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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Betting For NFL 2021: Odds & Strategies

In terms of American sports leagues, there isn’t one more popular than the NFL. The National Football League routinely smashes ratings records across all of American television each week because fans just can’t keep their eyes off of the action on a week to week basis. Betting for NFL games is also more popular than most forms of sports betting, as fans want to have an interest in the contests they are watching. In this guide to NFL betting, find out how to bet on the NFL, what kinds of new pro football bets can be placed along with advice on how to be a sharper NFL bettor for this season and every NFL season.

Everything you need to know about Betting For NFL
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  • America’s most popular sport

  • Large number of betting odds available

  • Spread wagering the most common market

  • Extensive prop betting odds and markets exist

How does NFL betting work?

NFL betting picks are easy to make, as sports bettors don’t have to do a lot of work in order to place a new bet in the most popular sport in America. First, a bettor needs to login to their favorite online bookmaker. From there, they have the ability to navigate to the NFL betting odds section of their preferred betting site and go through the list of betting odds that are available. Once a bettor has selected the bets that they want to make, sports bettors can choose the stake amount that they want to risk on each bet. At that point, they can confirm the bet that they want to make as well as the risk amount and potential return on investment.

There are a large number of new NFL betting lines that are up for grabs each week, with even more new options available when the postseason and Super Bowl betting season come around. The key for sports bettors is to stick to the things that they know best unless they want to have some fun trying some of the more new and exotic wagering choices that exist. No matter what odds markets are chosen, though, sports bettors shouldn’t have a hard time placing their best, which is the most important thing.

What kinds of NFL bets can I make?

There are tons of NFL bets that can be made, both on single games and over the course of an entire season. The diverse menu of betting options create situations where sports bettors can take advantage of niches that they have in-depth knowledge of to create value for themselves where others might have a hard time finding it. Here is a list of some of the key NFL sports betting odds markets that players take advantage of throughout the season.

  • Moneyline markets
  • Spread odds
  • Totals odds
  • Prop bets
  • Futures odds
  • Teasers

Moneyline betting for NFL games asks sports bettors to decide which team is going to win a game. These bets include overtime and are graded as a push if a game ends in a tie. The spread betting market requires sports bettors to make a prediction on which team will win each game with a handicap applied to their point total. Spread wagers are the most common NFL wagers, as the spread each week is talked about more than anything else. And totals odds ask sports bettors to determine if the amount of points scored in a game will end up above or below the amount that a sportsbook sets before the start of a game or during a game when in-play betting.

Prop bets are something that NFL bettors have access to more than sports bettors in most sports because of how elaborate the NFL can be with its statistics and how well that translates to the betting odds. These can include over unders on different statistical categories for players, as well as props such as which team will score the most points on a given week or which team will score the first points of the day. Other popular props include single game props like the longest field goal made in a game and whether or not a team will score points three straight times in a game.

Futures require bettors to think long term with their bets, as players can bet on odds and markets such as which team will win the Super Bowl or which teams will face one another in the biggest game of the NFL season. These odds markets can also include bets on which players will win individual awards such as the MVP award of offensive player of the year.

Finally, bets like teasers are used more commonly in the NFL than they are in other sports. These bets give bettors the ability to make combination bets in the NFL with more favorable lines and totals than football betting enthusiasts can bet while making wagers on single lines. This makes it easier to cover the spread or win the totals odds lines, but the payouts are not as generous as the original betting lines.

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Important NFL events

The most important and most bet event on the NFL calendar each year is the Super Bowl, of course, Super Bowl betting and Super Bowl viewership are the highest of any sporting event in America each year, as well over 100 million people tune into the game on an annual basis. This game defines the legacies of the best players in the sport, as winning a championship can give a great player an instant pass into the Hall of Fame.

Another important section of the NFL calendar comes just before the Super Bowl, as the NFL playoffs play out. The playoffs take the six best teams in the AFC and NFC and have them compete for the right to appear in the Super Bowl. Betting on these games is very entertaining, as the intensity of teams trying to get to the Super Bowl is noticeable and makes for a betting experience that is incredibly gratifying.

Things to remember when placing NFL bets

When placing bets on the NFL, football bettors should remember that games should be looked at within the context of a team’s entire schedule. While a team might be better than their opponent overall, they also might be worse equipped to deal with a specific game given where it fits into their schedule for the season. If a team has a more important game coming up, for example, football bettors should keep that in mind as a team might come out flat while looking ahead to the more important matchups on their schedule.

Also worth remembering is that injuries are a huge part of the NFL and NFL sports betting. There are players who mean a ton to teams that many casual football fans haven’t even heard of. Knowing who those players are and how injuries can impact the chances of success for each team is vital to NFL handicapping. With the physical nature of NFL games, injuries are inevitable for most teams. The key is figuring out how to use those injuries to your advantage when placing your bets each week.

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NFL betting tips and strategies

Perhaps the most valuable strategy when betting on the NFL is utilizing reverse line movement to bet. Thanks to all of the sources of NFL information out there, football bettors are able to find out what percentage of tickets and money are on each team in an NFL game. If a large percentage of tickets and money are on one side, but the line is moving the other way, reverse line movement is taking place. Games where reverse line movement takes place are opportunities for football bettors to place new wagers where one side may have an edge even if the betting public doesn’t seem to see things that way. And with the goal of NFL betting being to find value in the odds markets, this could be a golden opportunity.

Another popular strategy is to look for opportunities to bet on underdogs in division games. Division games usually see hated rivals play one another in games throughout the season. Because these teams know each other very well, as they play each other at least twice a year, their games are normally close. This opens the opportunity for football bettors to take high numbers of points with underdogs in some instances, which can lead to profits in games where both teams utilize their knowledge of one another to neutralize their respective strengths.

Find the perfect NFL betting site

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Popular for a reason
NFL betting odds are exciting because of how tightly linked it is to the action on the field itself. Spreads, for example, are mentioned on NFL broadcasts and feel like a part of the game the same way that first downs or incomplete passes are. With point spreads, totals and countless other odds markets being available, football bettors have the ability to use their unique knowledge of the game to generate winnings in a number of different ways. And as sports betting in the United States continues to grow, expect NFL betting to grow right along with it as fans get more accustomed to wagering on the country’s most beloved sport.
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