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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Heritage Sports Offshore

Heritage Sports Offshore Sportsbook 2021

Heritage Sports is best known for its gaming perks including good special bonuses and promotions including a Heritage Sports deposit bonus reserved for newcomers. Other than these, Heritage sportsbook also offers a fairly good mobile service thanks to which punters can enjoy live betting and other sportsbetting activities via their portable devices.

Heritage Sports eu is one of the pioneers when it comes to the world of online gambling and online sportsbetting as it emerged on the iGaming scene in 1994. With more than two decades of experience, the operator offers its services to punters from all over the globe from its Costa Rica-based headquarters. The company behind the brand has licenses issued by the Government of Costa Rica while it offers offshore sportsbetting operations to residents of the United States.

Nonetheless, offering such services without proper state-issued licenses make many customers wonder is Heritage Sports legit or not at least when it comes to its presence on the US gambling market. Before we continue, we cannot recommend registering at the Heritage Sports betting website nor any other offshore operator for a number of reasons which will be discussed further in this Heritage sportsbook review whose main purpose is to teach players more about the risks and dangers of offshore sportsbetting.

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  • So far no license in the USA
  • No safe gaming possible
  • Playing is not recommended

Is Heritage Sports legal betting site?

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As we answered some of the most important questions about this operator in the previous section including where is Heritage Sports located and its legality issues with operating in the United States, we continue down the same road examining possible legal consequences and other risks related to betting here. The purpose of this review just like many other Heritage Sports reviews is to prevent customers from falling prey to offshore gambling.

To understand all of the consequences and related risks and dangers, we have to examine the legality of online sporstbetting including offshore sportsbetting in the United States. Several years ago, bettors from the United States did not have so many options to choose from when it comes to wagering real money on sportsbetting activities including the top-ranked North American sports and leagues such as NBA, NFL, and other.

In fact, the only way for enjoying such activities was turning to offshore sportsbooks such as the Heritage Sports sportsbook. According to the United States federal laws which manage the industry, it is considered illegal to deposit, bet and withdraw money from illegally operating sites which are hosted by offshore operators. In other words, bettor can face legal issues for doing so, but they are even more serious risks and dangers included.

This also applied to the Heritage online sportsbook platform which does offer some good gaming perks especially to Heritage Sports US players who had fairly limited options available in the past, but still operates a rather shady, unregulated and unlicensed business. Opening an online account at such sportsbook means taking unnecessary risks.

That's why you shouldn't bet at this operator

There is a great variety of Heritage Sports betting reviews which encourage US residents to register here without questioning the operator’s legality, privacy and security measures and other mandatory features which every licensed, regulated website has to employ. However, since Heritage Sports is an offshore sportsbook it can never be safe to register here as long as the operator does not have its state-issued license.

The operator has been active in the industry for quite some time and its reputation among fans of sportsbetting suggests some trustworthiness and reliability, but when looked closer, the operator does not comply with the United States laws and regulations related to the online sportsbetting. The bottom line is that registering here means coming across more risks and dangers than potential gaming perks and gains.

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  • Bet on licensed operator
  • Secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Great fun and awesome winnings

Furthermore, while the sportsbook does provide a good sports collection with reduced juice and competitive betting odds among some other perks, without proper licensing it cannot guarantee players’ safety, safety of their funds as well as fair play and other security and privacy-related measures. Without such measures and features provided, gaming here means exposing money and private data to severe risks and dangers among other downsides. Registering here also means coming across unnecessary risks which could be easily avoided by staying away from offshore betting and turning to its legal, fully regulated rivals.

State-licensed sportsbooks have to uphold the highest industry’s standards related to being fully transparent, guaranteeing fair play, fund safety, employing the most technologically advanced data encryption technology and everything else which makes one fully safe, reliable and trustworthy online gaming environment. This is something which cannot be offered by operators such as Heritage Sports.

Heritage Sports Check: Heritage Sports legit or not?

In this section, you have an unbiased, brief guide on the Heritage Sports sign up bonus, Heritage Sports mobile service, Heritage Sports customer service, as well as its selection of sports events, live betting events, its deposit and withdrawal methods and other.

Even though we strongly recommend staying away from this sportsbook, we still want to present its service in an objective manner exposing its disadvantages and advantages as every offshore sportsbetting website has both.

Sports & Live Betting: Solid Offering

In addition to offering its sportsbook, Heritage Sports also offers online casino and poker rooms alongside its racebook. When it comes to its sportsbetting platform, it is clearly aimed at serving US residents, hence many players complain that the offering lacks international sports.

Once players are done with providing their Heritage Sports login info, they can bet on all football, basketball, baseball, motor racing, soccer, golf, tennis and even eSports. It should be noted that the service is accessible using the Heritage sports mobile app as well as its web version. Either way, lack of international sports and some lesser-known events make the service less appealing.

Odds: Offering Reduced Juice Feature

One thing that customers love about this sportsbook is its offering of reduced juice features which allow customers to take advantage of rather competitive betting odds standing at around -108. Furthermore, players can also take advantage of eight percent progressive lines on some sports events. However, one big downside is that these benefits can be taken away from punters and without such benefits, the Heritage Sports payouts are nothing extraordinary.

Bonus & Promotions: Disappointing Rollovers

The operator’s bonuses and promotions section includes some fairly good offers which come down to big disappointments due to their massive wagering requirements. Newbies here can scoop a 50% free cash first deposit bonus worth up to USD 250 that has twelve times rollover requirements.

Moreover, deposits made using some e-wallet services are not eligible which is another downside. Other than this, punters can take advantage of the sportsbook’s VIP loyalty program and Bitcoin deposit. While these appear as great deals initially, their rather vague terms and conditions ruin their appeal.

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Payment Methods: Loaded with Digital Currencies

Just like many other offshore operators, Heritage Sports encourages using digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ether as these offer greater anonymity which they want. There are also several other standard banking methods offered including:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Person-to-Person
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Checks

While all of these can be used with the Heritage Sports app which is always a plus, their biggest downside reflects in longer withdrawal pending time. In addition, punters have to pay higher transactional fees on all payment options expect digital currencies.

User Interface / Usability: Easy Navigation, Decent Design

The sportsbook’s website appears rather modern with a clear, easily navigable interface without any major downsides. The functionality of the website is also solid with several different sections offered, clearly displayed odds and other features.

On the other hand, some customers complain that odds cannot be changed to fractional or decimal formats which is really disappointing. Others also complain that the app is not as easily navigable as the website.

Customer Service: Not as Reliable as Expected

The operator’s customer support department is available using the Heritage Sports live chat, Heritage Sports phone number listed on the website and its e-mail service. With three options available, customers would expect to be able to reach customer support agents at any time, but this is not the case here. In addition to contact channels not being available at all times, players also complain about getting vague answers and help to their expressed issues and concerns.

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The Future of Offshore Betting Sites

As mentioned at the very beginning, there are several federal laws whose main aim is to shut down offshore betting operators which offer their service to US residents. One of the laws is Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which specifically targets all sorts of online gambling plattforms not only sportsbetting.

What this law did was criminalizing illegal online gambling activities or gambling at offshore gambling sites. In other words, it did not criminalize all types of online gambling, but only online gaming platforms which are operated by offshore companies. One way of doing so was to target their finances by prohibiting all sorts of payment processors from dealing with transactions aimed at such sites.

At the same time, several states have made massive changes towards enjoying fully or partially legalized sportsbetting activities. This meant the beginning of fully regulated, fully state-licensed, reputable and trustworthy sportsbetting sites. Such platforms are already emerging in several states which have legalized sportsbetting mainly in Nevada and New Jersey, while others will follow in the near future.

Legalized sporstbetting will have an impact on offshore betting and it is unavoidable. Sites such as Heritage Sports will doubtlessly deal with the loss of customers as many bettors will turn to their legal rivals. On the other hand, legalized sportsbetting does not mean that offshore betting websites will lose their spot on the scene, but its spot will just shrink a bit.

Disclaimer: Don't play here

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Most Common Questions of Players

Heritage Sports accepts a big variety of cryptocurrencies for depositing including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ether, and Litecoin. It is important to note that all of these digital currencies are very volatile and are never a safe option for online banking, considering they are completely unregulated and not in anyone’s authority.

While many customers at Heritage Sports prefer Bitcoin withdrawals as they get processed the same day and come with no transactional fees, there are safer withdrawal options to choose even though they come with longer withdrawal pending times and certain applicable fees.

This sportsbook like the majority of other offshore operators operates in the United States online gambling gray area which is yet to be fully regulated. Since it has no proper licensing, it can be said that it operates illegally with the possibility of facing legal consequences, even though there are no records of operators of this kind being prosecuted.

No as the operator’s age of majority is set at eighteen years old. However, this does not mean that customers who are younger than twenty-one can register and disregard their states’ online gambling-related laws. In other words, even though Heritage Sports accepts player younger than twenty-one, US residents have to wait.

Like with any other income, you must pay your taxes if you win money betting at Heritage Sports. If you make a cashout of any kind from the site, you will need to report this income and pay all your taxes related to it. If you do not pay taxes, you may face tax evasion charges.


Is Heritage Sports illegal betting site?

The bottom line is that staying safe and protected when gaming online means staying away from offshore betting no matter lucrative promotions and bonuses offered and no matter other gaming perks. While US residents had very limited options when it comes to online sportsbetting several years ago, the recent changes in laws and regulations made it possible for fully licensed, legal sportsbooks to take over the scene.

With such a choice, it does not make any sense to turn to offshore betting when legal options are thriving at the same time. Those interested in these options are advised to check our good on reputable, state-licensed sportsbooks listed here.

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