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Betstars Contact Email

  • It gives gamers the opportunity to request support
  • Users with access to the contact email make specific request
  • The email and customer support service are available 24/7
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BetStars is FOX Bet now
The Stars Group has renamed its BetStars branding. The online services are offered through "FOX Bet" now. You can find the new review here.

Going by our previous article on BetStars Account, the opportunity to reach out to the team through the BetStars Contact Email cannot be overemphasized. The BetStars contact email is a valuable addition that credible gambling websites must have to enable customers feel catered for over the internet. Not only do users of the website get adequate support to understand the policies, terms and conditions, it also avails users the platform to convey their betting complaints.

BetStars Contact Email

If you have checked out our article on Betfair Exchange, you would see that making responsible gaming predictions in different sports like Basketball, poker, tennis, darts, horse race and other sporting activities can be quite challenging and so making use of the BetStars contact email for customer support and guideline is highly encouraged. The BetStars contact email is an online avenue which people use to get human connection during a betting window. To further get to understand why this tool was introduced, let’s talk about BetStars as a bookmaker in sport gambling.

A Little Info about BetStars

Founded in 2007, BetStars is a corporate bookie from Australia. It was established by former-rails bookies (Michael together with Alan Eskander – his son.). BetStars had bases and establishments in Darwin & Melbourne. It became renowned for its reliability of being the source of variety of newspapers in Melbourne as regards odds and races. Their method of cross-promoting gave their brand wide exposure and reinforced BetStars names in the mind of bettors.  BetStars was, in 2009 recognized among 'Fast 100' establishments as a result of their impressive annual turnover within 3 years.  In 2014, Ladbrokes acquired BetStars.

Reaching the BetStars Customer Support Lines

BetStars provides bettors with some of the best odds out there on a wide variety of greyhound, harness and thoroughbred races with variety of product to bet on. BetStars static odds for metropolitan assemblies are among the top Australian and American corporate bookmakers online. They also offer several racing promotions each week.

BetStars Contact number is open all through the day and on any days of the week. There’s also a form that you can complete and which will get responded to. Just like BetStars contact email, the phone number is equally open all through the day, and any day of the week. The BetStars customer service number lines include;

The Nitty-Gritty on BetStars Contact Mail

Providing the BetStars contact email is a way to ensure excellent user experience. In fact, no matter what channel players choose, be it the main website, the mobile site or app, BetStars offers a five-star service. It is always decked out in its recognizable blue and orange style. There is an easy-to-browse menu at the top that takes players straight to the racing, sports, live betting and promotions sections of the site. Diving into the main sports area will reveal both Australian, American and International highlights, with a full menu of sporting activities running down the left-hand side of the page. The sports book offers punters a wide range of horse racing betting, across the board, as well as some markets for greyhound racing betting

Do I really need a BetStars Contact Email?

Ever tried opening a BetStars account and getting stuck at a point where you wish you had someone to guide you through it? This is where your need for quick problem-resolving wish is satisfied by reaching out to the support team via the BetStars Contact Email. As a recognized bookmaker, BetStars endeavor to guide its users on responsible gambling. That is, BetStars offers their customers a detailed responsible gambling guide, listing a range of information and tools to help punters who are wanting to keep their gambling in check.

Healthy and Responsible Gambling Habit Enforcer: BetStars currently provide customers the ability to set pre-commitment and deposit limits, the capacity for customers to self-exclude from the website, either on a temporary or a permanent basis, as well as providing additional information in relation to responsible gambling BetStars deposit method for more information on betting commitment and limits.

  • Self-Exclusion Option: If at any time you are worried that you are losing control of your gambling, BetStars gives customers the ability to self-exclude from the site. To self-exclude, you need to download and submit the BetStars Self-Exclusion form, or you can contact BetStars phone number via phone on 1300 123 888 or email
  • Pre-Commitment: BetStars pre-commitment limit gives customers the ability to set a maximum deposit that they can make either daily, weekly or monthly. The pre-commitment limit can be set by visiting your My Account page or again, by contacting BetStars customer support.
  • Deposit limits may be decreased at any time. However, it should be noted that there is a seven-day waiting period for any requested increases to your deposit limits.
  • Speedy Option for Resolution: From observations, you will notice that bettors usually want to experience a seamless gambling process and move on with other activities, therefore bettors take part in different online sports betting games in order to spread their risks. This then brings to light that whenever problem arises, bettors are always be on the lookout for fastest means of resolution which the contact email provides. Sometimes, when making use of betting strategies like we encourage in our Betfair Horse racing article and Betfair Golf articles, confusion might arise in which the best means to clear all kinds of reservation will be via the contact emails or telephone conversations as at when needed.

BetStars Customer Support Live Chat

Another interesting feature put in place by the BetStars customer support team for great customer user interface is the live support option. The Contact support via Live Chat is a great resource for players and is ideal for urgent queries or if you are looking for a quick answer to a small question. You can find it under Help (computer) or under Support (mobile). If chat is available to you, log in and go to:

  • Website
  • Desktop
  • Mobile

Select the topic and enter your question in the dedicated field, then select CHAT. If an operator is available, the chat will start straight away, and you can take it from there. We know how important direct support is, and that is why there is constant work on improving and expanding the feature on both web and mobile. If you do not see the option, then Live Chat is currently unavailable to you. So, in this case, the Contact Support form is the best option for you. It is safe, easy to use, and you will get your response to your query in no time! Again, you can find it under Help (computer) or under Support (mobile).

BetStars Not Enough? Check Out Even More Bookmakers

Undoubtedly, you need to have the BetStars contact email to give you a form of assurance that there are people handling your bets in real-time and if anything goes wrong or gets confusing in the long run, you know how to reach out to the through their support lines which includes; Contact email, telephone lines and live chat options. In some instances, you can use the telephone lines to make live betting while a game is in progress! Isn’t that refreshing? I believe it is wonderful that from the comfort of wherever you are, you only need to dial in to lock in your bets while a particular game is ongoing. Check out Sports Betting Comparison for the best operators to bet with and start winning right away!

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Min. Odds: -200

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The BetStars contact email has proven to be a great tool for reaching the support team at BetStars. Furthermore, if any problems creep up while placing a wager, punters can contact the BetStars support team using a free phone number, email or through the website message service. Having those options definitely made the platform easier to use and access at any point in time. To know how best to reach out to the support team, do visit our Sports Betting Comparison page.

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