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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

NBA Over Under 2021: Odds & Strategies

The NBA is not just filled with some of the most gifted athletes in the world. It is also filled with athletes who can use their gifts to play at any number of paces with precision control. And understanding how those different paces can impact scoring is at the heart of what NBA over under betting is all about. In this guide to NBA over under betting picks, find out how to bet NBA over under totals odds, the different things sports bettors should look for before placing their totals bets as well as other tips and tricks to help make what can be a tricky form of betting feel just a little bit easier.

Everything you need to know about NBA Over Under Betting
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  • Can bet money on point totals or other over unders

  • Totals also used in player props and futures

  • Point totals trending upward in recent years

How does NBA over under betting work?

NBA over under points betting picks work similarly no matter what sportsbook a bettor uses. The idea is to select whether the total in question will go over or under the amount listed by the bookmaker. There are different types of over under bets that can be made in the NBA, which we will explain a little later in this guide. But no matter what type of new over under bet is chosen, the idea is the same in that sports bettors have to determine whether the total amount will go over or under the amount that is posed to the bettor.

To place a new NBA over under bet, sports bettors can go to the sportsbook of their choice and select the NBA betting picks section of the site. From there, they can choose what games they want to make over under picks on or what season over unders they want to get involved with. Once those wagers are selected, sports bettors have the ability to choose the amount of money that they want to put on each over under and finalize their new bets. It is that simple, as sports bettors don’t have to jump through too many hoops in order to get this process completed.

What kinds of NBA over under bets can I make?

There are many different over under odds that sports bettors can play over the course of a game or over the course of a season, well beyond the standard pre-game over under point total market that most people think of when they think of NBA totals betting picks. Here is a list of some of the over under sports betting odds that are up for grabs when sports bettors make picks on totals.

  • Point total odds
  • Prop total odds
  • Team win total odds
  • In-game total odds

The pre-game point total market is perhaps the most common of all of the over under odds, as bettors are able to predict whether the amount of points scored for a game, half or quarter will go above or below the total set by the sportsbook. Single team totals are also available. Prop totals are less commonly wagered on but are incredibly fun, as sports bettors can choose whether a player or team will end up going above or below the number of points or other statistical categories that the sportsbook assigns them heading into a matchup. These prop total odds are fascinating as players who have in-depth knowledge of matchups will benefit in these odds.

Team win totals in the NBA are fun futures bets, as sports bettors can decide before the start of a season if a team will finish above or below a certain number of victories for the season. Understanding how a team is composed going into a season as well as the injury and depth situations surrounding that team is key to those who are looking to have success in this team betting picks market, as there are opportunities to find value for those who know a team inside and out and how they appear to be poised to handle the schedule in front of them.

Live betting picks are another key component to totals wagering in the NBA, as bettors have the chance to wager money on over unders throughout the duration of games even after they have tipped off. The totals and the odds for those totals are constantly updated throughout each game depending on factors like the pace of play throughout the game as well as the success that both teams are having shooting the basketball.

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Important NBA events

There are plenty of key events throughout the NBA schedule that lead to new opportunities to bet on totals. The biggest of those events is the NBA Finals, which pits the two conference champions against one another in a best of seven schedule with the winner being named champions for the season. Those four to seven games are the most important of the year, and the totals in those games often reflect the intensity put into those games along with the offensive proficiency that both teams bring to the table heading into the series where the goal is four wins.

Outside of the Finals, the rest of the NBA playoffs are also new opportunities to bet money on totals during the league’s schedule, as the top eight teams in each conference are able to play for the right to appear in the Finals. These games often pit teams against one another who play with different game styles. This makes for a chance to take advantage of totals that might be too high or too low depending on the style of play that prevails in each of those postseason games.

Among the non-postseason schedule that features compelling totals betting picks is the NBA All-Star Game. This event puts the best players from both conferences on teams against one another in a battle for bragging rights. It is also a game where defense is largely considered optional, which leads to the total for the game being sky high. It is up to bettors to determine if they want to place a new bet over or under the massive total for this showpiece contest.

Things to remember when placing NBA over under bets

The most important thing to remember when betting on NBA totals is that each team has different priorities when it comes to the way they play the game. Some teams rely heavily on their defense to win games while other teams try to win with a fast pace and offensive prowess. Just like the results of basketball games, the results of totals bets typically hinge on which of those styles of play wins out.

Another thing to remember is that each NBA team often rests players in hopes of having them ready for more important games later in the season or for the postseason. Understanding when those rest days are coming is vital in the totals market, as a team might struggle to reach the total if they are not playing the best players that they have to offer in a given game. A team usually releases their lineups in the hours leading up to a game, and bettors should be sure to keep their eyes open for that news as tip-off approaches.

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NBA over under betting strategies

The most valuable strategy that bettors can employ when it comes to NBA over under betting is to consider going against what the betting public is thinking. There are countless examples of the betting public assuming that a total was poised to go one way or another only for the total to fail to fall in that direction. While blindly going against the majority of bettors is not a money winning strategy, analyzing why the public is thinking the way that it is and determining what the best course of action is based on that analysis is the way to go for the money.

Another NBA totals betting picks strategy that is often effective to win money is utilizing back to back games to a bettor’s advantage. Back to back games in the NBA can often lead to a team being tired, which can mean offenses that are less effective than normal. It can also lead to defenses that are less effective than usual, which means that back to back games can often lead to overs or unders being more likely to result in wins depending on the way that fatigue impacts each individual team. It is up to bettors to figure out how each side will be impacted to win money.

Find the right book to place NBA totals

Over under betting in the NBA is largely similar from sportsbook to sportsbook. There are mostly similar totals to be wagered on during each game, with odds that don’t fluctuate wildly either. That means that picking the right sportsbook is more important than ever, as bettors are able to take on their totals action at sites that do the best job of meeting their needs. To find the right sportsbook to bet NBA totals at, use our sportsbook comparison tool to evaluate different sites to come up with the best one for you. Don’t waste your precious time finding a place to bet and win money. Use our sportsbook comparison tool today and spend that time getting wins.

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NBA totals betting relies a lot on understanding how the game is played at a technical level. Factors such as pace and how each team matches up against one another are key to winning these wagers. While it is human nature to assume that each team will go over the total due to the betting public’s love for points being scored, peeling back the layers of each game can help paint a truer projection for the totals market. For those who look in-depth at the NBA on a regular basis and understand how each team functions, this market could be the ideal way to find value and earn money betting on pro basketball action..
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