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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Tennis Betting 2021: Odds & Strategies

Tennis is a sport where individuals have to overcome all of the pressure and noise around them to produce moments of brilliance on the court. Tennis betting, meanwhile, requires bettors to do something similar in an effort to make money with the best possible wagering selections. To be successful when betting tennis, bettors have to factor in both the data and the emotional state of the players who are playing solo. In this guide to tennis betting, find out how to bet on tennis odds, just what makes a successful tennis bettor and what you can do to maximize your chances of having similar success as the tour seasons roll on.

Everything you need to know about Tennis Betting
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  • Weekly tour events during the season

  • Four Grand Slam tournaments highlight calendar

  • Requires understanding of physical and mental game

  • Single match odds and futures odds available

How does tennis betting work?

Tennis betting odds are straightforward in most cases, as bettors are tasked with making predictions on the different betting odds and markets that exist in each match or tournament. The way each betting odds market works might vary, but the basic idea is the same in that bettors need a decision based on the different choices that are available to them and the different odds that are up for grabs. Fortunately, placing a bet on tennis odds is easy no matter what market is being wagered on thanks to the simplicity of betting on tennis odds at modern sportsbooks.

To place a bet on tennis, bettors simply need to login to their preferred online bookmaker make sure that they have the money that they need to place and win a bet. Once they have done that, they can navigate to the tennis section of their preferred sportsbook and select the open tournament that they want to bet on. From there, bettors can select the matches that they want to get involved with and choose the stake amount that they want to put on each of those matches. From there, they can finalize their bets after reviewing the money risked amount and potential money return that is possible if they win in their bets.

What kinds of tennis bets can I make?

There are a decent number of tennis bets that can be made ahead of each match and during matches depending on the availability of live betting at a given sportsbook. Here is a look at the most common types of tennis betting markets that are available to bettors to choose from.

  • Moneyline bets
  • Spread games
  • Total games
  • Futures bets
  • Prop bets
  • Live wagering

In tennis, a moneyline bet is a question simply of who will win a given match. Given that there are tiebreaks and other ways to settle matches in the final set, there is always a winner in a tennis match, which is nice in that a draw isn’t something to worry about in this setting. Spread games bets and odds in tennis are interesting, in that they add a games handicap to the total number of service games won by a player in a match. A player can lose their match but still cover if the number of service games given to them is high enough. Totals odds are also a little different than in most sports, as the number of points scored isn’t the target, but rather the number of service games that are played throughout the course of a match.

Futures bets are enjoyable in tennis, as most of them are resolved relatively quickly compared to in other sports. A tennis futures bet requires sports bettors to pick the winner of an open era tournament ahead of time, which can be done ahead of most tournaments. With the majority of tournaments taking about a week to complete, these futures wagers are often resolved quickly. Prop bets are also interesting in tennis, as sports bettors can bet on the number of aces hit in a match or other intricate pieces of a tennis match.

Live wagering is another way to get in on the fun of tennis betting, as the tennis betting odds for matches change with every point that takes place. Bettors are able to place live bets as a match is happening, with the score of the match and the way that the players are playing factoring into the constantly updating live tennis betting lines and odds. Live sports betting odds are often a great way to get value during a match, and should not be overlooked by sports bettors.

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Important tennis events

Any betting expert tennis fan knows that there are four major events that people look to when they talk about important events in the world of tennis. Those Grand Slam events are the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Each of them has their own nuances that make them different from one another, and all of them are true tests of a player’s ability to come through in big moments against other elite competitors in the sport.

There are other marquee tournaments in the world of tennis as well, with men having nine Masters 1000 tournaments to play in during the course of the year and women having premier events throughout the tennis calendar as well. Both the men’s and women’s tours conclude their season with the tour finals at the end of the year, where the top players in the rankings play in a group stage and then a knockout tournament for the right to be called the tour champion for the season. While these events aren’t quite on par with the Grand Slams, they are still incredibly captivating as players fight for a large number of ranking points.

Things to remember when placing tennis bets

There are several things that sports bettors should remember to be a betting expert tennis fans can respect. The most glaring of these items is the fact that even the best players in the world can play differently depending on what surface an open tournament is being held on. Some players are better on hard courts than they are on clay or grass courts like the ones at Wimbledon, while other players are clay court specialists. Depending on where a player’s strengths are, there could be any number of challenges associated with backing a player on a specific surface. It is extremely important to know which surfaces some players are better on than others.

Also important to remember is that not all tournaments are created equal. While the Grand Slam and Masters 1000 events such as WImbledon are likely to bring out the best in players due to the money and points involved in winning them, lower level tournaments are far less likely to bring out a player’s best effort in some cases than the likes of WImbledon. More established players who do not need a 250 ranking point boost for winning an ATP or WTA tournament may enter a lower level open tournament just to maintain match fitness, and may not be a good bet depending on how seriously they are taking a tournament.

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Tennis betting tips strategies

From a strategy standpoint, sports bettors who want to win in the tennis world should focus on a player’s ability to play on different surfaces above everything else. Looking at a player’s tendency to hold serve and break their opponent’s serve on different surfaces can show where a player is stronger or weaker from a surface perspective. If they are consistent across all surfaces, players can expect a more consistent effort from them from surface to surface. But big changes could raise red flags and open up opportunities to back or go against a player depending on where they are playing in a given week.

Another important strategy is to analyze the playing schedule of a player on the ATP or WTA tour. Some players play in a lot of ATP or WTA tournaments, going from country to country in an attempt to win each week instead of picking and choosing where they are going to play and when. But playing in too many ATP or WTA tournaments can exhaust a player late in a season, and it is up to bettors to figure out which players are entering ATP or WTA tournaments too often for their own good and to use that information to their advantage at some point in a season if that player appears to be breaking down physically.

Find the right tennis betting site

Choosing a tennis sportsbook requires bettors to decide what features they are most interested in. Some players might want the biggest bonus while others might have different priorities such as the ability to bet on matches as they are happening with in-play wagering. And with our sportsbook comparison tool, bettors can easily compare several sportsbooks based on a series of criteria to find the best sportsbook based on their individual needs and priorities. Don’t miss out on your chance to find your perfect sports betting sites. Use our sportsbook comparison tool today and find the right site for you and get yourself bonus.

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What makes tennis betting so interesting is the fact that it requires bettors to understand both the mental and physical elements of the world of this sport. Whereas some players are more calm under pressure, others are more emotionally charged and understanding which players fall into which category can be just as important as understanding how well a player is serving during a tournament. As long as bettors follow the tennis world closely and develop an understanding of each player, there is the chance that they can use their knowledge of both stats and emotional states to do well as the tour moves from country to country around the world.
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