eSports Betting 2020: Odds & Strategies

eSports betting USA is steadily becoming a powerhouse in the betting world and getting a lot more competitive. It has become very popular amongst gamblers across the World. Here in the United States, eSports wagers are readily available, there are various sports to wager on for a good number of options. It is expanding at a very rapid rate and there are numerous betting opportunities like advanced wagering opportunities and prop bets that come with more renowned and popular sports. Betting eSports is something that American gamblers can play and win big because it feels somewhat similar to the everyday traditional sports wagering.

Everything you need to know about eSports betting
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  • Get to know and observe the various teams thoroughly

  • Go through the history and past performances of the teams

  • Some eSports betting sites provide very lucrative bonuses, make sure to try it out

  • Begin betting with the simple wagers first

Reputable Esports Betting Sites

A large number of sports bettors are still not so conversant with eSports, however some are starting to take the opportunity to try it out because of its rising popularity. It might not be as popular as the traditional sports gambling; however, it has a huge following and it comes with some fantastic wagering opportunities. There are fewer teams in eSports which makes it very comfortable and easy for gamblers to make quick researches on the teams and place more precise wagers. Due to the huge number of prop bets on ground, eSports gamblers increase as each day passes.

However, if you are interested in eSports betting, we have provided some sites for you to visit and make use of the opportunity to win big with bonuses.

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How To Make Profitable Esports Bets

Thoroughly Study Teams and Their History

ESports betting is down to luck and a little bit of luck, critical thinking and strategies. You must get toknow the various teams that are available in the eSports, their past performances and players. The teams are not too many so it’s easy for gamblers to study and get to know teams easily. Look at various eSports betting odds and check if those odds are a perfect fit for those various teams. If a team that is not expected to win attracts very poor odds, it is best not to wager on it. If you are a greenhorn at eSports betting, make sure to get familiar with the different teams and the available sportsbooks, also get to know various betting lines and the correct ones to select.

Knowing Your Bet Options

So many betting lines are readily available to eSports betters which makes it easy to place a wager that players are interested in putting down.

  1. Betting moneyline is the easiest type of wager. However, Money line wagers may not pay out as much as other wagers.
  2. Point spreads and total bets should be of interest to gamblers in eSports. You must know which type of wager functions properly to get the best betting options. Let’s take a look at Point spread bets. These type of bets compares the scores of either team and looks at the difference between the scores, it is measured in the number of maps won, the kills, estimated time to complete a level and in various other ways, which depends on the type of game. In placing a point spread wager, you must opt for a team and decide which team would be victorious and whether they would win more or less than a particular amount. It’s more difficult than other wagers but the payout is very attractive.
  3. Another popular option is the betting on The total score of both teams is what these wagers are determined by. How does this work? Well, after adding up the scores of both teams, gamblers are asked whether the total score would be greater or less than a specific score. It is a very complex wager compared to others like the money line wager. Total bets have a better payout too. Gamblers have come up with a strategy to play the Total point spread, you must observe the offense and defense of the various eSports teams, then use the knowledge you have to predict the scores the teams would likely get.

Live Betting

ESports, just like basketball, NFL and others offer Live wagering to gamblers. You can wager on number of kills, time completed, map count won while watching your CSGO team live in action. There are various other statistics to choose from. This makes the whole experience more attractive and fun, plus the betting odds changes as the match goes on. If you observe the odds thoroughly, you could put down favorable wagers and open up more rewarding payouts and more constant wins if you rightly predict where odds would swing.

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Proposition Bets

An experienced gambler would advise you to search for strong prop betting opportunities. Prop bets offer a solid advantage and enable you to win more often when using hedging and betting arbitrage. Some inconsistencies in odds are likely to occur since there are various prop bets for eSports and different wagering opportunities. Opportunities happen when the inconsistencies props up. Gamblers can locate sure profit opportunities where betting arbitrage would function properly. When this happens, the gambler uses different sportsbooks to wager on the two sides of the wager. This makes the wager positive that irrespective of the team that wins, the payout for the player would be huger than both wagers put together. This is the beauty of betting arbitrage and why it’s popular amongst experienced gamblers.

Just like in the Investment market, hedging in eSports is a solid strategy that enables gamblers to ease the impact of losses for a very small cost. When you wager against a bigger bet by spending some money, you would not lose a considerable amount and you could avoid huge losses that may happen if the wager does not go as planned. Hedging is well used amongst experienced gambles.

Popular eSports Games

  • StarCraft 2
  • Dota 2
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive(CSGO)
  • Hearthstone
  • League of Legends
  • Heroes of the storm

There are numerous other eSports available for you to choose from.

Where to make profitable eSports bets?

After reading this piece, it is understandable that you are interested in the big wins that eSports has to offer, it is imperative that you try it out NOW! There are many juicy and attractive bonuses that are offered by now in demand eSports. You can start placing wagers on various eSports at many sportsbooks after signing up. On our sports betting comparison page, we’ve recommended top eSports betting sites that offer superb bonuses to gamblers.  We encourage you to look up sportsbooks that look very favorable. Simply look through our well compared comparison charts to find the most favorable sportsbook to play and begin putting down you wagers. Try it today and unlock some interesting bonus offers and win big!

Note that you must be above the  minimum betting age for online sports betting to succesfull wager

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New Hampshire
New Jersey
West Virginia
Sports: 17+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: -200
Sports: 16+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: -190
Sports: 15+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: N/A
Sports: 12+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: N/A
Sports: 20+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: N/A

Getting the best out of eSports betting

If you went through this piece, you would realize that betting in eSports is not complicated in any way. It’s quite some fun and you could get rewarded with some awesome payouts. Try and focus on the basics if you want to win big. Try to understand eSports properly and remember that some risks are bound to occur. If you do not have basic knowledge about eSports betting and risk playing, you would almost definitely lose money. As said earlier, go through team past performances, players that make up the team and whether they change over time. There are claims that eSports betting would become more complex in later years because bookmakers would get smarter at setting their odds and their lines. Now is the opportunity to play and win big. Make sure you play on trusted and safe sportsbooks.
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