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September 3, 2021
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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Youwager Offshore

Youwager Offshore Sportsbook 2021

Youwager is another US-friendly sportsbook which has climbed ranking lists on the industry’s gambling platforms since its inceptions back in 1994. With more than twenty years of experience in this highly competitive industry, Youwager eu has become one of the most favorite, premier virtual gaming options not only for residents of the United States, but many other world’s countries.

While this established sportsbook does offer great Youwager free play bonuses among other gaming perks such as rather rich sports collection as well as great money return on certain markets, the biggest issue here regards its legality in the United States. Hence, the main question is Youwager legit in the United States should be of the biggest concern.

Further in this Youwager eu review, we do not only look at the operator’s bonuses and promotions, its customer support, its deposit and withdrawal methods, but we also look at its licensing or more specifically lack of it when it comes to its USA operations. Currently, the company which is behind the Youwager sportsbook platform is based in Costa Rica and it has licenses issued by the jurisdiction of Costa Rica.

With such licensing, the sportsbook offers its services and product to US residents by taking advantage of the market’s loopholes. We cannot ever recommend an online gaming platform without the necessary licensing to operate no matter its reputation and service features which may be good. Further in this Youwager sportsbook review, we take a look at the operator’s legality issues as well as serious dangers and risks which offshore betting platforms pose to US residents.

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  • So far no license in the USA
  • No safe gaming possible
  • Playing is not recommended

Is It Legal to Play at Youwager?

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As many other Youwager reviews available on the Internet and other sources, we cannot stress enough the importance of checking licensing and regulations that sportsbooks operating in the United States employ and follow. In order to understand the biggest issue with this site, we need to look at laws and regulations including federal laws which manage the online sportsbetting industry in the states to some degree.

This is the category in which Youwager fails greatly. Since 2006 when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act came to life, no online gambling websites including online sportsbetting sites can legally offer their services to Americans before they obtain the necessary licensing issued by the United States-based iGaming governing bodies.

Moreover, according to the UIGEA is it is also illegal for banks and other payment processors to knowingly process depositing funds and withdrawing money to and from illegally operating, non-licensed and non-regulated online sportsbetting sites, online casinos as well as online poker rooms. In this sense, the UIGEA disrupts illegal gambling operations by mainly targeting the finances of such operators.

Hence, the majority of the offshore sportsbetting operators do not offer standard deposit and withdrawal options, but turns to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin which are not regulated by any government. Considering this information, it becomes clear that depositing to and withdrawing from Youwager and other similar operators mean violating the US federal laws.

That's why you shouldn't bet at this operator

With the UIGEA in the picture, offshore betting operators face possible legal consequences for offering their products to US residents, but at the same time, bettors are the ones facing even more serious dangers and risks for betting at such sites. The biggest issues come from lack of regulatory licenses which will ensure gamers that their private data they have to share to register are safe and protected at all times.

However, since these operators have failed when it comes to obtaining the necessary licensing, they most certainly have also failed when it comes to complying with the highest standards posed by the United States industry’s governing bodies. In this sense, the bookie we examine here is unregulated, non-licensed as well as unreputable for as long as it operates in the states with just its jurisdiction of Costa Rica-issued license.

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Registering for an online gaming account at Youwager and other similar offshore operators is extremely dangerous for a variety of reasons. First of all, bettors who come across any kind of issue or dispute with the operator will have no one to turn to which means lost money as well as lost time. Such sites do not guarantee money nor private data safety as they do not integrate the mandatory data encryption technology which all state-licensed sites have to include in their platforms.

In addition to these serious dangers, players registered at offshore betting sites also may come across problems related to withdrawing their winnings while some may be encouraged to skip on paying on their winning taxes. Once again, this is a clear violation of the federal law potentially leading to legal issues and disputes. All in all, the dangers and risks of betting offshore are significantly bigger than the potential gains. Hence, we always recommend staying away from such operators.

Youwager Check: All you need to know

In this section, we assess the operator’s sportsbetting platform quality. We take a look at its customer support service, Youwager mobile service, Youwager deposit options and payout methods offered, its sports collection among other relevant features. Discussing these does not mean that we recommend registering here, but it means we just want to present the brand objectively.

Sports & Live Betting: Nothing Extraordinary

Like the majority of other sportsbooks that operate illegally in the states, this bookie does not offer anything extraordinary when it comes to its sports market coverage. While some of the most popular sports are there such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, MMA, tennis and several other, customers complain that some well-known international events are missing from the offer.

In other words, Americans can find some of the most popular North Americans sports and leagues such as NFL and NBA alongside exciting live betting options, but players from other countries are definitely more limited in their betting choice.

Odds: Around the Industry’s Average

When it comes to the betting odds offered at this platform, players will be disappointed to find out that the bookie offers rather average odds on most sporting events. Sometimes, Youwager includes reduced juice offers, but generally its odds remain around or even below the industry’s average including its expected payouts on soccer and football when compared to what its both offshore and legal competition offers. All in all, this department doubtlessly needs un upgrade.

Bonus & Promotions: High Rollover Requirements

When it comes to the Youwager bonus offer reserved for its new customers, the operator has prepared a 50% free play bonus worth up to USD 500. While this offer appears extremely appealing, its high rollover requirements make it less worthy. Moreover, the bonus’ terms and condition state that players need to meet its wagering requirements within thirty days which may force players to risk more by placing bigger wagers.

In addition to this offer, customers can also scoop a 20% free play reload bonus on deposits from USD 100 up to USD 2,000. There are also several other offers for sportsbetting fans including a 15% and 25% net loss bonus for deposits of USD 500 and USD 1,000. It is worth mentioning that some bonuses require the promo code, but these generally include higher rollover requirements.

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Payment Methods: Aimed at Crypto Users

Even though the operator does offer several standard banking methods, US residents who are registered here are generally forced to turn to unsafe and risky cryptocurrencies including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dash
  • Ripple

These cryptocurrencies are also the Youwager payout options for US residents. While using such methods comes with certain advantages such as instant deposits and lower withdrawal fees, the process of depositing and withdrawing requires having a cryptocurrency wallet which takes some tome to be processed. There are also limits on the maximum and minimum deposit and withdrawing amounts while using standard withdrawal methods may take up to several days to be processed which makes another downside.

User Interface / Usability: Outdated Design

Once bettors provide their Youwager login information, they can place instant wagers on upcoming sports as well as access other hand options using the Youwager app for tablets and smartphones or using the desktop version of the website. In both cases, they come across a rather outdated web design which cannot compare to what other bookies offer.

The operator is not in line with what the industry’s standards pose when it comes to its web design. Moreover, the mobile service is even less impressive especially as many customers complain that it gets too slow, almost unresponsive at certain times which is another big downside.

Customer Service:

When it comes to the Youwager customer service, the situation is significantly better. Bettors can use several different contact channels to get in touch with quite friendly, very knowledgeable customer support agents employed here. These channels include the Youwager phone number which is listed on the website in addition to its live chat feature and e-mail service.

While the first two options generally provide instant help, using the e-mail service means waiting for some time to get an answer. All in all, the operator’s customer support service and its hard-working team behind the scenes may be one of its best features when compared to what the bookie offers ins other departments.

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The Future of Offshore Betting Sites

Here, we briefly discuss what the future holds for the industry of offshore betting in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s ruling from May last year. As mentioned at the beginning, this ruling in particular made it possible for every state to legalize online sportsbetting activities fully or to some degree. Once the biggest hurdle to the legalized sporstbetting industry was struck down, many states were finally given the necessary authority to do so decided to move towards legalizing such activities.

Since the ruling, more than states have already legalized online sportsbetting while seven states have already passed laws to follow the same steps of their neighbors. In addition, more than twenty states have pending online sportsbetting legislation while just eight states have done nothing with their newly given authority. All in all, the expansion of state-licensed, regulated sportsbetting sites is definitely underway in many states and offshore bookies should prepare for some consequences.

However, these consequences are not as serious as many people believe. Considering how old, how deeply ingrained is this grey market’s industry, no news laws and regulations coming into the picture can destroy every single piece of it. While offshore bookies should prepare to lose some of its bettors who will turn to their legal competition which we also suggest, others will remain loyal to offshore bookies for their reasons.

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Justice background is a 100% legal portal licensed by U.S. authorities that exclusively recommends and promotes legal online providers. The information on offshore providers published here is for informational purposes only and is intended to show the negative consequences that the use of these providers can have. We neither recommend nor link these providers in any way. We also have no business connection with these providers. Please only play with 100% legal and licensed US providers that are shown in our comparison and regulated by US authorities. Only with these providers, you can play safely and reliably.


Most Common Questions of Players

Unfortunately, not as betting at such online platforms means risking not only your money, but also your private information and much more.

Since US residents do not have many options when it comes to depositing to and withdrawing from Youwager, they turn to digital currencies which even though they have some advantages bring risks simply because they are not overseen by any governing body.

Yes, it is possible because paying taxes on online winnings is mandatory for every bettor no matter playing at a state-licensed or an offshore sportsbook.

No, not at all. As mentioned at the beginning, registering at any offshore operator including Youwager comes with serious risks and dangers including no guarantee of fair play, no data protection, support of tax evasion and much more.

Despite common beliefs, Youwager is not an American company, but it is actually based in the island of Costa Rica from where it offers its services to US players completely off the grid.


Stay on the Right Side of the Law

With such serious dangers and risks that the offshore betting industry doubtlessly brings, staying on the right side of the law in other words turning to legalized bookies remain of the biggest importance. While some offshore operators offer better advantages when compared to their legal competition, dangers and risks that come into the picture overweight potential gains.

Bettors who want to make the right decision and find their state-licensed bookies should definitely take a look at our guide on such vendors which are not only fully licensed and regulated but offer some of the biggest gaming advantages in the industry.

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