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September 13, 2021
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Our Associate Stephen is a former poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada, and online media editor. His in-depth view of the US online poker industry and his skills in playing the game are allowing him to write high-class and well-researched articles about regulation, legalization and poker events. He has an M.B.A in math and worked for several Universities.
Our Associate Stephen is a former poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada, and online media editor. His in-depth view of the US online poker industry and his skills in playing the game are allowing him to write high-class and well-researched articles about regulation, legalization and poker events. He has an M.B.A in math and worked for several Universities.
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Betfair Politics

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  • Huge amounts of money are bet and trade on political events
  • Over $100 million has been traded on ‘Brexit’
  • Bettors will lay a bet if they believe the selection will lose
  • Bettors will back a bet on selection that they believe will win
100% up to $200

Betfair Politics has emerged to become one of interesting offers that Betfair present its players with. With casting a shadow of doubt, Betfair Politics is now one of the biggest gambling markets where significant sums of money are accrued to major political events around the globe under what has now been generally referred to as political betting. Take the ‘Brexit’ Referendum for example. Referring to this event as a spotlight political event of the decade wouldn’t be far from the truth and over $100 million has been traded on ‘Brexit’ alone on Betfair Politics.

Betfair Politics Explained in Details

Betfair Politics has presented as among the several avenues for punters to make meaningful online contact while making significant wins on aspect of political reality with which they have a considerable degree of certainty about what the outcome will look like. In its earliest phase of existence, betting and gambling were majorly done on sports event and games or tournament like football. Lately, the idea of betting has emerged to encompass a much broader perspective to accommodate happenings and affairs in other social institutions that made up the society. In this case, we are referring to the political institution. In times past, major events and occasions that feature in the discourse of betting or gambling are sports events and different gaming activities in their several disguise. In contemporary times however, affairs and occurrences in the political arena have now attract the considerable attention that they have now become mainstream events on which people place their bet. So, basically, just as wall street guys make money trading stocks, Betfair politics helps and supports people who have some flare for politics to win some cool cash from their views and perspectives on political events and affairs.

The Politics section of Betfair devote a considerable resource to covering notable and significant political affairs and events around the globe. Betfair Politics create a veritable platform for bettors to explore politics in a rather interesting manner, one in which they get rewarded financially for every successful prediction they make. Betfair Politics presents itself as a veritable platform where interested party can bet as well as trade on likely results of decisions, events, elections, summits, and any other aspect of politics, home and/or abroad, that features probability. Let’s explain this more practically. On Betfair, the Politics section presents market for bettors on the following:

  • United Kingdom – Party Leaders;
  • United Kingdom Politics;
  • United Kingdom – Brexit 2019;
  • USA – Presidential Election 2020;
  • USA Trump Specials;
  • United Kingdom – Next General Election;
  • United States Politics;
  • Irish Politics;
  • Ireland – Next General Election;
  • United Kingdom – Referendums;
  • 2020 London Mayoral Election;
  • World Politics; and
  • Brexit Specials.

Let’s present some of the aforementioned spotlight political events on Betfair and the events under them, which Betfair presented as Outright Market. Each Outright Market then has its selections and each selection has its odd. For a give Betfair Politics option (like USA – Presidential Election 2020), markets existing under it have matched amounts, which are often published by Betfair for bettors to know how much are staked on each market and factor this into their decision-making regarding market selection.

Betfair PoliticsOutright Market
United Kingdom – Party LeadersNext Conservative Leader.

Members vote: Boris Johnson vote percentage.

Conservative Leader Contest: Straight Forecast.

EXIT Dates – Theresa May 3.

Next Labour Leader.

Next Lib Dem Leader.

Exit Dates – Jeremy Corbyn.

(…and some more).

USA – Presidential Election 2020Next President.

Democratic Nominee.

Winning Party.

Republican Nominee.

Gender of Next President.

Nominee Forecast.

United Kingdom – BrexitBrexit Date.

First to Happen – Brexit / May to Leave?

First to Happen – Brexit / General Election?

Article 50 to be Revoked.

UK to leave the EU on/before 31/10/2019?

EU Referendum before 2020?

A 2nd Vote of No Confidence in Government in 2019.

No Deal Brexit in 2019 – Yes or No?

Meaningful Vote to pass in 2019?

USA – Trump SpecialsTrump Exit Date.

Will Trump be Impeached in his First Term?

Trump To Leave Before End of First Term.

Trump Exit Date 2.

United Kingdom – Next General ElectionPrime Minister After Theresa May.

Year of Next UK Election?

When will Next General Election take place?

Most Seats.

Overall Majority.

Brexit Party Seats.

Conservatives Party Seats.

Labour Party Seats.

Liberal Democrats Seats.

World PoliticsNorth/South Korea Special

These are just some extracts from the numerous options of political events that are available for bettors to trade and bet on with Betfair Politics option. It is important to point out that elections carry a significant proportion of political events on which betting and trading occur and have become increasingly popular in recent years. Major elections and selection of government officials to popular government offices represent a very huge part of political betting. United States Presidential election, United Kingdom elections, notable referendums around the world, and elections in some other powerful countries are often at the center of political betting and trading on Betfair.

Want Alternatives? Find Them in Our Betting Comparison

Betfair Politics is a very interesting aspect of betting has it presents bettors an online platform to invest in the political affairs happening around them. Selecting and paying attention on markets on Betfair Politics has a way of increasing bettors’ interest, not just in the bet per se, but other supporting or associated happenings and variables in the political spheres, all of which also will likely have their own markets after far as Politics betting is concerned.

Having a keen interest in political affairs in one’s political environment, staying abreast of political events, and making informed decisions from analyses of political phenomena can all translate to significant winnings on Betfair Politics. Bettors have the option to lay bets for selections they believe will lose, and back bets on selections they believe will win. For more rich content and information on Betfair Exchange and its component, one of which is Betfair Politics, visit our page sports betting comparison page. Quality education on these subject matters is imperative for making significant winnings that are devoid of sheer luck. You can also view our page for relevant tips and information on other sports such as football and others.

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Betfair Politics is one of the many aspects of Betfair Exchange where bettors get to lay or back bets on happenings and events in politics around the world. Betfair Politics presents players with the online platform to trade or bet political events like elections, nominations, big political events and likely results. Each political phenomenon or affair is made up of markets and markets are made up of selections. Players will lay a bet if there have reasons to believe such selection will lose, while players will back a bet if there are convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that such selection will win. With Betfair Politics, your engagement with political affairs and opinions can take on a whole new look as you can set odds of political events and bet against other people. For the exclusive experience of betting, you definitely want to be in contact with Betfair Exchange.
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