Betting Money Line: A Straightforward System of Betting

For many sports bettors, betting moneyline serves as the most straightforward system of betting. A moneyline wager simply involves placing bets on either the favorite team or the underdog to win the game. You’ll simply have to predict which teams will end up with a win, regardless of whether the win is in form of a landslide or a narrow victory. This favors many sports bettors since you need not worry about how much the team you wager on wins, as a win for them is automatically a win for you.

Important facts to know on betting money line
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  • It simply involves a wager on who will win the game

  • You need not wager on how much the team will win

  • The system cuts across a wide variety of sports

  • It yields a high reward when you predict correctly

Betting Moneyline explained

Being a sports punter, you’re faced with a good number of betting methods, these include Spread Betting, 3 Way Moneyline,

Quarter and 1st Half Lines bets, Halftime Lines, Parlays, Totals and Future bets. As a starter in the betting world, it may truly be quite confusing to select one especially with their names which appear intimidating to first timers, however you need not fret. This article serves as a comprehensive guide on the easiest form, Moneyline betting.

Moneyline is probably the simplest form of sports betting you could possibly think of as it allows the punter to straight up bet on which of the teams will win the match, regardless of the actual result and the points difference. Our guide in betting for dummies also help in this regard. If you can guess the winner right all other factors will not play a part in this bet type.

Applicable Sports

Moneyline is a very simple form of sports betting and for that reason it can be applied to nearly all sports, be it tennis, basketball, football or soccer except when ties occur (expatiated below). Moneyline betting is also widely patronized as it’s not limited by regulation time or the spread of a win. All that matters is a win in whatever sports you’re placing your money on. Some of the applicable sports include:

The National Football League (NFL)

Of all major American sports, the National Football League is the most popular which ends with the Superbowl every season. Here in the U.S, football is generally loved and a lot of fans bet on their favorite teams, for instance, I personally have wagered wins on every Oakland Raiders game for over nine years and honestly, I’m not stopping anytime soon.

The NFL is quite specific compared to other sports in the fact that draws are not very common in it. For that reason, moneyline betting becomes extremely attractive as there is almost always a winner in each game played. The odds are made for both teams, giving the underdog odds with a + sign in front, signifying how much you would win by wagering $100 and the favorite the - sign, symbolizing how much one needs to wager in order to win $100. A good example of a possible moneyline bet in the NFL could be:

New Orleans Saints -150

Dallas Cowboys + 200

In the example above, New Orleans Saints are the side with the better chances to win, forcing you to bet $150 to win a profit of $100. If you bet on the Cowboys on the other hand, you should bet just $100 to win a profit of $200, which is reasonable considering that the team is an underdog to come out on top. Overtime counts for the bets you make unless the contrary is stated.

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Major League Baseball (MLB)

The process is very similar in the game of Baseball, your preferred Sportsbook provides you with the likely result backing the favorite team which comes with low odds and the less likely result with more odds, for a clearer understanding, look at the scene where a Sportsbook displays this:

New York Yankees -175

Baltimore Orioles+200

As a sports bettor, you simply need to bet on the team you believe will win the game, the Sportsbooks consider New York Yankees the favorites meaning you would have to lay $175 to win $100. As for the Baltimore Orioles, they are considered the underdogs by the bookies, therefore a bet of $100 will reward you with $200.

National Hockey League (NHL)

Since the 2004-2005 Collective Bargaining Agreement which eliminated the possibility of a hockey game ending in a tie, there has always been a winner at the end of every match. Therefore, moneyline betting perfectly suits the NHL. The process is similar, you’re basically betting on one team to beat the other. For example, take a look at this:

Toronto Maple Leafs -150

Chicago Blackhawks +200

From the explanations above, you should now be able to decipher the Sportsbook favorite and the underdog which are the Maple Leafs and the Blackhawks respectively. You’re also aware that when betting moneyline, you simply need to bet on who will win.


Globally speaking, soccer may just be the most popular of all the sports. Even in the USA, the Major League Soccer (MLS) has been on a major uptick in recent years, while international competitions such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and Champions League all bring together millions of fans from all over the planet on a weekly basis.

Betting moneyline in Soccer is best used in tournament matches such as Cup games which have passed group stages, are between the knockouts to the finals and have a possibility of extending into extra time and penalties. This is because a clear winner must emerge in such situations. However, this does not stop you from using it for a league game during a regular season, since you’ll have your money back even if a draw happens.

For practicality, pay close attention to this,

D.C. United – 170

Chicago Fire + 220

In this particular case, the bookies are considering the D.C. United as the heavy favorite to win the game. For that reason, placing $170 on their win will result in just a $100 profit, which is still quite fair if you consider the fact that the team is very likely to come out on top. On the other hand, should Chicago Fire win, every player who has placed $100 on that outcome will come out with a $220 profit, which is substantial all things considered.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

Same as most other sports, moneyline betting in the NBA gives players the option of choosing one of the two sides to win the game. Like in other sports, the odds will be made up depending on the team's realistic or at least projected chance to actually come out as a winner.

As already explained, this simple process of moneyline betting makes it easily useable across many sporting competitions, such as tennis, golf, auto racing. Basically, wherever a winner will emerge, betting moneyline is perfect.

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This is a frequently asked question on Moneyline bets especially for those interested in placing bets on sports which can end as a tie. The 3 way moneyline solves this since it provides for an option of betting on a draw. However, whereby you play a moneyline bet, your team needs a victory for you to win. So, what happens when both teams share points and you’re faced with a tie?

When faced with such a situation, you’re not recognized as a winner or a loser, the bet will end up as a push and you’ll be refunded the money you had wagered.

Betting Moneyline Calculator

Before placing your bets, the casino already provides you with the amount to be won online by a winning selection, as represented with the numbers with plus or minus signs. All the teams with minus before their numbers are considered favorites while those with the plus are the underdogs. However, always remember, the higher the risk, the higher the reward! Therefore, betting moneyline favorites will yield less money, whereas betting moneyline underdogs will yield a more favorable return.

Using the last example of D.C. United and Chicago Fire;

D.C. United -170

Chicago Fire +220

When you pick D.C. United, you have a win of $100 for every $170 bet. For your profit, you simply need to divide 100 by the moneyline number, in this case (100/170) which amounts to 0.58. Therefore, you get paid $0.58 for every $1 bet. So when you rightly bet $100, you get a profit of $58. In all, you go home with your $100 stake and your $58 profit amounting to $158 in all.

When you bet $100 on Chicago Fire, the underdog, you will get a reward of $220 for a winning bet. The total amount you’ll receive is $320, which is your $100 with the $220 profit made. ($220/$100 which is $2.2 on every dollar you bet in this scenario.)

Please note: $100 is used in this write-up for clarity, you can always bet lower amounts as permitted by your preferred Sportsbook.

The demerit of betting moneyline is that you’re simply restricted to one choice, it does not give you the opportunity of making a double chance as the 3 way moneyline. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out your research on the team you’re betting on by:

  1. Checking the results of the team you intend betting on, this will help you in getting the current form of the team you’re rooting for. It is not advisable to bet on a team that has been on a losing streak for a while.
  2. Observing home and away forms: Some teams are very reliable when playing at home, while others may have a poor away form. These are very important facts to note before placing your bets on a team.

Want to know more about Moneyline Betting?

You probably never knew betting could be this easy. With a simple selection of who will win a match, you too get to be a winner! Now, if you’re wondering where to find trusted websites that provide this opportunity, don’t go online randomly searching just yet, but rather check out our detailed sports betting comparison which lists all the best sports betting sites in the USA where you can place wagers on every major sports betting market you choose.

Once you have chosen your favorite site, the only thing left to do is create your player account and jump into the action. Depending on the site you choose, you will likely need to accept some cookies onto your device as well as accept all the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy, all of which make sure you know what you are getting into and are playing for real money willingly. Remember that the customer service departments are also always there to help, so use them to your advantage.

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Let Moneyline Serve You

The beauty of betting moneyline is the fact that you have just one job, which is to predict the winner correctly while you watch as you reap the rewards of your “hardwork”. More so, the fact that it suits a wide variety of sports means you can spread your winnings across by selecting winners in those games you follow. As sports bettors, we all admit that the greater the risk, the better the reward, so why not place your bet and watch as the underdog gives you the fattest bone!

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