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  • Most tour events are played over 7 days and 72 holes
  • Top two main golf tours to bet on are US PGA Tour and The European Tour (ET)
  • There are interesting Betfair golf odds with Betfair Golf
  • You can back or lay a player or outcome to win, or do both
  • You can always trade bets for profit
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Betfair Golf is another awesome opportunity for punters to make some interesting an unlimited winning on Betfair Exchange. Just like other big sports offered on the exchange, Betfair golf exchange presents bettors the veritable platform to bet and trade bets on top golf tournaments, opens, championships, leagues, and events around the world. The rate at which bettors win in Betfair Golf is actually relative impressive compared to other sports like football.

Betfair Golf Explained

Players searching for ways to make some extra cool returns can look onto the option of Betfair Golf gambling as it is a viable option in this regard. Betfair Golf is so interesting to engage for well so many reasons. From a punter’s perspective, Betfair Golf is market-friendly. By being market-friendly, we mean that there are numerous options and events, opens, and championships to bet on, just like football and racing. Remember that Betfair Exchange already creates the platform by bringing together players and punters from around the world. Betfair Exchange attracts bettors from all around the world. Thus, there is a robust punters population that you can always set own odds against just as there are many other betting odds that will be set by other Betfair exchange players that you can bet against. Setting your own odds is another interesting and cool feature of Betfair Exchange and you don’t want to miss it.

Golf Tournaments: Where and When

As we mentioned earlier, there are lots and lots of opportunities to bet in Betfair Golf just as Betfair Horse Racing. In terms of where and when, as far as golf is concerned, it is fascinating answer to these questions. Among the interesting features of golf is that it is played in almost every part of the world, with professional tours being played in almost every region. Just to name a few, there’s the Asian tour, Australasian tour, Japan, Canadian and Sunshine tour. Of all these aforementioned tours, it is quite interesting to discover that there are two main courses that stood out, and are often bettors’ favorite, compared to other tournaments. They are the European Tour, which has now been rebranded as the Race to Dubai, and the United States PGA Tour.

The European Tour has a longer lifespan, so to speak. It runs for almost an entire year. The European Tour’s long lifespan of virtually a year takes into account some quite fascinating places. Among its destinations are South Africa, India, China, and Australia, just to name a few. The reason behind its rebranding to Race to Dubai was probably because for the past couple of years now, European Tour’s final event has been staged in Dubai. For the US PGA Tour, it starts in January and ends in November; quite an interesting thing for bettors as this translates to lots of events to bet on.

Golf shares some similarities with Tennis. Just as obtained in tennis, golf has four majors. Examples of these similarities include:

  • The US Masters: which is played in April
  • The US Open: which is played in June, with the 2019 US open just concluded
  • The Open Championship: sometimes called the British Open, which is staged in July
  • The US PGA Championship: staged in August

Asides these major, below them, there are four World Golf Championship events. These events are only contested by the highest in the world rankings; it’s not really for every golf player. They include:

  • The Accenture Match Play in February; it’s the first World Golf Championship. It’s followed by three stroke play events named below
  • The Cadillac Championship in March
  • The Bridgestone Invitational in August
  • The HSBC Champions event in China in November

In the table below, we have put together the top ten (10) Golf tournaments from all around the world. From the table, you can see that there are quite some interesting gambling opportunities in Golf. There are big tournaments and for every tournament, it implies that there are events to bet on or trade bet.

Golf EventTourDateEntrants
The MastersMajorApril90
US OpenMajorJune156
The OpenMajorJuly156
USPGA CshipMajorAugust156
Ryder CupPGA vs. EuroSeptember*24**
BMW PGA CshipEuroMay145
DP World Tour CshipEuroNovember144
The Players CshipPGAMay156
Tour CshipPGASeptember30***
World Golf Cship****WGCMarch64*****

*Every second year; ** 12 vs. 12; ***Top 30 of PGA money list; ****Match play tournament; *****Top 64 in world rankings.

Another point worthy of noting about the European Tour and the US PGA Tour is that almost every event of these tournaments is televised live. However, there is a note of warning and this is especially for bettors from America. Despite being described as live, bettors must be careful and pay more quality attention as many of the so-called televised events of these two golf tournaments are often delayed by several minutes. Some may see this as less impacting, after all the event still occurs.

Betfair Golf: Types of Market

On Betfair Exchange, the main market for Betfair Golf is the Winner market. The Winner market is typically uploaded to Betfair on the Sunday before the tournament starts. There are some other interesting golf markets on Betfair Exchange. Among them are Top 5 Finish market, Top 10 Finish market, a Victory Margin market, and First Round Leader market. Bettors also have the opportunity to bet on all of the three-balls and/or two-ball markets.

Betfair Golf: Making a Profit

Apart from having some good time and having some quality betting experience, the ultimate goal of almost every bettor is to make a profit per bet. Betfair Golf is an excellent choice for this. Punters considering Betfair Golf should know that they can make profit through back bet, lay bet, or both. While some bettors find it relatively convenient and rewarding to back golf players to win an event, some other find it tactically advantageous to lay golf players for profit. There is a third category of bettors from this perspective. There are those bettors who neither prefer to back a golf player nor lay them; they simply look to purely trading bet. It’s up to you to find that delicate balance with which you can combine your back bets and lay bets, proportion-wise, to guarantee some profit. However, this does not imply that those who 100% back bets or those whose bets are all lay bets cannot make a profit.

More Golf Betting Alternatives

The simplest answer to this is yes! The two main golf tournaments, the European Tour and the US PGA Tour, alone have enough number of events and span over a considerable time period for punters who know what they are doing to make significant on their Betfair Golf bets. You must know that to guarantee profit on your bet, you will need more than just placing your bet or trading them. You need quality, up-to-date information, from reputable and reliable source. All these contents and information about Betfair Golf, you can always find for free on our sports betting comparison page. Please check out our online page today and make incredible contact with latest tips that can boost your chances of winning on your next Betfair Golf bet.

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Enjoy the Game of Gentlemen and Make Cash in the Process

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Betfair Golf presents customers with awesome opportunities to make profit betting golf. Betfair Exchange has terms and conditions that are favorable for punters and awesome privacy policy that has been put in place with the users in mind. With the European Tour and the US PGA Tour 2019, punters can place bets on event on the exchange at favorable and impressive Betfair golf odds. To make profits, you can back a player to win or an outcome to pass, you can lay a player not to win or an outcome not to occur, you can do both, or you can purely trade. Join other winners and you can be rest assured that you will find the best information by viewing our sports comparison site.
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