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Betfair Prepaid Card

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  • It aids quick transfer of funds
  • It is generally acceptable
  • Enjoy a variety of prepaid card options
  • It attracts zero fees in extra charges
100% up to $200

Prepaid cards, like Betfair Prepaid Card, are financial cards issued by a third party but the money spent is the spender’s money. The card holder loads the Card with dollars or money in his desired currency. It’s like the contact point where financial needs are met. He is independent of any financial institution and acts accordingly. The available money is used to make new purchase and pay bills as much as the maximum account balance. Betfair Prepaid cards is no different. It allows the player withdraw money from gambling and betting in their Betfair Exchange account. The player can therefore use the cards to make payments and purchases thereof.

Betfair Prepaid Card and its Usage

Let’s set a solid background for understanding discourse around prepaid card by explaining related concepts: debit and credit cards. With recent advancement in monetary management and financial transaction, it is not strange to have money in one’s possession without sourcing from a third party such as the bank or other financial institution. This is not to despise the facilities such as the debit card or credit card, put in place to solve financial mobility, transaction complications and other monetary issues. The difference between debit card and credit card is not far-fetched.

Although, both cards perform the functions of making money available for purchase and payment of bills they differ in the source of funds. While funds or money in debit cards are owned by the card owner and spent till the maximum balance available, credit cards on the other hand involves spending bank’s or card issuer’s money with a promise of refund or reimbursement as agreed by the two parties. The similarity between debit cards and credit cards is that the funds have a direct link to or sourced from a financial institution usually a bank. Please note it’s also possible to have funds not linked to a third party.

Betfair Prepaid Card 2020 Explained

Betfair prepaid card are cards issued by Betfair of which funds/money are loaded or wired into it either through bank or any eligible financial institution. Prepaid cards are alternatives to bank. They bypass bank technicalities, procedures and certain functions. It has received popular patronage since inception. For almost 68 million people in the US who do not have a checking account, prepaid card plays a greater role by removing a number of huddles they face as a result of banking.

Betfair prepaid account allows holders of the issued prepaid card access to the virtual account and transact therewith. The player can make deposit and withdrawal of money with this card. Also, it is not limited to only Betfair Exchange but also extends usage to outside the spheres of the exchange to make payments and purchases where discover ® is used. It can also be used to wager and makes wagering while gaming quick and uninterrupted. Betfair prepaid card solves live problems in its fulfilment of service provision.

Application for Betfair Prepaid Card

Application for prepaid card starts with the creation of Betfair Exchange account on the exchange official website. It is important to note that Betfair websites offer best online services as regards bet- bonus, online casino, casino games, sportsbook, customer help and call service, privacy policy, security and also mobility via its mobile app.  Upon creation of account, users log in and click on the “deposit” link in the top right corner. Then select the “Betfair prepaid card” option after which you agree to the terms and conditions. At this point all you need to do is to click “enroll”. But there is no fund yet. To slot in fund the prepaid card, the user goes back to the account and click on the deposit link after which you click the prepaid card option and enter debit or credit details. Thereafter, you enter the amount you would like to deposit and confirm that all provided information is correct. You then click fund my account and at this point your Betfair prepaid card is ready to be used for purchases and payment of bills. Again, Betfair prepaid cards are used wherever Discover is accepted.

Getting back your funds back to your prepaid card can be achieved by going to the prepaid card option and clicking withdrawal, then click also the prepaid card option. Enter the amount you would like to transfer to your Betfair prepaid card and click withdrawal.

Acceptable Cards

The cards which are acceptable on the exchange official website are Visa delta, PayPal MasterCard, Solo visa Electron and MasterCard for debit cards and Visa and MasterCard for credit cards. However, UK debit cards can only be registered on GDP accounts. Also, you will not be able to withdraw funds back to a MasterCard issued outside one of these countries- United Kingdom, Ireland, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

Generally, Betfair prepaid cards are accepted in all places where Discover ® is accepted. Not just that, Betfair accepts, generally acceptable credit cards and debit cards to accommodate more flexibility for its account holders. So, account holders are not limited or inconvenienced. Betfair prepaid card has zero interest and maintenance fees. Betfair has done away with the $3.75 monthly maintenance fees on all active and valid cards during the period of their promotion. This implies that players have less expenses and more chances when using its prepaid card option.

Also, the speed at which deposits are made to Betfair Exchange account and transfers or withdrawals made from the account is instantaneous. Account-holders need not worry or wait for processing time of funds. Spending of funds on the Betfair prepaid card can be done instantly.

There also exist a variety of Betfair prepaid card options to choose from. There is the play+ which can either be in form of Betfair prepaid play+, Fanduel prepaid play+, and TVG prepaid play+. They are all acceptable in play+ provides a fast and easy way to deposit and cash out while playing online. It is a great way to manage your money and can be used everywhere Discover® is accepted. Play+ has high approval rate when loading funds and is easy to use. One benefit of play+ is that it has no credit check or credit limit. You can spend as much as the maximum balance that has been loaded previously or before. To sign up log on to the and click the deposit link. Select play+ as prepaid card payment option and fund it via Bank Card. There is also the VIP program as good option in the Betfair prepaid card options or services.

Why Choose Betfair Prepaid Card 2020?

The benefits of using Betfair prepaid card is a motivating factor to use the service.

  • Simplicity of its card issuance with less hassle is undisputable. As such, the evidence of its simplicity amounts to it convenience of transacting via the prepaid card. It has hundreds (100s) of slots and exclusive titles.
  • It boasts of quick transfers of funds to and from the prepaid card and the Betfair Exchange accounts. The interaction between the website and the prepaid card is configured such that users have a smooth experience with no huddles.
  • Betfair cards are generally acceptable in places where Discover® is used and also generally accepts eligible and legally recognized debit or credit cards. Users can load their card themselves and pay bills and make purchases without interruption or interference.
  • It is fascinating to know that Betfair prepaid card has zero interest and maintenance fees. The $3.75 fees were eliminated during the promotions.
  • Betfair prepaid card provides an array of prepaid card options from prepaid play+ to the VIP program.

Betfair Alternatives with Top Conditions

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The Ultimate Means of Transacting

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In conclusion, prepaid cards have a distinction from debit and credit cards. Prepaid cards do not link their funds to any financial institution. These benefits are also incorporated into Betfair prepaid card. The prepaid card has a very smooth interaction with the website. It is noteworthy that Betfair prepaid card is not only fascinating in itself as a prepaid card but also in its options and services. Simplicity in service delivery gives birth to the much-needed convenience user seek for. Among other things, Betfair prepaid card gives fast and reliable transfer and deposits of funds. It’s generally acceptable and also doesn’t discriminate against third party debit and credit card inasmuch they fulfill the legal and eligibility criteria. It also gives zero interest and maintenance fees and provides a variety of options to choose from. It is very accurate to say that Betfair prepaid is fascinating for the trial or usage.
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