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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

World Series Betting 2021: Odds & Strategies

There may not be a more intense thing than postseason MLB baseball, with every pitch feeling like it could change the course of the history of MLB. Nowhere is that more true than in the World Series, where teams and players are locked in and hoping to bring a championship back to their cities and bolster their legacies as a result. World Series betting odds add even more excitement to these games, as sports bettors can have a vested interest in the outcome of each MLB game just like the players themselves can by betting on them. In this World Series betting guide, find out the keys to making the best possible World Series wagers and what kinds of betting odds there are.

Everything you need to know about World Series Betting
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  • Sports bettors can bet on single games or full series

  • Prop betting and other betting odds available

  • The single biggest series in all of MLB baseball betting

When is the World Series?

The World Series is held in the month of October every year, as sports bettors have an opportunity to bet on odds in the biggest games in baseball near the end of October on an annual basis. This series takes place following the conclusion of the rest of the postseason series that go on during the course of the playoffs, as the other matchups in the playoffs need to play out so the competitors in the Fall Classic can be determined.

The rest of the postseason also takes place in October, as the Wild Card round, Division Series and League Championship Series need to take place in each league in order for the teams who are playing in the World Series to be revealed. The postseason consists of five MLB teams in each league. There are three division champions in each league that automatically qualify for the Division Series. The fourth and fifth teams in each league are wild card teams. Those two teams in each league are forced to play in a one game wild card playoff round with the winner being sent to the Division Series to take on the top seeded team in their league.

How does World Series betting work?

World Series betting odds are easy to navigate, as sports bettors have the ability to bet on many different betting markets for the series as a whole as well as odds on each game. We will cover the different betting odds and markets that can be wagered on shortly. In terms of how to bet on the World Series, sports bettors need to first login to their preferred sports betting site in order to bet on the World Series. Once they have logged in, sports bettors can go to the baseball betting section of their bookmaker and look at the various World Series betting odds that exist. Once sports bettors have chosen what markets and odds they want to bet on, they can choose their stake amount for each of their bets and finalize their bets once they have seen the potential payout that each bet carries based on its odds.

The outcomes of each World Series bet can be determined differently depending on the betting market that is wagered on. Some bets can be settled before the conclusion of a game, while others require an entire game or series to play out before they can be graded. One thing that sports bettors should be sure to do before betting on the World Series is to look at the rules at their chosen sportsbook to make sure that they know how each bet works and how they are all graded as sports bettors try to make money navigating the World Series betting markets.

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Types of World Series bets that can be made

There are a ton of different World Series wagers that can be made over the course of each Fall Classic during the betting process, from more mundane betting options to some of the elaborate betting choices that sports bettors have grown to know and love over the years. Here is a list of the different betting types that can be done as MLB bettors look to make money on the MLB’s top event, the World Series.

  • Moneyline bet
  • Runline bet
  • Totals
  • Prop bets
  • Futures bets

The moneyline bet is the most common in all of sports betting. More or less, it asks MLB bettors to determine which team is going to win a game without any additional questions or frills to get in the way. This type of bet is by far the most simplistic. Runline bets are similar to moneylines, only MLB bettors are tasked with betting on which team will end up with the most runs after a handicap is applied to their scoring total. This most commonly comes in the form of a 1.5 run handicap. And totals are bets where the question is whether the number of runs scored will end up being higher or lower than the total set by the bookmaker.

Prop bets in the World Series are interesting, as MLB bettors have the ability to bet on things such as whether a player will hit a home run during a game or the number of games that will be played over the course of a series. These betting markets are more in-depth than the more common types of betting markets above, and reward MLB bettors who have a great knowledge of the game. Futures betting is also interesting for World Series purposes, as sports bettors have the ability to bet on who is going to win the World Series ahead of time. With more teams in the race in the futures betting market, sports bettors can usually get a better World Series betting line through futures. This is especially true if sports bettors are willing to think outside of the box and back teams in futures that might not be at the top of the standings at the time the futures betting odds are seized.

Things to remember when betting on the World Series

When betting on the World Series using futures or other sports betting odds, it is important to remember that pitching is often the most important component of baseball during the postseason. The amount of rest that pitchers will get in the playoffs is usually less than what they get in the regular season, as the urgency of the World Series makes players more likely to push themselves to the limit in hopes of winning a championship. Understanding that the most impactful players on each team are likely to see the field more often should be factored in by handicappers.

Another thing that sports bettors should remember is the fact that nerves are a factor for everyone on the each team in an event like the World Series. From pitchers to batters, everyone on each team has to deal with the fact that this series is likely the most important that they will ever face as a professional athlete. Those nerves can often lead to mistakes on the field from each team, while some players might be able to overcome those nerves more proficiently. Looking at the experience levels of each team in the postseason is another useful idea to figure out which teams might be the most adversely impacted by the pressure of the World Series.

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World Series betting strategies

When it comes to strategy for betting on the World Series, one of the most valuable strategies that a bettor can employ is to look at the pitching heading into each game against the batters of the opposing team. Some pitchers have a lot of success against left handed or right handed hitters, while some batting orders are loaded with those types of hitters. Being able to spot where one team has an edge based on the pitcher versus hitter matchups is key to having some success while betting on the World Series.

Another strategic element that should come into play when betting on the World Series is evaluating the strength of each bullpen. With starting pitchers throwing less and less in games, bullpen strength is one of the most important factors in any baseball game. In the World Series, when pitchers are on an even shorter leash, the ability of a bullpen to perform at the highest level can set a team apart in the World Series. Figuring out what relief pitchers are likely to play a prominent role in the series and how those pitchers match up against the most effective hitters on the other side of the equation can be the difference between won and lost bets.

Tip: You can also use sports betting picks and tips from expert bettors for a better chance of winning.

Find the ideal sportsbook to bet on the World Series

Any sportsbook that serves American players will include action on the World Series, due to the fact that baseball and MLB in particular is as beloved in America as it is. Because of that, MLB bettors have to decide how they want to pick a sportsbook using other criteria. Using our sportsbook comparison tool, MLB bettors can easily compare betting sites based on the criteria that they care about most, so they can cut through the noise and pick the best options where you can bet on sports. Don’t get stuck using a sportsbook that doesn’t fit you this World Series. Use our comparison tool, find your ideal choice and get your bonus today.

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World Series betting takes the very best in the world of baseball and allows MLB bettors to bet on it for as many as seven exciting games. With the tiny margins for error in the World Series, every pitch feels like it could decide a bet thanks to the impact that even one big hit could have on the result of a game. And with many different ways to bet on the World Series, MLB bettors have countless types of sports betting odds at their disposal to capture the excitement of the Fall Classic both before the series starts and as each game is taking place on the diamond.
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