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October 15, 2021
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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Oscars Betting 2021: Odds & Strategies

A pop culture phenomenon that is rarely matched, The Oscars is a show that gives out awards for the very best movies and performances within different films over the course of each year. With movies being a subjective form of entertainment, most people have strong opinions about what makes a movie the best. That subjectivity is one of the things that makes Oscars betting as exciting as it has been for years. In this guide to Oscars betting, find out how to bet on The Oscars, what kinds of wagers can be made for the awards show and what bettors should keep in mind before they place any sort of Academy Awards betting predictions.

Everything you need to know about Oscars Betting
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  • Bettors can wager on who wins awards

  • Major and minor awards odds are available

  • Low limits available on Oscars bets

What are the Oscars?

The Academy Awards are one of the biggest nights in the world in terms of attention paid to a single event. They are an awards show dedicated to the very best in the world of movies and everything that goes into making them, with awards going to everyone from the actors themselves to the directors and people behind all of the elements that are often overlooked when making films. Given the level of intricacy that goes into making movies, the people who judge these categories are often some of the most celebrated minds in the field of cinema.

Beyond just the awards, the Oscars are an event that is often considered one of the most entertaining of the entire year. This is because all of the stars of Hollywood are usually in attendance, with elaborate dresses and other outfits making them look every bit like the stars that they are. There are also monologues from big names in the industry as well as musical performances and remembrance of those in the industry who passed away since the last show was held. For movie fanatics, there is no bigger night of the year and for casual fans there aren’t many other opportunities to see these individuals outside of their jobs.

Can I bet on the Oscars?

While the big night is going on in the motion picture industry, people are indeed able to place wagers on what is going to happen that night through Oscars betting odds. Bettors are allowed to wager on the event at bookmakers that offer odds on the event, with some of the biggest names in the betting industry making themselves available to take bets on the Oscars odds. We will get into the different types of Oscars bets that can be made a little bit later in this guide, but there are certainly plenty of books that are happy to take the action of players who want to test their knowledge of movies and the people who give out awards for them by betting on the Oscars.

To bet on the Oscars, a bettor should go to their preferred betting provider and look for action in the entertainment, specials, or pop culture section of their site. As it gets closer to the show, bettors should be able to find a link to this section of a site in a section of highlighted links for easy access. If they offer Oscars action in those areas, bettors should go and choose the odds markets within the overall category that they want to wager on. They can then choose their stake amount and finalize their wager in hopes of placing winning bets on who and what will be chosen as the best in the world of film over the course of the night.

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What kinds of Oscars bets can I make?

When it comes to Oscars bets, there aren’t a ton of different choices that bettors have in the way of the different types of betting odds. However, within these categories, bettors have no shortage of different options that they can use to try and win money while they hope their favorite movies win awards. Here is a list of the types of bets that bettors can place on the Oscars.

  • Futures/outright bets
  • Prop bets

The standard futures or long term bet is the most common type of betting when it comes to the Oscars. This type of bet is done before the start of the event and usually just asks which motion picture or thespian is going to win an award in a specific category. How in-depth these options to depends on the bookmaker, with some offering action on all kinds of different categories while others are a little bit more reserved in terms of the odds that are available. Some of these include best picture, best actor, and best director. These awards are the ultimate goal in the career of an actor, director, and others in the motion picture industry.

Prop bets are where things get even more intriguing for Oscar bettors, as the creativity with which these odds can be generated is the main attraction. There are some more standard prop odds out there that ask bettors which actors or movies will win more awards on a head to head basis. But there are also more out there props such as ones asking about the kinds of outfits that different celebrities will wear, who will be seen with whom at the show, or about different things that could potentially happen over the course of the program itself.

Things to remember when placing Oscars bets

When placing wagers on the Oscar program, the first thing to remember is that entertainment bets typically have lower limits than do bets in more traditional sports wagering alleys. This is because of the fact that the academy already knows who is going to win, and incurring big liability on one picture is not worthwhile given the potential for the information to be leaked before it is announced at the show. Even with that aside, though, entertainment betting is something that is only done recreationally at sportsbooks, and bettors should be mindful of that before looking to make a play on it.

Also worth remembering on the Oscars betting front is the fact that there is a panel of people who make decisions on these films who are very involved with the film industry. There will always be disagreements as to which movies end up being considered the best in a given year, but it is worth remembering that your opinion might differ from someone who has spent a long time around movies and really values them as an art form above everything else.

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Oscars betting tips and strategy

Because of the fact that the academy is choosing which films are winning the awards each year, the most important strategy that someone can put forward when betting on this event is to try and put yourself into the mind of the people who make these decisions. While it is appealing to try and play your favorite movies and those who participate in them to win awards, bettors should try and think like those who treat film like the art form that it is in order to maximize their chances of winning on each play.

Another strategy that may be useful to some bettors is to try and actually watch the movies that are being nominated for the awards that are up for grabs at the Oscar show. While bettors might like one picture or actor over another, it would likely be hard to determine which one is the best if they haven’t seen all of them. This might take some time and should be started as soon as the nominations are released, but taking the time to look at the different movies and each actor can help a bettor understand why each film is nominated and if each one is actually deserving of an award.

Finally, remembering that these wagers are more for entertainment purposes than anything else is the biggest strategic key that a bettor can bring into this show. Disagreement about the award choices is often understandable, but in terms of a strategy for someone to enjoy their Oscar betting experience goes, having fun with the entire night is much more valuable than getting every bet correct given the low betting limits for this type of wagering compared to other forms of sports betting.

Find a place to bet that meets your needs

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An award winning experience
The Oscar program are a special event, as they take some of our favorite stars from the world of film and put them together while celebrating their accomplishments in a major way. And thanks to the suspense of finding out who is going to win the major awards of the night, betting on the Oscar event is incredibly fun to do. It is hard to understand what the academy is thinking when they make their decisions, but if you can get inside of the minds of the decision makers for these awards, you could end up making a profit while watching one of the biggest nights in all of the entertainment industry.
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