Super Bowl Over Under 2020: Odds & Strategies

The Super Bowl is an interesting contest to bet on because of the magnitude of the game itself. Instead of just being another football matchup, there is enormous pressure on both teams with the entire nation watching the every move of every athlete. One of the ways that pressure can be seen is with the Super Bowl over under line, as the total number of points can be impacted greatly by the pressure that both teams feel during this spectacle. In this guide to Super Bowl totals betting, find out everything you need to know about how to bet on Super Bowl over under odds, and find out what you can do to give yourself the best chance to win in this market.

Everything you need to know about Super Bowl Over Under
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  • Bettors can wager on number of points scored in game

  • Other odds available such as prop totals

  • Relatively consistent odds from book to book

When is the Super Bowl?

For those who want to bet on the totals odds for the Super Bowl, they are going to want to mark their calendars for the first weekend in February. That is because the Super Bowl is held on the first Sunday in February, which has set it up during a time of year that does not have a ton of different sporting events going on aside from the culmination of the NFL season. Given how much attention that the Super Bowl receives, there wouldn’t be any issue with the Super Bowl being during any part of the year, but it just so happens that it is in an advantageous part of the calendar.

The NFL could have put the game earlier by eliminating the extra week off between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl. They have decided to put the Pro Bown in the week in between competitive games. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of an option to start the season earlier due to the fact that the heat in the Southern states would be too much to deal with if games were held earlier in September or in the month of August.

What is over under betting?

Over under betting is one of the most straightforward forms of football wagering in all of sports betting. NFL bettors have the ability to wager and win on whether they think the amount of points scored or something else will go over or under the total in question. While there are plenty of things to consider when it comes to betting on totals odds, the overall premise of the totals wager is simple. A little later in this guide, we will get into what kinds of overunder bets can be placed.

Over under betting is easier to navigate than most types of wagering, as sports bettors only have to answer whether the total will go over or under. Because of the fact that there are only two options to choose from, sports bettors may not get odds that are as lucrative as the betting odds on markets such as a moneyline bet on an underdog or another kind of bet that features longer odds outcomes. Most bookmakers offer overunder odds at –110 or better given that there are only two possible outcomes for the total.

Super Bowl over under history

The history of betting on the overunder with Super Bowl odds has been one that has gone up and down. The first available total for the Super Bowl came in the second Super Bowl, when the game between the Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders went over the number. After that, there were seven straight unders in the game as defenses made their presence felt. Since then, things have evened out considerably, with the over and under having pretty even results throughout the years.

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Types of Super Bowl over under bets

There are a few different types of Super Bowl over under bets that can be played ahead of the biggest game of the year in the NFL. These range from simple point total wagers to more in-depth wagers that cover a wide range of components of the gameday experience. Here is a list of the types of overunder bets that can be made.

  • Point totals
  • Player props
  • Team props
  • Game props
  • Novelty props

The most common type of overunder for the Super Bowl is the point total prop. Here, sports bettors have the ability to wager and win on whether the point total will go over or under the total set by the online bookmaker. Player props work similarly to the point total, but are instead asking sports bettors to pick whether an NFL player’s performance in a statistical category will go over or under the total. Team props work the same way, except for the fact that the odds are based on team performance rather than player performance.

Game props are another fun way to get involved in overunder action. Prop bets asking whether the longest scoring play of a game will be over or under a certain number of yards are common in this category. Finally, novelty props are what Super Bowl betting is all about. Bettors can wager on over unders that cover things like the amount of time it will take to sing the national anthem or the number of times an announcer will say a specific phrase during a broadcast. These are incredibly fun and add to the experience of betting on the biggest game of the year.

Super Bowl over under betting strategy

One of the main strategic components to betting on the over under for the Super Bowl is to develop an understanding of the NFL teams involved. Different teams use their personnel differently and that leads to a situation where some teams might have advantages over one another on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. Understanding those advantages can help NFL bettors make an informed decision to win against the odds when it comes to betting on the total for the game.

Also worth pursuing from a strategic standpoint is understanding how teams have played in this game historically. For example, the New England Patriots under Bill Belichick have been notoriously slow starters in the Super Bowl from a scoring standpoint. That could lend itself to first quarter under plays, even if they are able to pick things up to reach the full game total. Also, some teams script their plays early in a game and have success moving the ball down the field early on. Knowing when teams are at their best is very important. One of the biggest strategies in Super Bowl over under betting is just understanding how teams play.

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Things to remember when betting on Super Bowl over unders

While the Super Bowl is usually played in a warm weather city, the most important thing to remember when betting on the total for the Super Bowl is the fact that the weather can still be a factor. There is always the potential for rain when it comes to the Super Bowl or any other warm weather sporting event. And with the rain having the potential to drastically impact the ability of teams to score points and run their offenses smoothly, there is no doubt that the rain can be impactful in Super Bowl totals betting.

Also important to remember is the fact that there is a lot more money coming in on the Super Bowl than there is in other football games. Usually, a large influx of money on one side or another is a good sign that smart NFL bettors were taking one side of the action. However, the sheer amount of Super Bowl bets that are made each year make it harder to tell what smart NFL bettors are doing and what is being done by the betting public. For that reason, it is often smarter to focus on what goes into these totals odds rather than worrying about what the rest of the NFL bettors out there are doing as the game approaches.

Find an ideal place to make Super Bowl totals wagers

Totals betting for the Super Bowl is interesting, as NFL bettors have the opportunity to use their knowledge of the two teams that are competing in the game to come up with a pick on the over under odds. But before placing a bet, NFL bettors need to pick a sportsbook that works for them. With our sportsbook comparison tool, you can look at the different sportsbooks that are available and pick the one that best meets your needs across a variety of criteria. Don’t wait until after the Super Bowl is over, compare sportsbooks and get your bonus at your ideal sportsbook today.

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A numbers game

Betting on the total for the Super Bowl is one of the toughest things that sports bettors can wager on during the biggest game of the year in football. With different teams handling the pressure of the game differently, the final point total for the contest could end up being higher or lower than expected depending on the matchup that is generated by the two teams that win their conferences and end up in the game. As long as sports bettors are sure to analyze the matchup that comes from the outcomes of the season and they have an idea for how the participating teams handle pressure situations, they may just come out of the Super Bowl with profits from betting on the total.
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