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  • The FanDuel Sportsbook contact responds to complaints 24/7
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Do you know that you can chat with a FanDuel Support team if you have the FanDuel Sportsbook contact? Never mind! We are excited to inform you this. If you have read our article on the FanDuel Account [FanDuel Account], you would understand the diverse nature of FanDuel and make sure to have the FanDuel contact number or email during emergencies. Another interesting feature remains the 24/7 FanDuel Sportsbook live chat options for users or online bettors where problems are resolved as quick as possible

FanDuel Sportsbook Contact in Details

Further to what was stated earlier, the FanDuel team makes sure to help its customers ease their experiences using the app. You should read our BetStars Contact Email article to see how bookmakers put their clients first. It is important to trace the history of FanDuel Sportsbook before we go into further detail about the Sportsbook.

A brief Intro about FanDuel

According to the CEO of FanDuel Group, Matt King, he stated that FanDuel is creating a new genre of entertainment where sports betting serves as an avenue to bring sports fans closer and more engaged to the games and team they follow and support. He claimed they are leveraging on past experiences in building the sportsbook at the Meadowlands and the global footprint of Paddy Power to build an online sports betting experience that fans want, love, and can rely on.

Seeing that FanDuel Sportsbook has a strong daily fantasy sports following and the sportsbook app platform that top-notch with slick, intuitive usability, it becomes necessary to have a platform that is user friendly and stress free to use by online bettors.

Understanding how FanDuel Sportsbook works

It is very important to have profound knowledge of how the FanDuel Sportsbook software works. FanDuel Sportsbook is owned by the FanDuel Group which is the US arm for the giant Paddy Power Betfair company. Anyone who is familiar with FanDuel from the DFS will surely recognize the setup on the online sportsbook. The major difference between the two is that while the sportsbook makes use of a darker blue shade, the site gives a more significantly different feel. Thus, the difference between FanDuel and competitors in the design category happens to the organization of the site. The tabs on the site make it a lot easier to find the desired game and other betting options. Betting, therefore, has become quite straightforward. You click on a game to reveal more options and then select one or more build the ticket. To make it easier, the site tabulates the odds for easy navigation for the players.

Additionally, as a way of attracting a larger player range, this Sportsbook has extended its offers with several Gaming styles that basically define the contest structures and their methods of play. The most popular -Full Rosters are generally accessible, though more styles of gaming also exist.

Some Alternative Game Styles on FanDuel

Full Rosters: refers to a conventional system of fantasy games played daily and have capped salaries with complete rosters.

Single Games: Also fantasy sports played daily with modern capped salaries that permit players within one game to be drafted. Each position is FLEX together with the addition of a Most Valuable Player which gets to score 1.5 usual point.

Super Flex (NFL): “Full roster” variant which includes SuperFlex positions.

QuickPicks: It’s a contest which does away with capped salaries. Rather, players from levels of similar value are drafted.

The above shows the major game methods, but you will also find that all sports on the sportsbook have their own type of Daily Fantasy games. You’ll get to discover the exclusive styles such as the Major League Baseball (MLB) “Home Run Challenge” for MLB including the PGA Week-end Golfing. Many sporting events provide  Single games as well as Full Rosters.

Different types of bets at FanDuel Sportsbook

When bettors decide to make use of the FanDuel sportsbook contact for their wagers or gambling during certain sports, they might get to a point where it is necessary to know they different types of bets at FanDuel Sportsbook. They include;

In-Game Betting

FanDuel offers a variety of live bets during games. You just need to click on the Live tab button to find the prices for in-game plays. In the Football category, you can find a lot of in-game options such as props, next touchdown scorer, alternate totals/spread, and even parlays. Punters can also go ahead to bet on the final score, goals scored, leader at each half, and many others. For baseball, you can find in-play options such as innings, run totals, and others. However, not atl games on the docket may be available for in-play betting. Sometimes, one side of a bet may be available, while the other may not. Live bets are usually noted with a price and it is quite easy to figure out the pricing. Games that are locked against betting are recognized with the locked icon.


FanDuel Sportsbook also offer a wide range of parlay options across the board. You can click on a price to add it to a new or existing bet slip. With each successive element, the site will then automatically adjust the odds. Punters can then combine the in-game and pre-game bets even though they cannot use two bets from the same event.


Total prices and Point-spread are eligible for teasers. Punters can then spread on 6, 6.5, and 7 points. You should know that teasing more odds will likely alter the odds and you can add as many teams as you like. The Sportsbook will calculate the odds.

Round Robbins

If you happen to feel very confident on your pics, you can throw and piece them together in a round Robbin format and they can significantly pile the winnings up. Just select the games and FanDuel will calculate the odds.


FanDuel also has Prop bets if you are a fan of those. Usually FanDuel already some prices on the coming week games even before the current week's NFL action ends. Just click on a sport then use the Future tabs to navigate the options.

Cash-out options

You can also the option to cash out your bets with FanDuel. Of course, the amount that will returned to the player in cash will vary, depending on the timing and status of the event.

FanDuel Sportsbook Contact and its goodies

Hence, proper and judicious use of the FanDuel Sportsbook Contact will help bettors be aware of the various types of bets available to them. Considering the fact that the support lines are usually proactive, it shows they are ready to help at all time. we should also mention that FanDuel has a mobile app that is available iOS users and it has garnered mostly positive reviews from users. You can get a lot of functionality from the app as you can derive from the desktop browser version. This includes monitoring scores, joining contests, and setting line-ups. Setting up the app is quick and easy, and players can check out our article on FanDuel Account on how the app works. FanDuel Sportsbook also has an app for Android users. There is a mobile version that is quick and easy to navigate, even though it may be not as slick and graphically optimizing as the full browser version.

Betting Comparison of Top US Betting Sites

The FanDuel Sportsbook contact should be available to every bettor or user because problems occur with no prior knowledge. Major sports that FanDuel Sportsbook offer you the opportunity to place bets on include; Auto racing, Baseball, Basketball, Combat Sports (Boxing and MMA), Football, Golf, Hockey, Soccer and Tennis. Going for the most profitable bet is also very important to a lot of people and so, you should visit our Sports Betting Comparison to register with top betting sites and get the very best value in every situation, including the finest bonuses and the best betting odds every time.

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New Hampshire
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Sports: 17+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: -200
Sports: 16+
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Min. Odds: -190
Sports: 15+
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Min. Odds: N/A
Sports: 12+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: N/A
Sports: 16+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: -200

Is FanDuel Worth it?

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While other sites’ interfaces might offer more options to sort through, you should know that FanDuel is one that offers a very intuitive interface that allows punters to navigate easily and feel much higher control. Tabs on the top let players narrow the lobby down just by sport while tables on the left and top allow players to sort by contest type. On some tabs, a slider bar allows the player to customize how much they want to spend on an entry fee. Therefore, a proactive FanDuel Sportsbook contact goes a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction which is important, as we have mentioned in our Sports Betting Comparison page.
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