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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Betting College Basketball 2021: All you need to Get Started

Outside of the most iconic basketball league, the United States National Basketball Association or simply the NBA, basketball games are very beloved, closely followed and wagered on while at the same time, college sports including college basketball games are not as popular as professional basketball leagues. However, this is not the case in the USA where college sports including college basketball are a huge deal and there is a great number of sports betting fans and enthusiasts who wager on such sports events. Some of these events include the most iconic NCAA football events alongside basketball events. With College tournaments taking place yearly, such as NCAA Basketball, sports bettors can avail themselves of certain strategies such as moneyline bets, spread bets, proposition bets amongst the various methods. This article serves as lamp guide should you consider venturing into basketball betting.

Everything you need to know about Betting College Basketball
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  • College Basketball betting is profitable

  • There are several betting strategies

  • Some top strategies are Betting moneyline, Point spread betting, and others

Betting College Basketball Explained

College basketball is immensely popular in the USA and betting on NCAA games is one of the favorite pastimes for many avid sports bettors. In the United States, fans of sports betting activities have great chances of acquiring profits from College basketball games due to the numerous games going on simultaneously and the many available betting options offered to them. There are many betting systems and strategies that can be used to bet on college basketball games, so make sure you learn them now and start betting the right way.

Basic strategies (Moneyline bets, Run Lines and Total Bets)

New bettors who are just getting involved with college basketball betting should make sure to learn the more basic betting methods first before jumping into the more advanced systems. These basic betting markets include the moneyline, totals and runs. These basic wagering methods can lead to solid profits with high consistency and without too much risk or volatility involved, so let's learn a bit more about them:

  1. Betting Moneylines:. betting moneyline, means you are placing your bet on who you think will win the match. You do not care about the final scoreline as all you are concerned with is placing your money on the final winner of the game. The odds are generally low for moneyline bets and hence a low payout as well. If you are looking for a low risk betting line, you just might love the moneyline betting technique. For an in-depth discussion on this technique, refer to Betting moneyline article.
  2. Spread betting: spread betting involves wagering on the winning difference by which a team will win the game. You are not just betting on the team to win, but by how many points difference the team of choice will win the game. This comes with a higher odd and a larger payout. So, if you are so sure and certain by how many points difference a team will win at least with, the spread betting is your go to
  3. Betting Totals (over/under betting): In betting totals strategy, the winner of the game is irrelevant to the punter. In totals betting, sports operator has set a threshold by which the totals of the two teams score will be after the game (could be 190 points) all you need to do is place a bet over or under the set total score - that is whether the two teams will end up scoring over the set score or under the set total score.

For newcomers who are just getting started to wager on sports events, we recommend that they start with the bets mentioned in the article. If you are a beginner, make sure you start with the most basic bets before you move to more advanced wagering systems which naturally require using more advanced betting strategies. Keep in mind that using advanced bets you always increase the expected payouts, but these betting systems are always more complex and they always require more understanding and knowledge which beginners generally lack. In other words, fans of sports betting should start with the easier bets before they move on more complex, more difficult betting systems.

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Higher (Advanced) Betting Strategies: Pleaser betting strategy, Teasers & more

While the three strategies for college basketball betting we mentioned already are probably the most frequent, this does not mean that other betting markets are not also available. A few interesting betting strategies for advanced players have been developed over the years and they are used by those who know basketball and how it works a lot better than your average novice bettor. Strategies such as pleaser, teaser, propositions and parlays are all included in these higher betting strategies.

Pleasers and Teasers: How to Play Pleasers and Teasers Strategy

Both the Pleaser betting strategy and the Teaser betting strategy have a similar approach to betting on basketball. Pleasers and teasers are used to move the money line either in favor of the sportsbook or the player, while changing the odds in the process. The pleaser bet will give you a line that is harder to achieve along with better odds. A teaser, on the other hand, moves the line down but also makes the odds less interesting and favorable. Some advanced players are able to predict matches with extremely high numbers of points and in this way move the line for total points up and make more money once their bet does come in. Pleaser and teaser bets are harder to make money at, but also more rewarding.

Parlays: How to Play the Parlays Strategy

Parlay betting is something present not only in the world of college basketball betting but rather every sport out there. Parlays are mixed bets, where multiple bets are placed on a single parlay. In order to win a parlay, the player must win every single bet in it. The odds are multiplied in turn, making every new addition to the parlay progressively more valuable. These highly volatile bets are often used by complete beginners looking to have some fun, but also very serious bettors who want to capitalize on multiple bets by combining them into one and scoring big.

Proposition bets: How to Play the Proposition Bet Strategy

Proposition bets are really not something that a player can influence too much and to be completely honest it is hard to say if there are any bettors who make money on them. Props give punters a chance to bet on very specific things that will happen during a college basketball match and more props are usually offered during special events of the season. There is a chance to win some big bucks from props since they are highly unlikely to happen and often come with great odds, but the likelihood of them happening is very low. It is up to you as the player to decide if you think investing money in prop bets is a good idea or a complete waste of time and money.

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Live Betting: How to Play the Live Bet Strategy

Live betting is just betting as the game unfolds. This involves betting as the action is unfolding on your TV screen. Live betting is enjoyable and equally profitable as players are rewarded with impressive payouts. Serious College basketball sports bettors can rely on live betting to cash in as big matches take place. During live college basketball games, the odds in the game undergo frequent changes and are attractive. Therefore, wagering when the odds are high and attractive helps you to win bigger payouts. With Live wagering, it is also possible to hedge some of your bets in a situation where the odds shift in a huge manner compared to one of your previous bets.

Find the Best Sportsbooks For Betting College Basketball!

We have provided you with a full rundown of all the options you have when it comes to college basketball betting in 2021. You can get started by picking any of the dozens of legal and regulated online betting sites available in our sports betting comparison. Each site there offers NCAA betting and there are plenty of other betting markets along with it to make things even more interesting. Opening an account with these bookies is completely free, so don't be shy about signing up with more than one, claiming some bonuses and experimenting with the basic betting strategies for NCAA betting we have introduced you to in this short guide.

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Bet on College Basketball with the right strategy
With the many College Basketball games played, Betting on college Basketball is a profitable market for sports bettors. For sports bettors who play with the right strategy, there is a great possibility of having multiple wins from various games wagered on. However, being profitable is not based on luck, but rather, by relying on the proper betting strategy that favors you and secondly, betting with the right sportsbooks. With these, you won’t find College Basketball as only a source for entertainment, but also another avenue to earn a profit.
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