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Betfair How to Withdraw Money

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  • Profit can be withdrawn from Desktop or mobile devices
  • Card withdrawal is typically processed within 2 to 5 days
  • Withdrawal methods include Card, bank transfer and Apple Play
  • Weekends and bank holidays are not recognized as working days
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How “Betfair How to Withdraw Money” did some justice to how account holders of the Betfair Exchange can successful actualize the ultimate goal of betting, which is making profit. Although some will argue that not all punters get involve in one form of betting or the other for profit, but again it can be argued that almost, if not all, punters have profit-making among their reasons of betting. Taking your time and going through this article, you will be more informed on profit withdrawal from Betfair, as well as any issue related to how long to withdraw from Betfair.

Betfair: How to Withdraw Money

The ultimate goal of backing, laying, and/or trading a bet is to make profit; at least it is the goal for majority bettors. You will agree with me that it’s frustrating when you are not able to withdraw your accumulated profit, or you often encounter problems that make the withdrawal process and experience a living hell. Well, it is thrilling to know that Betfair Exchange has a very simple and user-friendly withdrawal policy in withdrawing profit made from the exchange to your personal account or other preferred destinations. Let’s start by highlighting the various number of options, and terms available to Betfair Exchange account holders in withdrawing their gambling winnings.

How to Withdraw from Betfair Exchange

On Betfair Exchange, you can withdraw your proceeds from mobile or desktop. To process your withdrawal from your account using your mobile device, sign in to your Betfair Exchange account. Click on the “My Account” icon. Select the “Withdraw” button. Select the payment method that you will like to use for this withdrawal.

For those who decide to use the Desktop option, first, you need to log into your Betfair Exchange account. In similar step as with withdrawing from Mobile, select the “My Account” icon. You will find this icon on the top right-hand side of the home page. From there, select “My Betfair Account” from the drop-down menu. There you will see the “Withdraw Funds” option available.

Nevertheless, there are some important guide to review when you want to withdraw, either from Mobile or from Desktop.

  • First, you can only withdraw from your Main Wallet. There are other wallets in your Betfair Exchange account, like the Poker account or Exchange Games account. If there are funds in these other wallets, they need to be transferred to your Main Wallet for them to be withdrawable.
  • Secondly, you will only be able to withdraw funds from your Betfair Exchange account to the same payment method or option that you used to deposit the funds in the first place. Many people don’t take note of this and they end up not being able to withdraw their funds, despite it appearing in their Main Wallet.
  • Later in this article there is a table showing week days and days to expect fund when you withdraw on any of these days. It is important to note that bank holidays and weekends are not recognized as working days. Weekends are Saturdays and Sundays.
  • You should know that any amount you withdraw from your Betfair Exchange Main Wallet will appear in your bank statement under the description “BETFAIR”.

Betfair Withdrawal Methods

There are three main methods with which bettors with Betfair Exchange account can withdraw their profits. Discussing how long it will take for your withdrawal to be successful without discussing available withdrawal methods on Betfair Exchange wouldn’t make much sense. There are about eleven (11) different methods with which Betfair Exchange account holders can withdraw their profit, with the advancement of online payments and money transfer, Robust withdrawal options are numerous as of 2020 and into the future for Betfair customers. Many people are actually aware of just three: Card, Bank Transfer, and Apple Play. Actually, there is more. Some who believe the withdrawal options are just three are actually using a rather broad classification, and they are not completely wrong. However, you are entitled to know a more detailed breakdown of these methods. The eleven (11) options or methods of withdrawing your funds and profit from Betfair Exchange include the following:

  • Debit or Credit Card.
  • UK Express Bank Transfer: You should know that fees apply for this option though.
  • UK Standard Bank Transfer.
  • Australian Bank Transfer (NAB).
  • Non-UK Bank Transfer.
  • Apple Pay.

From the aforementioned methods, you will see the Betfair Exchange provide options of bettors who would prefer sending their profits to their card, bank account, their Apple Play account, and some other interesting electronic wallets.

Betfair: How Long to Withdraw?

Having known the various withdrawal methods and options that you have as a Betfair Exchange account holder, it is imperative that you know the withdrawal processing times. Betfair Exchange withdrawal processing times vary depending on the payment method and conditions that bettor opts for when initiating the withdrawal. The table below presents in-depth information regarding withdrawal processing times for each of the Betfair Exchange withdrawal methods:

Payment MethodEarliest time you’ll receive the fundsLatest time you’ll receive the funds
Debit or Credit Card2 Working Days5 Working Days
UK Express Bank Transfer*Next Working DayNext Working Day
UK Standard Bank Transfer2 Working Days3 Working Days
Australian Bank Transfer (NAB)2 Working Days5 Working Days
Non-UK Bank Transfer2 Working Days5 Working Days
Skrill12 Hours24 Hours
PayPal12 Hours24 Hours
Neteller12 Hours24 Hours
WebMoney12 Hours30 Hours
Qiwi12 Hours24 Hours
Apple Play2 Working Days5 Working Days

*Fees apply and any applicable fees will be displayed on the withdrawal page, prior to making withdrawal.

For transparent accounting, you should know that for any successful withdrawal you make, the withdrawal value will appear in your bank statement under the description “BETFAIR”.

Considering the fact that Card is often the preferred withdrawal method for majority of Betfair Exchange account holders, it is important to point out that the 2-5 working days processing period for card is a standard practice for most banks, and as such is completely out of the control of Betfair Exchange to either delay or fast-track this timeline. In order to have complete information on withdrawal processing times and any other related information for those who prefer card withdrawal method, the table shared below is very helpful.

Withdrawal DayEarliest Receive Day*Latest Receive Day*
MondayWednesdayFollowing Monday
TuesdayThursdayFollowing Tuesday
WednesdayFridayFollowing Wednesday
ThursdayMondayFollowing Thursday
FridayTuesdayFollowing Friday
SaturdayWednesdayFollowing Friday
SundayWednesdayFollowing Friday

*These are estimated timescales. Other factors beyond Betfair’s control can extend these timescales, e.g. incorrect expiry dates, old card details, etc.

I Can’t Choose How I Withdraw My Funds?

Some people will probably encounter this issue. This is simply because Betfair Exchange put some security measures in place all aimed at keeping your money safe and support privacy. One of these measures is that all withdrawals are processed proportionally between the payment methods used to fund the account. There is what we called Net Deposits. It’s simply the difference between the total withdrawal and the total deposit for a particular payment method, say your PayPal.

  • Positive Net Deposit: means you have deposited or entered more than you have withdrawn to a payment method; and
  • Negative Net Deposit: means you have withdrawn more than you have deposited to a payment method.

For example, if you’ve deposited $10 from your Visa card and $50 from your PayPal. Say after playing bet on the exchange, you have a total Wallet balance of $400. Your net deposits for Visa car and PayPal are $10 and $50, respectively. Let’s assume you want to withdraw $200 and you want to use PayPal. This will only be possible after you achieved a $0 net deposit for your Visa card by first withdrawing $10 to your Visa card. This makes your Visa card net deposit to be $0. It is then that you can now withdraw $50 to your PayPal.

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From all we’ve have discussed on Betfair Exchange withdrawal in this article, it is clear that Betfair Exchange really is a standard platform with relatively convenient and flexible methods and options for account holders to withdraw their hard-earn profit on the exchange. Given the fact that Betfair Exchange attract people from all over the world, the exchange did really well by making sure the available withdrawal methods make withdrawal stress- and hassle-free for everyone. For more useful, relevant, and up-to-date information, please visit our sports betting comparison page today and come in contact with quality betting, excellent customer service, and withdrawal experience.

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Punters have eleven (11) different options and methods to withdraw their profits from Betfair Exchange. The withdrawal processing times vary across withdrawal methods. Banks holidays and weekends are now recognized as working days as regarding processing times. Betfair Exchange has some security measures in place to safeguard your money. Check on our sports betting comparison site to view more valuable content and information. Search and find the method that best fit your convenience and remember to always gamble responsibly.
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