Betting Sites For CSGO 2020: Tips to Get Started

Do you want to make bets on CS: GO and win? Here we discuss and show you in details the best csgo betting sites to play and win. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO or CSGO) is a first person shooter game that involves teams on either side play against each other. In most popular CS: GO games, especially war games, a team could be made up of 5 players that play as terrorists in the game while the other team (also made up of 5 players) play as marines.

Everything you need to know about betting sites for csgo
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  • The best bets are classic single bets

  • Bookmakers often offer bets on the outcome of the tournament

  • There are numerous and popular Championship tournaments you can bet on

  • It is common for players to place bets on varying CS:GO betting markets.

CSGO betting types

There are mostly two ways you could gamble on CSGO games (officially). You gamble with;

  • Skins
  • Real Money

Skin Gambling

These are cosmetic products that could be won as a prize through betting in the game. Players could customize their characters to taste and it can be won randomly when play is going on. Players often trade and even buy skins for real money in the Steam marketplace. This is a huge market place where skins sometimes sell for hundreds of dollars and an estimated $5 billion worth of different virtual products per year.

In Skin gambling sites, you place skins of about $10 in value into a large pot containing similar item where the winning player takes the outcome. Value of the pots could be worth thousands of dollars sometimes. Skin gambling could be fun and all, but the risk that comes with it is something to be very well aware of, because it is high and continually on the rise.

Real Money Betting

There are people who prefer to use real money to gamble on outcome of games and live stream games. Thus, there are now eSports betting sites that allow the use of real money to gamble on CSGOs. Some traditional bookies have embraced eSports betting because of its rising popularity. There are several sportsbooks for CSGO betting. Some of these differences of these sportsbooks pertain to types of bets as well as differences in odds that are offered to players across gambling sites.

Simple tips for CSGO Betting

  1. Get to know which maps are played
  2. Get familiar with the daily form of the team
  3. Ensure to check whether the particular game is played offline or online.
  4. Observe whether players have been playing together
  5. Check whether players wish to change or whether new players are allowed in the team

In all, just make sure you are observant and take time to research teams and everything about them.

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Betting Strategies for CSGO Betting

Here are some of the known strategies to help you make profit while betting CSGO.

The Fibonacci Betting Strategy

Created by a 13th century visionary and mathematician Leonardo Pisano, the Fibonacci numbers sequence is one of the most popular numbers sequences used in all types of gambling. Pisano wanted to come up with ways that numbers could help the daily lives of people and he invented the Fibonacci sequence as a kind of perfect system that could resolve various life problems. Of course, the sequence did not really help humankind too much, but it is still being applied in gambling very often.

Sports bettors love the Fibonacci betting strategy for both its simplicity and the realistic chance of producing wins. The sequence is easy to learn and players can use it to progressively bet on the same team or outcome and keep betting until they finally come away with a win. Thanks to Pisano, gamblers around the world have made their gambling a little bit easier and some have even managed to make a profit in the long term. The Fibonacci sequence does have applications in modern mathematics and other scientific disciplines as well.

The Kelly Strategy

The Kelly Strategy was created back in 1956 by John Larry Kelly Jr. Also known as the Kelly Criterion, this strategy draws upon several other popular betting systems to create a singular betting strategy that can be applied to try and make a profit from betting on any sport. The hybrid strategy is a bit more complex than most others and may take some time to comprehend even if you are already familiar with other simpler strategies.

That all said, the Kelly Strategy is by no means an absolute guarantee of profit in any way. In fact, progressive betting strategies often have the fallacy of potentially ending in disaster and Kelly strategy is not any different. However, if you want to give it a shot with a limited bankroll, by all means try it out and enjoy betting with this intricate mathematical system.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale system is probably the most well known progressive betting strategy in the world. Mentioned in many mainstream books and often advertised as the perfect system to bet on the game of roulette, Martingale really seems like a simple solution to all gambling. The basic premise is that the bettor will always double the bet after losing until they finally win. Once a win is made, the system is restarted. This system works best with even odds bets, but can be slightly adjusted for other odds as well. The real problem with Martingale is that it becomes very expensive very fast and that the bookies will not let you make limitless bets even if you have the money to afford it, making a massive loss possible while only winning a little at a time.

The Parlay Betting Strategy

Parlays have really been the bread and butter of many punters' betting careers out there. Instead of betting on single games and outcomes at a time, parlays allow punters to bet on multiple games at once, thus increasing the odds dramatically and having a chance to win huge with a very small investment. Those bettors who really believe in their predictions often use parlays as a way to try and win big without risking too much money. However, no matter how good you may be, the fact is that parlays are always dramatically difficult to get right, so they should not be the only way you bet on sports.

However, if you are betting mostly for fun, some parlays can be a great way to spend a weekend, watching the matches and cheering on all the teams on your parlay. Remember that parlay betting comes with many disappointments and few moments of great joy, so be prepared.

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Where can I get authentic CSGO betting sites?

For players who are excited about CSGO betting, we offer various sites where you can earn reasonable returns and play safe. There are numerous betting sites that claim to offer genuine CSGO betting, however, on our sports betting comparison page, we prepared a list that recommends to you a variety of sites where you can bet on CSGOs. Take a close look at them, select your preferred site and win big on CSGO betting. You would be required to register and provide your email address, password and fill in necessary information. If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact the sportsbooks’ customer support agents. You could also ask for advice and guidance on strategies to win big in CSGO betting. Please read terms and conditions thoroughly before using any bonuses on your preferred sportsbook.

Note that you must be above the minimum betting age for online sports betting to successfully wager.

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New Hampshire
New Jersey
West Virginia
Sports: 17+
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Min. Odds: -200
Sports: 16+
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Min. Odds: -190
Sports: 15+
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Min. Odds: N/A
Sports: 16+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: -200
Sports: 14+
Live Betting:
Min. Odds: N/A

Placing the Perfect Bet

Most frequent CSGO betters develop some strategies before they start placing their bets. There are a few things you need to remember when you want to start CSGO betting. Remember not to wager more than what you might lose. Learn to start with small bets, Observe and find out which team plays well, their game strategy and their winning history. If there is a team code, make sure you remember it and look out for new ones and finally, be patient and don’t expect to win a whole lot immediately. It requires skill and a bit of luck to profiting from your CSGO bets.
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