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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Cricket Betting 2021: Tips to Get Started

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world with loads of sports betting fans who wager on cricket games from the coziness of their homes. In fact, wagering on cricket sports games is a very profitable area of the iGaming industry which is gaining more popularity among residents of the United States who are getting familiar with the game. However, in the states, the majority of the citizens are not familiar with the game, but some U.S. sports bettors are beginning to find betting on Cricket entertaining due to the several wagering opportunities offered by the game. For newbies interested in Cricket betting, this article serves as your guide and reveals the several wagering systems you can rely on for profitable betting on cricket matches.

Everything you need to know about Cricket betting
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  • Cricket is not as famous in the U.S

  • There are several Cricket betting leagues and competitions which you can bet on

  • The more advanced your Cricket betting strategy, the higher the possible payout

  • Remember to bet on cricket with the right bookies

Cricket betting Explained

For U.S. sports bettors who wish to get profitable payouts from Cricket betting, there are certain steps that need to be appropriately followed:

  • Carry out research on how Cricket works: For anyone interested in Cricket betting, this should be your first step. You have to research and learn a bit on the sports you have some interest in. For effective cricket betting, you need to know the top players, the top teams, the history of these players and teams and their styles of play. You also need to know the impact of the weather on Cricket games, how the several wicket conditions have an impact on the game and how an alteration of such factors could improve or worsen conditions of the game and consequently, on betting due to the available odds. All these factors take some time to observe and comprehend, but with adequate understanding, you’ll become knowledgeable enough to effectively place accurate wagers.
  • Search for the most profitable sportsbooks: It’s necessary for you to observe the various available sportsbooks to know those who offer you very good deals. Certain sportsbooks offer you much better deals compared to others, these sportsbooks are the ones you need to place your wagers on and practice with till you’ve familiarized yourself with the various strategies. Also, when about to select a sportsbook, you need to consider the promotional and bonus offers made available to new and existing Sports bettors. Some sportsbooks welcome new sports bettors with fantastic offers and great wagering requirements compared to other sportsbooks.
  • Focus on one Particular League or Tournament: The game of Cricket is played worldwide, this is great for Cricket lovers though it also means knowing the various teams and players is quite some work. This is why as a newbie to Cricket betting; you should simply focus on a particular league or Cricket competition. Numerous cricket betting sites exist which cover specific Cricket leagues, or competitions.
  • Know the most profitable wagering systems: As is common with various types of sports betting, such as Football betting, Basketball betting and other sports betting, betting on Cricket comes with several betting types and odds which you need to compare before making a selection.

Wagering Types in Cricket


Betting Moneyline: How to Play Moneyline

Betting on the moneyline is usually the first thing every punter does in his life. Cricket moneyline betting is very common as the basic premise of this betting market is to simply guess which team will come out on top. If you are looking to understand how the odds in this market work, check out our Betting moneyline guide for a comprehensive rundown. The thing to remember is that either site you bet, you are betting that they will win the entire game and the final results and other things don't really matter. As long as your pick comes out on top, you will win the bet and get the winnings as per the betting odds.

Spread Betting: How to Play Spread Betting

This is another straightforward Cricket betting strategy. In Cricket betting, there are numerous points spreads which sports bettors can wager on. In this game, point spreads operate taking into account details such as the wickets batsman runs, the team scores and other useful information. Though, with any of these, when betting a point spread, a crucial information to wager on is the difference in points scored by the two teams. These make up a point spread bet.

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Betting Totals: How to Play Betting Totals

In Cricket betting, when betting totals, this includes considering details like the total runs made by the entire team or the complete number of wickets. These are pretty difficult to precisely predict, therefore, sports bettors have to study the defensive and offensive prospects of both teams in order to effectively decide on when to rely on the total bets strategy.

For newbies betting on Cricket, its’ advisable to begin with the wagers mentioned above, and move up to the advanced systems after adequate practice. With the use of advanced wagers, you increase the possible payouts, though these systems are more complex and require a good understanding, therefore sports bettors need to ascend from the easier wagers before relying on the more difficult wagering systems. The few simple betting types listed above are the bread and butter of the vast majority of sports bettors, but that does not mean they are the only way you can bet on sports. In fact, when it comes to cricket betting, there are quite a few different markets that experienced bettors tend to use to maximize their profits and have even more fun. Here are a few popular betting strategies used by the more experienced punters:

Pleaser betting and Teasers: How to Play Teasers and Pleasers

The Pleaser betting strategy and Teaser betting strategy are both very similar, but in fact the opposites of each other. Pleaser and teaser bets are similar to totals betting, only the line can change in the one direction or the other. If the line moves up, so do the odds. With a teaser bet, the line goes down, but the odds become less clurative. These two betting types are exact opposites of one another and are used by punters who feel very brave or very timid about the basic line on any given bet. Both systems are suitable for different sports bettors based on their aims, either frequent wins or huge wins.

Parlays: How to Play Parlays

If you have been around cricket betting for some time, there is almost no doubt that you have also played a few parlays in your time. Parlay betting is simply placing multiple single bets from any market into a single accumulator bet, with odds all multiplied to come up with a single massive number. The more bets you place on your parlay, the harder it will be to win but the better your odds will be as well. That said, parlay betting should usually be done with some fairly low stakes since the chances of scoring a win can be quite low.

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Securing more wins by Betting Arbitrage and Hedging:

Another method of improving the results when betting on cricket is by betting arbitrage and hedging. These strategies   help you as a sports bettor to have more consistent wins or reduce your cost of losses. Both systems require a broad evaluation and comparison of the different sportsbooks. This is why these techniques are patronized by only experienced sports bettors. As a sports fan who wants to win as frequently as possible, you need to take your time and look through several wagering options from the various available sportsbooks and select the preferable options which help you with more frequent wins, thanks to an odds advantage.

When you’ve got a major odds advantage, by wagering accurately, a prize payout is guaranteed regardless of the team that ends up winning. When betting arbitrage, the sports bettor bets on the two teams, and is able to get rewarded with profits on either side due to the available odds while placing his wagers. Usually, the payouts are less when compared with a single wager though profits are guaranteed. Hedging works in a similar manner also but doesn’t usually produce profits in these instances and instead reduces the sport bettor’s loss for a low cost. So, sports bettors that hedge their bets can reasonably reduce their losses without negatively affecting their wins.

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Cricket isn’t the most famous sport in the U.S., however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make profits from it. With these tips that have made you more familiar with how you can make profitable Cricket bets; you’re probably wondering about where you can practice Cricket betting. There is no need to go around looking for random bookies, because our sports betting Comparison has the reviews and links to all the best bookies in the industry. Check it out now and sign up with the finest and highest quality sportsbooks and claim the most valuable welcome bonuses the industry has to offer.

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Earn from Cricket even if you know just little about it
Cricket is a great sport enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. While it may not be the leading sport in the USA, there is no doubt that there are some great betting options out there. With our help, you can start winning real money at cricket betting even if you are not very knowledgeable about the sport so sign up with the top bookies now and start placing your bets.
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