Betting Game Of Thrones 2020: Odds & Strategies

Game of Thrones was one of the most popular television series of all-time, as fans of the show were treated to dramatic twists and turns all in a visually stunning medieval setting. And with the show coming to an end, talk of a movie and other projects related to the Game of Thrones universe are still being discussed. And, just like one could during the television series, betting Game of Thrones allows fans of the show to get directly involved to give them a vested interest in the outcomes of any future films or projects that arise from it. While bettors may not end up on the iron throne or rule Westeros, they can earn a little extra coin by knowing how to bet on Game of Thrones odds.

Everything you need to know about Betting Game Of Thrones
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  • One of the most popular shows ever

  • Bettors can wager on future of franchise

  • Low betting limits on entertainment props

What is Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones was one of the most popular television series of all-time. The show had sort of a medieval setting where there were people who fought with swords, dragons, and everything in between for the right to rule the land. Characters like Jon Show, Daenerys, Bran, the Stark family and countless others throughout Westeros and beyond were compelling. While the show may not have been for everyone, it had one of the most devoted followings in the history of television, as viewers loved the show even more than they loved the wildly popular series of novels that were written and inspired the existence of the television show itself even with the final season leaving some wanting more.

The Game of Thrones television series has come to an end, but the journey of the characters within the show may not be done just yet after the final season. There has been talks of a movie to come from the franchise, along with talks about spin-off programs related to some of the most popular characters that were in the original program through the final season.

Can I bet on Game of Thrones?

Betting Game of Thrones is still something that can be done, yes. There are a lot of bets being accepted that are related to the future of the Game of Thrones franchise from a number of angles, which has created an interesting situation where bettors can speculate not just on the future of the characters within the show but on the show itself and where it may be headed for the Stark clan, the descendents of Daenerys, Jon, Bran and more.

To place a bet on Game of Thrones, while hopefully avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers, bettors have to look into finding a betting site that offers new odds on the program. Once one has been found, a bettor can find the new betting market that they want to take part in related to the program and choose their stake amount. Once they have decided how much they want to wager on that new betting market, they can see what their potential return on such a bet would be and confirm their wager.

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Types of Game of Thrones bets

There are a few different bets related to Game of Thrones, all of which make for a more interesting experience related to the fandom of the show. Some of these wagers are about the characters in the program themselves, while others are based on the actual future of the Game of Thrones franchise outside of the cinematic world in which the show lives. Here is a list of some of the bets that are commonly available surrounding the program.

  • Futures bets and odds
  • Prop bets and odds

The futures odds market for Game of Thrones is an interesting thing, as it has evolved somewhat since the conclusion of the television series. The most popular of the futures odds markets that existed when the original series was airing was who would end the series atop the iron throne after the final season. Without spoiling the series, it is needless to say that there was some controversy surrounding the way that final prop bet was graded when all was said and done. However, the futures or long term bet  market has evolved to reflect the most recent developments in the series since its completion.

Today, futures bets surrounding Game of Thrones aren’t about who will rule the realm once the show is complete. Instead, there are bets about what kind of future Game of Thrones content fans may be able to get in the future. This includes things like whether or not there will be a movie related to the show in the future or whether there will be a spin-off television series related to the original Game of Thrones program. Other questions like where such programming would air have also been put into the betting markets at one point or another.

Popular Game of Thrones bets also include prop bets. During the airing of the original series, these included things like how a main character on the show was going to be killed or if they would survive until the end of the show. They also included questions about who would get rid of whom, so to speak, and which characters on the show would end up with the highest body counts when all was said and done. These all made the original television series even more compelling than it already was.

Is Game of Thrones still on TV?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. On one hand, no, the original Game of Thrones television series is no longer on television in that there are no longer new episodes being generated for the series. However, there is still the ability to watch all of the episodes of the show thanks to the ability to watch them on demand through any service that allows people to watch HBO programming on demand. That is a huge plus for those who were late in getting to the series, and makes sure that people can catch up on what has happened so far.

Of course, rumors have been swirling that there will be additional installments of the show that fans can watch in the future. Whether that will come in the form of a standalone movie that spins off of the series or through other means remains to be seen. What will be true, though, is the fact that fans of the show don’t appear to be done getting their Game of Thrones content just yet as there appears to be plenty more of it coming for those who are interested in the near future.

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How can I continue to bet on Game of Thrones?

Betting on Game of Thrones in the aftermath of the original television series is something that is interesting, in that it opens up the possibility for more wagering related to one of the most popular television programs in history. Bettors can still wager on the show today, typically by betting on whether or not more content related to the original show will be coming out. This often beams betting on whether or not a movie or television show related to the original show will take place.

In a similar vein, some betting sites have already made it possible to bet on what the fate of certain characters will be should there be more Game of Thrones content in the near future. One thing that bettors should never forget when they make these bets is the fact that the show may not end up continuing at all. In that case, bettors would have to take a look at what the rules are at their preferred betting site. Some sites make it so that every wager has action, even if there doesn’t end up being another show or movie to follow up on the TV series, making it harder to win.

Instead, bettors might want to find a place where another version of the program has to take place in order for the bets to be final. This is similar to sports betting, where players have to understand the rules of their bookmaker to make sure that last minute pitching changes or other changes to a game don’t harm the odds of their bets potentially ending in a win.

Find a great place to wager

With the Game of Thrones television series having concluded, there may not be as many options for places to wager on the franchise as there used to be. However, there are still some places that offer this type of wagering for future content. Whether it is Game of Thrones betting or other wagering, bettors should use our sportsbook comparison tool to find the best place to bet for their needs. No matter what your top priorities are, you can use this tool to compare sites based on those criteria to give yourself the best possible betting experience. Don’t wait for the next big television phenomenon to come and go. Use our sportsbook comparison tool and get your bonus today.

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A game worth playing

Game of Thrones was popular because it combines fantasy elements and merged them with real life emotions that came from the many plots that the show brought to life. And while time will tell what future projects the cast will be brought into, the thing everyone can count on is the fact that there will likely be Game of Thrones betting options available for whatever comes next for the series and for Bran and the rest of the cast. With so much intrigue surrounding the different plots that were unresolved by the end of the show, only time will tell what is used to wrap them up and what can be wagered on as they are resolved.
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