Betting Odds Daytona 2020: Odds & Strategies

Grand prix, Formula 1, NASCAR and other racing sports in general attract gamblers to place their bets and win big in these events. NASCAR has always been around and its popularity keeps on increasing. The Daytona 500, an ever popular racing event, creates headlines and stars all the time. Whenever there is a huge sport, there is always a huge betting following that comes with it, just like the Daytona 500. This generates a very huge amount of money around the sport. Gamblers take advantage of various markets and put down wagers before the start of the race and even during the race.

Everything you need to know about betting odds Daytona 500
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  • You need to understand the basics to place profitable bets

  • There is a risk that comes with betting on Daytona 500

  • In Daytona 500, a break-even point of most NASCAR Odds is sufficient to win a wager

  • You could make future bets with huge odds

Betting In Nascar

NASCAR betting is not so far off from golf betting. It is also very similar to money line betting. It requires betting on who will win the race, quite simple isn’t it? Just put down your wager on a driver among the racers, who usually number 40 or more. Bet that the driver you selected would win the race. The odds here are very huge and the payout reward is attractive if your bets come out as planned. If you want to make your bets safer, make various selections. Spread your wager over different drivers. For instance:

If a Gambler wages $100 on a race driver at +1000 to become victorious in a Daytona 500 race, the payout for the gambler would be $1000 if his bet comes out right.

Betting Group Matchups

It’s more or less a safe bet because you wager on your preferred race driver finishing within the top 4, top 6 etc. in the particular race. You must know that the payout for Betting Group matches is pretty low because risk is not high. See an example of odds put down for each player in a group matchup below.

Daytona 500 Odds to finish in the Top 4:

Racer A: +350, Racer B: +350, Racer C: +300, Racer D: +250, Racer E: + 2000

Daytona 500 odds to finish in the Top 6:

Racer A: +400, Racer B: +300, Racer C: + 350, Racer D: +200, Racer E: +1000

All these show that the outright betting odd is a lot more than a group matchup. Payout would also be in a variety with outright betting paying more than a group matchup. However, if you aren’t a risk taker, you could opt for the group matchups bet on the Daytona 500 and still earn some reasonable return.

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The NASCAR Matchup Betting

There is something called driver matchups. Here, one driver is pitted against the other and the gambler’s preferred driver, if he comes out tops, gets the payout on the winning bets.

The NASCAR Matchup bets can be classified into two.

  • Actual race matchup betting
  • NASCAR qualifying matchup betting

The Dayton qualifying matchup betting is a wager on a specific driver to get the best pole position in the qualifying race. Betting on the actual race matchup is betting that a player would end up in the first 3, 5 or 6 in the actual Daytona 500 race. Remember to wager at an earlier time before the race because that’s when the odds are much better.

See example below of a NASCAR Qualifying matchup bet:

Racer A -100 v Racer B -90

The above stipulates that Racer B is the favorite to finish fastest.

An example of an Actual Race Matchup is laid out below:

 Racer A -260 v Racer B +360

So, if Racer A tops racer B at the race and you wager on racer A, your payout would be at -260 odds. If you wager on Racer B and he beats Racer A, then your payout would be at +360 odds.

Proposition Bets In NASCAR Races

Here, you put a wager on whether an event would occur or not. You must be skilled and get a little bit of luck too. For sheer fun and excitement, any NASCAR props would be up for betting.  However, if you are playing strictly for returns and avoiding risks, stick to proposition bets that could be predicted properly with your skills.

An example of a proposition bet is making a bet on predicting whether a particular racer would finish higher than other drivers in the race. However, to make this kind of bet, you need to do a little research on such a racer and his past performances (statistic wise). Most gamblers have a higher probability of winning if they do this than just randomly picking a racer. Some gamblers under the proposition bet category also bet on which car manufacturer would come out tops in the Daytona 500 race. The available options are Toyota, Chevy, Mercedes, Nissan and so many others. The love people have for a particular brand of car, engine specifications and other car features have an influence on how the odds vary.

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The NASCAR Champion Bets

This is one of the most popular bets around. These are future bets where you bet on who or which team would become Champions at the end of the Championship season. The gambler could bet which team according to him would be victorious at the Constructor’s Championship or could secure the Racer’s Championship or even do both. The odds are quite favorable before the race starts, so it is advisable to place your bets before the races begin. So in fact, the payout odds the gambler gets could be less favorable than before the race even started. If a Racer begins the season rather disappointingly, you could earn a better payout odds if they eventually win the Championships. As expected, the bet payout would be higher if placed before the race starts and the odds go back and forth as the race lingers on.

Let’s check out this example of Daytona 500 odds.

Racer A: + 800, Racer B: +1000, Racer C: +1000, Racer D: + 1200, Racer E: +4000, Racer F: + 3000.

This illustrates that future bets are followed by very good odds and you could take your chance by a considerably large amount on a single wager.

Find the Best Sportsbooks for Betting Daytona 500

Make sure to go to our sports betting comparison page to find out the top sport bookies that are most attractive to gamblers and offer the best odds for very lucrative bets. You must remember that Live odds change from the most popular sports bookmakers. We have compiled all for you to ensure you select the best options and to make sure you earn considerably huge rewards from your bets. If you need any help concerning this, you can contact the customer service agents provided by the sportsbook's questions. Not to worry about unsafe betting sites, our list of sports betting sites is totally reliable and give big payouts when you hit big. Play now to win big. Remember to sign up and provide a valid email address to access all this exciting benefit awaiting you. You could also get familiar with top Daytona 500 drivers. Take advantage of the bonuses that our recommended sports betting sites offer and do not hesitate to use it if it favors you. Remember to read the Terms and Conditions before you use a bonus.

Note that you must be above the minimum age for online sports betting to successfully wager.

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Why to bet the Daytona 500 odd

You have the opportunity to make bets which are very rewarding in the Daytona 500. Remember to do research on the driver and other statistics before you place that bet. Try and be patient before making that final bet, be sure to think thoroughly about the betting options. You can earn big payout rewards if you predict correctly, and to do this, you need to review the past performances and the capabilities of the driver. Except you are playing for the fun of it, do not randomly choose a player to bet on. Also look up major sports media and news to earn that big payout.
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