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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Super Bowl Odds 2021: Odds & Strategies

When it comes to sports in America, there isn’t a bigger night than the Super Bowl. With over 100 million Americans watching the big game, this event is usually the biggest television event of the year in the United States. And with that excitement comes the opportunity to bet and win on the game as well. In this guide to Super Bowl betting, find out how to navigate the Super Bowl odds to make the best possible wagers each season, while getting a look at just how to bet on the Super Bowl odds markets there are to bet on during this iconic event in the National Football League.

Everything you need to know about Super Bowl Odds
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  • The biggest night in American sports

  • Ability to bet on massive number of odds and markets

  • Generally higher limits than usual

When is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is played in the first weekend in February each season, on the first Sunday of the month. This day is known as Super Bowl Sunday by anyone who enjoys the game of football. While it is not an official holiday, it is one of the biggest sporting days of the year in the United States and often features fans throwing elaborate parties where friends and fans gather to watch the game in a far more social setting than most of the games that are played in the NFL throughout the season.

The reason that the game is played in February is that the teams that are involved in the contest are only available to play after the completion of the conference championship round that takes place in the month of January. After that, a week off is given to both teams who qualify for the game, during which time the league’s annual all-star game, the Pro Bowl, is played. While there has been debate as to whether or not the additional week off should exist on the NFL calendar, its presence is what has pushed the game into the month of February rather than taking place in the last month of January.

Who plays in the Super Bowl?

The teams that play in the Super Bowl are determined by the results of the postseason games that come before it. After the completion of the regular season, the four division winners in each conference and the two teams with the best record outside of those teams in each conference take part in a six-team conference playoff tournament. The two conference champions that remain after those games are played are put into the Super Bowl against one another with the chance to be the champions of the NFL on the line.

Home field advantage in the playoffs leading up to the Super Bowl is determined by the records of the teams playing in each game, with division winners getting priority in each contest over wild card teams. The Super Bowl, however, is played at a neutral site with one NFL franchise being pre-selected to host the game well ahead of time. It is possible that a team could win their conference and get to the Super Bowl in a year where they have been selected to host the game, but that has not happened in the history of the Super Bowl.

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What kinds of super bowl odds are there?

As far as Super Bowl odds are concerned, there are perhaps more football betting odds available for the Super Bowl than there are for any other game in the world of sports. Bettors are free to take part in new wagers on everything from odds on the result of the game to the most intricate and random details about the event both on the field and off of it. Here is a list of some of the Super Bowl odds that football bettors can take part in.

  • Moneyline odds
  • Spread odds
  • Total odds
  • Prop bets
  • Futures odds

The Super Bowl odds on the moneyline ask football bettors to make new Super Bowl picks on who is going to win the game once the two competing teams are chosen by winning their respective conferences. Spread odds follow virtually the same principle, only with a point handicap applied to the score of the team that a bettor chooses to back. Total wagers, meanwhile, ask football bettors to determine whether the total number of points scored in the Super Bowl will be over or under an amount that is set by the sportsbook before the start of the contest.

In terms of new prop bets, that is where the NFL Super Bowl really shines. The game is known for having a bigger prop bet selection than any other matchup in the world of American sports, with props on everything from how long the national anthem will take to be completed, what the outcome of the coin toss will be, and what color sports drink will be dumped onto the winning coach. There are also on-field prop odds and markets up for grabs that include questions on individual player performances in the game along with who will win the game’s most valuable player award.

Futures wagers take place well before the start of the Super Bowl, and ask questions about who will win the game or who is going to take part in it in advance. There are more than two choices in these odds markets, due to the fact that sports bettors have the ability to choose between all of the teams that haven’t yet been eliminated.

Things to remember when betting on Super Bowl odds

When betting on the NFL Super Bowl, the most important thing to remember is the fact that it isn’t any different than betting the other games on the league’s schedule throughout the year. The only difference between the NFL Super Bowl and a regular season game is the significance behind each game and the impact that the NFL Super Bowl will have on a player’s legacy relative to a game that carries less weight. But for sports bettors, the NFL Super Bowl shouldn’t impact the way that sports bettors should approach betting on things, especially in terms of how much they bet and win on this famous contest each new season.

Another thing worth remembering is that different players and teams react to the pomp and circumstance of the Super Bowl differently. Some teams will respond well to the new week off, while other teams will struggle with the fact that they haven’t been able to stay in a rhythm. The same can be said about handling the extended halftime show that comes from playing in this game, as some teams will not have an issue with the new and elongated delay while other teams will start the third quarter flat.

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Super Bowl betting tips and strategies

One of the main betting strategies that sports bettors should employ for the NFL Super Bowl is not to read into the betting metrics as much as they would other games. For most NFL bettors, looking at items such as the amount of tickets being written on both teams or the amount of money being put on each side can help them figure out where smart money is on a game. For the Super Bowl, though, the attention of more casual football bettors often means that those metrics aren’t as indicative of smart money as they usually are.

Another important piece of strategy that sports bettors should think about when betting on Super Bowl odds is the act of comparing the way that each team has performed in similarly high-pressure situations throughout recent years. Looking at how teams have performed on the road in big games or on key fourth down plays can help a bettor get some insight into how they handle the pressure of big moments in the NFL. If a team has passed all of the pressure tests that have been put before them throughout the years, they are less likely to shrink when it comes to a setting like the Super Bowl than a team that has struggled to execute and remain a cohesive unit during less pressure-packed situations.

Find the best place to bet the Super Bowl

There are a high number of online bookmaker sites that offer action on the Super Bowl. Therefore, the question isn’t where a bettor can bet on the Super Bowl. Instead, the question is where is the best place to bet and win on the Super Bowl and win. And with our sportsbook comparison tool, you can figure out what sportsbook is the best for you. This tool lets you look at how different sportsbooks stack up according to the criteria that matters most to you, allowing you to make decisions based on what you want rather than what other people want. So don’t wait, find the right sportsbook for you to bet on the Super Bowl and get your bonus now.

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