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FOX Bet Withdrawal 2020

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FOX Bet has been trying to establish itself as a true player in the online sports betting space in the US market. As time goes on, the offering will continue to develop and develop.

One of the only downsides of the FOX Bet offering is the withdrawal process. It can be a slow, drawn-out ordeal to remove your funds in its current form. This article looks at the makeup of the FOX Bet withdrawal process, so you know what you will be facing when you sign up for an account.

The process of adding and withdrawing funds on FOX Bet

The process itself for adding and withdrawing funds on the FOX Bet platform is very easy to do. This is the same no matter if you are using the FOX Bet app or the desktop version.

All you need to do is go to the cashier page and select ‘Add funds’. You will be faced with a decent selection of different deposit methods, varying from e-wallets to debit cards and bank transfers.

Here is a complete list of the deposit methods available for you to use on FOX Bet:

  • Neteller
  • ACH transfer
  • PokerStars Play+ card
  • Cashiers at a partner casino
  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayNearMe

If you add funds through a cashier at one of the FOX Bet partner casinos, through a debit or credit card or one of the e-wallet options, your funds will process to your account almost immediately. The ACH transfer does take a bit longer for your funds to hit your FOX Bet account.

Thankfully, making transactions on FOX Bet are free, unless there are charges from the third-party payment provider you are using. All of the deposit methods can also be used in order to make a withdrawal from your FOX Bet account.

To remove your funds from your FOX Bet account, you simply go to the cashier page of the website and click withdraw funds. Otherwise, you can go to one of the partner casinos and withdraw your funds in the form of cash straight away.

Unfortunately, when it comes to making a withdrawal on FOX Bet, you will need to wait three business days in order for this request to process. This is the same for all payment methods except for cash withdrawals. This is not ideal, as people want to get their hands on their funds as soon as possible.

Then you will also need to wait for these funds to hit your account after the request has been processed. This can take a few more days to happen, being dependent on which of the payment methods you are using to withdraw the funds.

Thankfully, all transactions with FOX Bet are done in a safe and secure way. This means that you know your funds are going to be properly protected, as well as your personal and financial data that get transmitted as part of the deposit or withdrawal.

Will changes be made to the FOX Bet withdrawal process?

FOX Bet only released its very first online sports betting offering in 2019. Therefore, it is only natural that there are going to be teething problems throughout the process. As time goes on, it is likely that there will be improvements made to the speed of withdrawals.

Oftentimes, VIP players or those high up on the loyalty program tiers of a sportsbook will get access to faster withdrawals also.

Making the most of the FOX Bet welcome bonus

When you are getting ready to sign up for an account with FOX Bet, you don’t want to forget about the welcome offer. This will see you get $20 in free bets just for signing up, with no need for you to make a deposit.

There is also a deposit bonus which sees your first deposit on FOX Bet matched 50%, allowing you to get bonus funds of up to $500. The best part of the offer is that you only have to wager these bonus funds one time before they can then be cashed out. In addition, you get a bet match bonus of up to $500 for your first bet.

Do note that you should avoid trying to make a withdrawal from your FOX Bet account before you have been able to wager all of the bonus funds that are currently credited to your account. If you do so, these bonus funds will expire, not to return. This of course is to be avoided, do make sure that all bonus funds have been wagered before you put in a request for a withdrawal.

The history of FOX Bet

FOX is a now that is well recognized across the media sector. It has a massive array of television networks in operation across the United States, including with FOX News and FOX Sports. It now sees a massive opportunity in the sports betting space that is constantly growing across the country.

This is why it bought a 4.99% stake in the Stars Group. It wanted to get on board expertise from one of the leading gambling companies in the world in order to help with the launch of this online sports betting site. As time goes on, it will expand into more and more states.

While most new offerings will have a teething period, FOX Bet to date has been stellar, providing a great experience to all of its users.

What are you waiting for?

As you have seen, there is a great sports betting offering at FOX Bet. While the FoX Bet withdrawal process can become a bit quicker, it is a very safe way to remove funds from an online gambling account. This speed issue will also likely improve as time goes on and the platform develops.

With the great two-pronged welcome bonus package, it would be silly to not sign up for an account with FOX Bet today and get started betting on your favorite sports. If you want to look at other options, you can use the great operator comparison tool instead.

The great news is that FOX Bet is not the only bookmaker available to you either, as there are plenty of US facing bookies you could be signing up with today. Check out our detailed sports betting comparison for a full list and have a look at our extensive bookie reviews to find out which bookies have the most to offer. Start signing up today and become a player at some of the top US sports betting sites!

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FAQ: Most important questions and answers

You will need to put in a request first of all to withdraw your funds from your FOX Bet account, choosing one of the withdrawal options on offer. There is a decent selection of options. Unless you withdraw your funds from a cashier cage at one of the FOX Bet partner casinos, there is a three business days pending request period that you need to adhere to. Then depending on what payment option you are using, then it may take a few more days for your funds to hit your relevant account.

There is a nice selection of different FOX Bet withdrawal methods to choose from. Generally, people prefer the e-wallet options such as Skrill and Neteller because they tend to be the quickest ones to process. However, sometimes these e-wallets may carry extra fees with them. Generally, the best option is whichever you are most comfortable with using.

Yes, the leading technology for encryption and secure transfers is used on FOX Bet withdrawals. This means that nobody will be able to read your data or access your funds while you are withdrawing them. You can even add extra safety features to your account, requiring extra verification before a FOX Bet withdrawal is approved.

There are no fees charged by FOX Bet for making withdrawals. However, sometimes the third-party payment provider that you are using to make this FOX Bet withdrawal will levy a transaction fee. This is something you should always keep in mind when you are trying to decide which of the FOX Bet withdrawal options is best for your needs.

Safe and secure withdrawals

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As you can see, there are a lot of great aspects about the FOX Bet withdrawal process. You can make withdrawals for free, choose from a variety of different options and also do all of this in a safe and secure manner. There are some improvements that need to be made in terms of withdrawal speed times, but don’t let this stop you from enjoying a highly enjoyable time at one of the leading online sports betting platforms in the space today.
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