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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Pinnacle Sports Offshore

Pinnacle Sports Offshore Sports Betting 2021

Pinnacle Sports is another US-friendly sportsbook which gladly welcomes American players to its board including a solid sports collection with highly competitive odds among several other perks. The sportsbook began offering its service to customers from all over the world including residents of the United States in 1998.

In other words, Pinnacle sportsbook is a long-standing sportsbetting platform with a rather rich history and decent reputation among other bookmakers. Generally, players can get a good value for their money when betting on soccer, basketball, NFL, NBA and other top-rated American sports and leagues. Other than this, Pinnacle Sports offers a solid selection of bonuses and promotions reserved for both its new and its loyal customers.

However, many newbies to the world of best online sports betting wonder what is Pinnacle Sports in terms of its service while other questions such as is Pinnacle Sports betting legit emerge as well. To answer this, we take a look at the Pinnacle USA gaming platform and what we see is it missing a necessary license to operate in the USA. It turns out that the Pinnacle sports betting platform holds only licenses issued by the jurisdictions of Curacao and Malta without any United States-based governing body overseeing its operations.

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  • So far no license in the USA
  • No safe gaming possible
  • Playing is not recommended

Is It Legal to Play at Pinnacle Sports?

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Despite the fact that the Pinnacle online betting platform is one of the longest-standing sportsbooks in the offshore betting industry with a fairly good players base including citizens of the United States, we cannot recommend registering for an online gaming account here for a variety of reasons and the most important of them regard the operator’s legality issues.

Just as suggested by many other Pinnacle reviews available on the Internet these days, this sportsbook remains active in the United States because of the system loops which may no longer be present in the near future with new laws and regulations emerging. Speaking of the laws and regulations related to the world of online sportsbetting, Pinnacle online bookmaker alongside other offshore operators may be forced to shut down their operations in the United States.

As many interested players, sportsbettting fans and enthusiasts already know, the legalized sportsbetting industry in the states is currently flourishing thanks to the US Supreme Court voting to get rid of the biggest obstacle to state-licensed, fully regulated sportsbetting sites in May last year. One of the acts which were struck down is the PASPA standing for Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act which went live in 1992.

Once this main hurdle to legalized sportsbetting in the states was struck down, the expansion of the legal sportsbetting began. And, there is another act still active which criminalizes sending funds to illegal, offshore betting sites, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Since Pinnacle bookie operates without necessary licensing, this act affects it in a way that US residents are not allowed to deposit their money and withdraw from it.

That's why you shouldn't bet at this operator

Further, in this Pinnacle sports review, we take a look at the biggest, major risks and dangers that US residents playing at the Pinnacle online spirtsbetting website can come across. While Pinnacle games online as well as Pinnaclesport gaming platform does come packed with some gaming perks such as rather competitive Pinnacle odds and fairly good Pinnacle live betting events we cannot recommend registering here as the operator failed to obtain its license to legally operate in the states.

In other words, this Curacao-based operator failed when it comes to complying with the industry’s regulations which means that it cannot guarantee transparency to its bettors as state-licensed sportsbooks can and must. The main purpose of this Pinnacle sportsbook review is to warn bettors of hidden risks and dangers of registering not only here, but at every other non-licensed online gaming venue including both online casinos and online poker sites.

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  • Secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Great fun and awesome winnings

While the sportsbook’s offering is rather solid, customers cannot expect that their sensitive data including their transactional information and ID details are protected and safe from third-party software. This means that iGaming platform including the platform in question here fails to provide necessary data encryption which protects customers’ shared information.

In addition, non-licensed operators cannot guarantee their bettors a fair play and US residents cannot expect the Maltese and Curacao iGaming regulators to stand by them in the potential issues with the operator which once again poses security and privacy-related issues. Another fact which has to be shared in this Pinnacle betting review is that customers here cannot expect their money to be safe which goes for overall security as well. While the offering is rather solid, it is far away from the best deal on the market especially when considering such serious risks and dangers.

Pinnacle Check: All you need to know

Even though we firmly recommend bettors to re-think their decision to register here for a number of reasons listed above, we still want to introduce some of the operator’s service features such as the bets Pinnacle bet they can expect here, Pinnacle live betting events and sports offered, Pinnacle sports free bet bonuses and other Pinnacle offers.

Sports & Live Betting: US-Friendly in Every Way

The sportsbook operator definitely focuses on catering to players from the United States when it comes to its sports, live betting and lines offering. Bettors can place real-money wagers on all sorts of most-favorite American leagues and sports offered in different sections including the Pinnacle NBA, Pinnacle Sports NFL, football, basketball, as well as other popular leagues including NHL and NCAA.

Besides, there is also a popular Pinnacle eSPorts section with several other options. While the sports offering is rather great for US customers, others generally complain about the lack of international events preferable by bettors who do not reside in the USA. Other than this, customers are generally pleased that the Pinnacle Sports mobile platform supports a wide array of smartphones and tablets.

Odds: Reduced Juice Plus Highly Competitive Odds

One of the biggest advantages of gaming here even though we cannot recommend its is the operator’s reduced juice offer which comes generous alongside its highly competitive betting odds on the most popular sports. In fact, the betting odds offered are generally above the industry’s standards standing at around -104, -105 generally overcoming the average of -110.

However, one big downside is the odds being generally pointed towards the American sports market which once again is something that bettors regularly complain about as no all bettors are interested in the North American leagues.

Bonus & Promotions: Extremely Limited Offer

While the Pinnacle Sports does a very good job when it comes to its betting odds and selections of live betting and other sports events, its bonuses and promotions section does not offer anything extraordinary. There are no Pinnacle sports sign up bonus nor any other Pinnacle sports bonus in the offer which is always a huge disappointment. The operator’s online casino bonuses and promotions are also extremely limited with nothing special nor very rewarding in the offer. This lack of bonuses and promotions is definitely one of the biggest disadvantages of gaming here.

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Payment Methods: High Transactional Fees for Limited Banking Options

Another department in which this sportsbook does not impress is its banking system which features a fairly limited selection of deposit and withdrawal options including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Wire Transfers
  • Credit and Debit Cards

Besides these options, bettors can also use EcoPayz and several other means. Furthermore, there are some limits posed to both minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts while players also have to pay higher transactional fees which usually stand at USD 20 which is also another downside especially for bettors who prefer lower stakes.

Moreover, withdrawal pending time on certain banking options takes several business days up to one week. Besides these downsides, one good feature is the Pinnacle Sports mobile app that customers can use for both funding their accounts and withdrawing their winnings while on the go.

User Interface / Usability: Easily Customizable and Navigable

The sportsbook’s website as well as the Pinnacle Sports app look rather modern with a clean, user-friendly interface with all important information and features clearly listed on the home section for easy navigation.

What is even more, the website is accessible in a variety of languages which always comes handy. In addition, bettors can see the betting odds in two formats and customize to their liking. All in all, the website’s usability is rather good, but not as good as some of its competition’s. Moreover, some players complain about a more customized approach that the operator has taken when designing its website.

Customer Service: Very Limited Offer of Contact Channels

 When it comes to the operator’s customer support department, bettors will be extremely disappointed to find only one contact channel offered here which is the Pinnacle e-mail support. While customer support agents working here are friendly, knowledgeable and generally offering timely responses, the operator cannot cope with all customers’ issues, questions and concerns with just one help channel.

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The Future of Offshore Betting Sites

Probably one of the biggest misconceptions related to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling which finally struck down one of the major obstacles to legalized sportsbetting is that state-licensed iGaming platforms will drive the offshore betting industry to its ending point at least when it comes to the United States. However, while the elimination of the federal law which prohibited online sportsbetting means the expansion of state-licensed sportsbetting websites, it does not mean the end for sites hosted by offshore operators.

There are several reasons why the offshore betting industry cannot disappear, at least not yet and one of them regards finances that this industry has helped foster. In fact, offshore betting industry is a multi-billion industry and it has been thriving in the states for more than two decades. The industry is deeply ingrained into this grey market that emerging legal sportsbooks and changing laws and regulations cannot touch it to that point to destroy it completely.

While offshore sportsbooks are deemed to lose some of its clientele, while some operators will be forced to shut down their doors to US residents and while some will face more serious legal consequences, the industry will have its spot even though they will be facing serious competition and rivalry from state-licensed, regulated, reputable sportsbooks which are being opened in several states.

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Most Common Questions of Players

Pinnacle Sports is licensed by the jurisdiction of Curacao and Malta and it does not have a license to operate in the United States.

Since it is prohibited to deposit and withdraw to and from offshore sportsbooks, bettors can be prosecuted for such actions. However, there is no record of such actions taken against bettors at offshore sportsbooks.

Many offshore sportsbook operators encourage players to use digital currencies such as Bitcoin, but using them does not offer the best safety measure.

This is not true in most cases as the operator’s bonuses and promotions are rather limited while sportsbetting fans are offered nothing upon registering. In other words, the operator’s legal competition probably offers better deals.

Yes, you have to pay taxes on your winnings no matter your chosen sportsbook, either offshore or state-licensed.


Stay Safe, Choose Wisely

In their online place which is deeply engrained, offshore sportsbooks are thriving as they are always players who prefer offered greater anonymity. However, this place is like a big black market and without laws and regulations managing their operations, bettors cannot expect to be gaming in safe, reliable and trustworthy gaming environments.

In such online places, fair play and transparency cannot be guaranteed nor sensitive data protection and other mandatory features that state-licensed sportsbooks must offer. Therefore, the only way to be protected at all times is to make wise choices and take the right route which leads to legalized, fully-regulated sportsbooks. Those interested in such operators can check great options listed in our guide on fully-regulated, reputable sportsbooks.

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