Betting For The Super Bowl 2020: Odds & Strategies

Betting for the Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year in American sports betting. With tens of millions of people tuning in for the same game at the same time, there is never a shortage of people who want to bet on this annual showcase contest. In this guide to betting on the Super Bowl, find out what you can bet and win on leading up to the Super Bowl, as well as some helpful bet tips that football bettors should keep in mind when they go to place their bets for the biggest game of the year in the United States.

Everything you need to know about Betting For The Super Bowl
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  • The most watched sporting event in America

  • The most betting odds and markets of any sporting event

  • Higher limits than in most sporting events

When is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is played on the first Sunday in February each year, as the final week of the NFL season takes place during the first weekend of the second month on the calendar. The end of the season could come sooner each year, but the NFL has made the decision to give the teams competing in the game a week off in between the conference championship round and the Super Bowl. During that additional week, the Pro Bowl takes place and serves as the NFL’s version of an All-Star Game.

Because of the fact that the biggest game of the year in the NFL is held in February, it is common for the league to hold the Super Bowl in warm weather cities. There have been exceptions to this rule, including cities such as Detroit, Minneapolis, and New York hosting the game in the past. But the majority of the Super Bowls that have been held have taken place in cities like Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami to name a few. With the influx of stadiums with roofs, it is possible that the expansion of Super Bowl host cities will continue to include more venues in Northern NFL cities.

Who plays in the Super Bowl?

The participants in the Super Bowl each year have to earn their way into the game by navigating through the rest of the postseason. Both the NFC and AFC bring six teams into the playoffs, with the four division winners in each conference and two wild card teams in each conference making up the playoff field. The top two seeds in each conference receive a bye and automatically qualify for the second round of the playoffs. Perhaps just as important as the first round bye is the fact that the team with the better record in each round is able to host each game and have their crowd behind them.

When there are two teams remaining in each conference, the conference championship games are what determine who will play in the Super Bowl. Both the NFC and AFC championship games are held at the stadium of the highest seeded team remaining in each conference, with the winner of each game going to the Super Bowl. Interestingly enough, the winners of the conference championship games are not eligible to send their players to the Pro Bowl, while the teams that lost in the conference championship games typically send their players to take part in the game.

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Super Bowl betting history

The history of betting for the Super Bowl is a fascinating one, as the combination of two of the best teams in the league has resulted in massive point spreads, narrow point spreads and everything in between. The biggest point spread in the history of the Super Bowl came in Super Bowl III, which may have been the most memorable game in the history of the series as well. The Baltimore Colts were 18 point favorites against the New York Jets heading into that game, but lost outright to a Jets team that pulled off one of the sport’s great upsets. Other double digit favorites to lose outright in the Super Bowl include the St. Louis Rams in 2002 and the New England Patriots in 2008.

In terms of the history of betting for the Super Bowl total, the results have largely been split evenly among the over and under. With the different styles of play in the NFL over the years and the way that the betting public has perceived those styles, it is not entirely surprising that football bettors have seen the total for the game not fall too far above or below the .500 mark as the sample size of Super Bowl totals has grown.

What kinds of Super Bowl bets can I make?

There are plenty of Super Bowl bets that football bettors can make leading up to the big game that run the gamut from the conventional to the completely out of the ordinary. With the Super Bowl being as popular as it is, there is no surprise that there is an increased selection of betting markets to choose from. Here is a list of some of the bet markets that football bettors have to choose from.

  • Moneyline bet
  • Spread odds
  • Totals odds
  • Prop odds
  • In-game odds

Moneyline odds, spread odds and totals odds are the same as what sports bettors would find across other sports betting opportunities. The moneyline bet odds ask sports bettors to bet on which team is going to win a game. Spread betting odds ask the same question, only with a handicap applied to the point total of the team that a bettor is backing. And totals bet odds ask sports bettors to predict if a point total for a game will fall above or below the number set by the online bookmaker.

Prop bets are where Super Bowl betting gets truly interesting. The amount of prop betting markets that sports bettors see for the Super Bowl dwarfs just about any other sporting event. Football bettors can bet on more standard prop bet options such as what the longest scoring play of a game will be. But they can also bet on and win exotic props such as the number of times that an announcer will say a certain phrase during a game or what the color of the drink that will be poured on the winning coach will be.

Finally, in-game betting has become a big part of Super Bowl betting just as it has the rest of the sports betting calendar. Sports bettors have the ability to bet and win on a lot of the same markets that are available before the start of the game, only with odds that are updated based on what has happened in the game to that point. There are also in-game specific markets such as props that ask what the result of specific drives will be or who will score next in the game with odds that depend on how the teams have performed to that point.

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Super Bowl betting tips and strategy

As far as Super Bowl betting strategies are concerned, football bettors should be sure to factor experience into the equation more than they would during a regular game in their bets. While the more experienced team does not always win Super Bowl bets, there are plenty of circumstances in this game that favor a team that has been in this situation before. The fact that there is an extra week of rest leading up to the game and the fact that halftime is longer than it is in a normal game are both things that can trip up teams that are not used to those wrinkles in the schedule, and could aid a team that has done it before.

Also important from a bet strategy perspective is understanding how the matchups on each side play off of one another. With an extra week to prepare, teams are likely to be as healthy as possible to play in the Super Bowl. Additionally, teams have an extra week to identify the advantages and disadvantages they have over their opponents. Identifying mismatches and picking out which coaches can be trusted to exploit them or overcome them is something that the most seasoned NFL bettors can do with ease.

Find your ideal place for betting on the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the most bet on events in all of sports, so it is no surprise that virtually every sportsbook in the world has extensive bets and betting odds available on the game. So how should you go about picking a sportsbook to bet and win on the Super Bowl with? Using our sportsbook comparison tool is a great place to start. You can look at the different sportsbooks and what they can offer NFL bettors based on the criteria you care about most, such as a bonus or odds, to make the best selection for your own preferences. Don’t miss your chance to pick a sportsbook and get your bet bonus by using our sportsbook comparison tool today.

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The gold standard of gambling

Betting for the Super Bowl is more common than betting on any other American sporting event, thanks in large part to all of the bet options that are available to NFL bettors as they attempt to place profitable bets in this legacy-defining game. As long as NFL bettors don’t get too caught up in all of the bets that they have at their disposal and they focus on the things that they know best, there is no reason that NFL bettors can’t give themselves as good a chance as possible to come out with some bet profits during the biggest event in American sports on an annual basis.
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