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If you are like us, you surely love a freebie as much as anything else. After all, there is nothing from with getting something without having to work for it and PointsBet is one of the bookmakers that makes just that possible to you. If you know absolutely nothing about the PointsBet Sportsbook, that’s because they only launched in December 2018. However, they now offer two risk-free traditional sports bets and two risk-free points betting bets of up to $250 each, making that $1.000 worth of risk-free bets when you make your first cash sports wager. However, you must note that one free bet is towards your first fixed-price cash wager, while the other is towards your first PointsBetting cash wager. Most importantly, you do not get to enjoy the points betting a $500 bonus if you have the ‘’stop loss’’ setting activated, and the refund is paid for as bonus points only.

PointsBet Free Bet 2020

PointsBet Sportsbook is one of the best online sports betting sites that launched in December 2018. One reason why PointsBet sportsbook is making grounds is their introduction of the ‘’PointsBetting’’ sports wagering.  When you register with PointsBet login, you will need to make a PointsBet deposit and proceed to make your first sports bet. Because you will be getting two free traditional sports bets of as much as $500, and two free PointsBetting bets of up to $500, making the risk-free bets run into $1.000, you will have no reason to hold back on betting with PointsBet. I mean, nobody will want to pass on the opportunity to get a free bet just for signing up and four more free bets of up to $1.000. If you have never tried the unique PointsBetting feature, this is the best time to try it without any risks using the $500 in risk-free bets you’ll get for signing up.

What is PointsBetting?

PointsBetting is a type of bet that is similar spread betting where how much your team does or does not cover the spread is what is used in calculating a bet amount multiplier on your win or loss. For instance, if you bet $20 on the Cavs who are -8, and the Cavs win by a total of 10 points, then what your bet multiplier will look like is 10-8= 2. Therefore, you win your $20 multiplied by 2= $40.

When going into a PointsBetting wager, you will be aware of the max loss and wins. PointsBetting markets are very transparent, so you need not bother about getting tricked.

PointsBet App for sportsbetting

The PointsBet sports betting application offers as many as 250 wagering variations for every single game it features. That is a massive availability of options across a plethora of local and international tournaments. If you are wondering how you pack so much into a tiny application, PointsBet alone can offer you that answer. The PointsBet mobile app can be acquired on play store for android users and App Store for iOS users. However, if you would instead use your desktop computer, the service is also possible for you. The app is straightforward to use, sleek, and very responsive. You should be able to get the hang of the app once you have it on your device.

PointsBet no deposit bonus

Almost every bookmaker offers free no deposit bonuses to its new customers. These free bonuses are a way to welcome the new bettors and encourage them to come back and bet with them after the first time. Also, no deposit bonuses can be a way to reward loyal players or customers. However, a betting company chooses to offer their no deposit bonuses; there is no debating the fact that it the most generous thing a betting company can do. However, no deposit bonuses often come with complicated terms and conditions that make the process of withdrawing your winnings difficult. At PointsBet, there is no such thing as a no deposit bonus for new customers or anyone else. What PointsBet offers is a risk-free bet solution that runs up to $1.000, which in my opinion is a better offer.

PointsBet good karma payout

There are days when we have to deal with a bad break in sports. Times like when a ref makes a call that changes the whole game, or when a player gets injured and has to leave early. Bad breaks like this can ruin the day for any bettor. Because PointsBet sportsbook is a company that has bettors in mind and knows how it feels to lose, they offer what is known as good karma payouts. It is almost impossible to tell when PointsBet will offer a payout, but whenever they do, bettors are sure to celebrate. An instance where PointsBet offered a good karma payout was during the NFL playoffs when the NFC title game shook bettors everywhere because of a missed call that changed the whole game. PointsBet did well to make refunds to bettors specifically for that Saints-Rams game. PointsBet has done similarly for other games, and this has become one innovation that brings many bettors to the PointsBet site.

The PointsBet free bet Bonus In detail

  • Bonus: The bonus you get from PointsBet as a new bettor runs up to $1.000. After a successful registration, you will be given risk-free PointsBetting bet of up to $500 and free traditional sports bet of as much as $500 after making your first cash sports wager.
  • Bonus code: AG1000
  • Bonus type: Risk-Free Bet
  • Valid for: This promo is only valid for new customers
  • The wagering of odds at: Not specified but you can check the PointsBet site for possible changes
  • Rollover: This is an information that is subject to change, but more indepth information is available on the PointsBet site
  • Rollover period: For bettors who are looking to take part and need information on rollover you can find all you need to know about rollover period for this bonus on the PointsBet site

As mentioned earlier, the PointsBet free bet $1.000 risk-free bet is only open to new customers on the site. If you register on PointsBet, you will be offered a free traditional sports bet of as much as $500, and a free PointsBetting bet of up to $500, making the free bets run into $1.000. Most importantly, you will not enjoy the points betting $500 bonus if you have activated the ‘’stop loss’’ setting, and the refund is paid for as bonus points only.

Step-by-step: how to get your PointsBet free bet

  • Step 1: Open an account with points bet and proceed to and verify the account
  • Step 2: Get the bonus with promo code AG1000
  • Step 3: Place your first bet and get refunded if it loses
  • Step 4: Proceed to make more bets, getting refund on the first four (2 points bets and 2 fixed odd bets) if they are losers

Top 5 questions asked by Players and Their Answers

Here are the answers to few of the most common questions about PointsBet Sportsbook and the free bet that's available to players:

No, PointsBet does not offer a unique mobile bonus. However, there is an ordinary bonus that you can claim from the mobile app and the mobile version of the PointsBet website. Take advantage of this bonus and kickstart your journey using PointsBet off to a good beginning.

Yes, you will need to use promo code AG1000 in order to receive your $1,000 in Risk-free bets (split into four $250 risk-free bets). Before start wagering you should check out the wagering requirements here in our bonus review.

Everyone wants to enjoy the PointsBet welcome bonus, but it is only available to first-time customers who are within the legal betting age of 21 and above and must reside in New Jersey. Terms and conditions apply, so you must read them to get full details.

Claiming all the bonuses you want will depend on the specific offers you desire to combine. It may be impossible for you to do such a combination in most cases. However, the only way you can be sure is to read the terms and conditions.

You will have to check the PointsBet signup bonus terms and conditions to confirm you got everything correctly. You can contact their customer service after going through the terms and conditions. There are many means of getting across to the customer service and you make use of any that is convenient for you to use.

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$1.000 worth of risk-free bet is not an opportunity that you should miss. No bettor wants to lose any game or go broke after joining a new site, which is why you should make good use of these free bonuses while offers last. You can find an operator licensed in your state from our Sports Betting comparison. Indeed, you may not get such juicy bonuses anywhere else, coupled with the many other freebies you will enjoy as a customer of PointsBet. What are you waiting for? Register now and claim your $1.000 worth of bonuses from points bet.
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