at the destination – his boss as not even told him the exact destination country. So, Charles packs both winter summer clothes and winter clothes. This is a very simple case study where Charles is hedging his bets.

Betting Hedge is not Arbitrage Betting

In most cases, many have mixed up the meaning of hedge betting and arbitrage betting in the spirit of trying to devise a strategy that works for the betting endeavor. Let’s make one thing clear. Both strategies have their potentials of bringing in wins for bettors in their game but usage context differs.

The best way to grasp this difference is to pay attention to the context and the way in which pros make use of each strategy in their betting. For arbitrage betting, a bettor must have identified some changes or discrepancies in the odds that a bookmaker offers. Thus, the driving force and motive of making an arbitrage betting is to leverage on making some profit in their sports bet off of these discrepancies in odds that have been noticed. In other words, bettors making arbitrage betting simply make their bets and wagers on different possible outcomes in a simultaneous manner. The primary goal here is to make some profit off the discrepancy.

Conversely, for hedge betting, bettors will also make their wagers on the different possible outcomes of a game or sports event. However, the distinguishing characteristics here is that hedge bettors are only increasing their wagers on the different possible outcomes already places in the original wager because of some changes that are noticed in circumstance. The primary motive and goal of placing a hedge betting are either to minimize your risk or to bump up your profit margin.

We use arbitrage betting to make the best off of discrepancies noticed in odds presented by bookmakers, while we use hedge betting to make the best off of changes in circumstance by either minimizing risk or getting more profit guarantee.

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Example and Case Studies of Hedging in Sports Betting

It makes more sense and clear understanding is often guaranteed when relevant examples are used. So, let’s consider a few relevant ones. In this section, we will discuss by example what hedging in sports betting looks like in two different dimension or scenarios. They include:

  1. Hedging your future/outright bet in sports betting;
  2. Hedging your parlay or accumulator in sports betting;

Example 1: Hedging your Future/Outright bet

We made mention of future bet here – feel free to read all about Future Betting Strategy. One of the most common scenarios where you will find bettors hedging their bets in when future bets are in play.

Let’s assume you bet on Team A (let’s not upset anybody by using specific team name) to win the FIFA World Cup. You are so optimistic that you place a $100 bet on it at +1.100 odds offered by your favorite bookmaker. Here, this is what that looks like with that enticing odds:

$100 bet on Team A@ +1.100 oddsBrings back $1,200 if Team A actually wins FIFA

Let’s further assume that the forces are with you on this one and Team A actually made it to the finals, where they will face Team B. For this, that same favorite bookmaker of yours is now odds offering this: The FIFA World Cup Tournament Winner will be…

Team A@ +160 odds
Team B@ -200 odds

Now, if you’re still confident the forces are with you, you can just let the bet ride. But really, why play stupid and not safe? Right? You net a profit of $1,200 should Team A wins and a loss of $100 should Team B wins. This is where betting hedge comes in handy.

With hedge betting, you could decide to put in place some kind of insurance. You could place a wager of $600 and whatever the outcome of the final, you still laugh because your wins are guaranteed. In English, you will now get a return of $750 ($150 profit total) should Team B wins, and $1200 ($600 profit total) should Team A wins.

Always remember, the way you decide to adjust the second wager is completely up to you to tweak and adjust to your satisfaction (that’s profit).

Example 2: Hedging a Parlay or Accumulator

We discussed at length on Parlay Betting Strategy in another article. So, in this one, let’s assume you’ve decided to go $50 stretch on whooping +4.000 odds on a six team point spread parlay, that will be NFL by the way. That looks like this by the way:

$50 bet on a Parlay@ +4.000 oddsBrings back $2,050 if all Team wins

Let’s assume further that Mother Earth favors you and the first five teams brought it home – it was a win. Things weren’t looking that green on your 6th Team though. Say the 6th Team is playing Team 7 the next day. You will still net a $2,000 profit is your 6th Team win and just a $50 loss if not.

Still, instead of letting it go, you can tidy things up and make it all look good for the wins. With Hedge betting, you could make a $500 good bet of Team 7 as the chances would e a standard -110 because you are betting on the point spread here.

$500 bet on Team 7@ -110 oddsBrings back $955 if Team 7 wins

Your new wager amount is now $550 but an overall profit is guaranteed. You will get $955 ($400 net profit) if Team 7 wins, and a $1,500 profit if your original 6th Team wins.

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Why You should really consider Betting Hedging in your next bet

Bet odds are there to show the probability of occurrence. Bettors use this to calculate how many wins they can expect. They use it to estimate how big an exposure they are about the take is. With bet odds been known, then the place of strategy comes in. There is a dire need for bettors with the intention to win their bets to put in place a strategy that will make game win status pleasurable. One strategy that a seasoned or knowledgeable bettor will consider to position his bets in an advantage stance is hedging their bet. With this, bettors may say that increasing original wager on the game in a particular manner is the way to minimize how exposure they are (loss) and make winning the game bet more assured. There will be an instance that even bettors can estimate how exposed they are (in terms of loss) and will still be acceptable. But with hedging in sports betting, this known risk in bets and bet odds can be completely averted.

Where to get more Relevant Information?

Bettors who already realize the winning potentials that hedge betting strategy can bring to their bets in terms of win and assured profit do not joke with utilizing hedge betting strategy. It is strongly advised to consider hedge betting strategy an indispensable companion in-game bets when these two conditions are in play:

  • When you need to reduce risk: Hedge betting strategy scales excellently in minimizing risk in-game bets and bringing about some guaranteed level of profit.
  • When you need to guarantee profits: One identifiable and definitive quality of hedging in sports betting is the notion of “guaranteed profit”. Hedge betting strategy makes it so that whichever outcome your bets come with, say your original team win or otherwise, you are still guaranteed some amount in return with reasonable profit, while impressively reducing risk, of course.

For more information and indispensable tips and guide for contents like this, visit our sports betting comparison frequently and you will not be disappointed.

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Hedging in Sports Betting
Long story short, if you are interested in betting smartly and wisely, then hedging in sports betting is an option you really want to consider. What does it mean to bet smart? Well, it simply means you are minimizing the risk that comes with the bet odds and corresponding amount staked in the game, as well as configuring some level of profit for yourself.
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