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This article focuses more on free bet and bonus offers from Betfair. The article brought to light some very relevant information that bettors looking to benefit from Betfair free bet should know about. The article presents salient information on Betfair free bet, the requirements to be eligible, how to claim it, what it entails, and some other very useful information to making the right decision as regards Betfair free bet offers. As a bettor, you must have it at the back of your mind that over the years, Betfair has set itself apart in excellence, thus making it a good move going for promotions and bonus offers that Betfair offers which often come in several forms, among which is Betfair free bet.

Betfair Free Bet 2020

Before a bettor would be interested in any offer or promotion offered by a sportsbook, one of the first thing to look at is the reputation and credibility of such sportsbook. In practical terms, these would imply how substantial the betting and gambling markets offered are, the bet odds, customer support systems, even payment options to withdraw your profit at the end of the show. From a quality point of view, going for Betfair free bet offer is really an incredible choice for a lot of reason:

  • Easy access to the big betting and gambling markets and several betting and gambling options across several sports. To name a few, you can use your Betfair free bet to place bets on American football, Darts, Ice Hockey, Surfing, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Horse Racing, Chess, Boxing, even Politics and Current Affairs.
  • A wide range of payment options that guarantee a seamless withdrawal experience after turning your free bets to profit. Among the payment options available are Visa Debit card, Mastercard Debit card, Maestro, PayPal, PaySafeCard, Bank Transfer, Cheque, Skrill and Neteller.
  • Best of the Best Premier League Odds: It’s more rewarding to go for a free bet offer with a sportsbook that offers the best platform to make the most return on these free bets. For new and existing customers who love recreational football betting, the best sportsbook to get involved with to make the best off your free bets in 2020 is Betfair.
  • Guarantee of best odds: In the market of betting and gambling, one of the most essential features a racing sportsbook could possess is reliability and good guarantee of best odds. For enthusiasts of horse racing, dealing with Betfair has a huge advantage. You get to enjoy fantastic free bets, which you can in turn play at best odds to make the most incredible profit on your free bets.

The Betfair Bonus in Detail

New customers would have to place a total of 25 bets in order to trigger their full bonus amount. Betfair free bet offer is only applicable to Betfair accounts created and registered in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland.

Betfair customers, new or existing, making payment to their Betfair accounts through Moneybookers, Neteller, or Skrill should know that they are automatically exempted from this free bet offer.

The Betfair free bet offer is only valid and limited to one free bet offer per customer, IP address, email account, household, family, cellphone number, and payment instrument.

  • Bonus: The Betfair free bet offer comes at a minimum bet amount of $10 and minimum bet odds of 1.5. Bettors can get up to $100 by placing up to five different $10 sports or horse racing bets. Some very vital information about this Betfair free bet offer are as follows:
  • Bonus Code: No promo code is needed to benefit from Betfair free bet
  • Bonus Type: Free bets
  • Valid for: Only for new customers and for the first 30 days that bet was received
  • Wagering of odds at: 5 or ½
  • Rollover: For the simple reason that information like this change very often, bettors can always get more indepth on this from Betfair official page
  • Rollover Period: For new Betfair players and account holders looking to maximize profit using these Betfair free bet offers, the following information regarding rollover period is very vital to know

To get to full $100 free bet bonus offer, bettors must place the minimum $10 sports bet not more than five times. These sports bets do not include Betfair exchange bets.

The Betfair free bet would only be credited to your account within 24-hour period that you met the requirements for qualifying for this free bet offer. For the $20 free bet would be credited to your Betfair account, all the five $10 sports bets must have been settled. You can place these bets on sports events or horse racing but Betfair exchange bets.

You must utilize each of the free bet given to you within the first 30 days that you received the free bet offer lest you forfeit it. Each bet placed must have bet odds of nothing less than 1.5 or ½.

Additionally, each of these free bets you receive cannot be placed on the same sports event or horse racing event, lest you forfeit the bonus offer. Bettors should also take note that deposit to Betfair account made through Skrill or Neteller will not qualify for Betfair free bets.

Step-by-Step: How you get the Bonus

  • Step 1: Open and verify your Account with the necessary personal details requested.
  • Step 2: Get the Bonus. You will need to make a deposit of nothing less than $10.
  • Step 3: Fulfil the wagering requirements. One major requirement to be eligible for this Betfair free bet is to place five $10 bets at bet odds of nothing less than 1.50 bet odds. You can only place a maximum of 5 of these kinds of sports bet and these sports bets must be placed within the first 30 days that your Betfair account was created.
  • Step 4: Withdrawal the money. With the right amount and combination of good information, good betting and gambling skills, and a little bit of luck, you should be looking to withdraw profit made on your Betfair deposit.

Top 5 Questions asked by Players and their Answers

Below are top five questions asked by players and well rsearched answers are provided for your consumption

If the BetFair bonus is being claimed by a new customer, and all other requirements of the sportsbook for the free bet offer are met right from the sign in stage, feedbacks and testimonies from existing players confirmed BetFair new customers get their $100 free bet offer.

BetFair sportsbook started offering its betting and gambling services to the bettor populace as far back as 1999, although the sportsbook did not go online till 2000. The sportsbook continued to experienced success, which has informed its growth in diverse direction: casino, exchange, horse racing, etc.

BetFair sportsbook and its other betting and gambling ventures are licensed under the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, Malta, United Kingdom. You need not worry about how legit Betfair is. So you can go about your betting with calm rest of mind

Yes. BetFair boasts itself as a reputable sportsbook that provide live streaming of sports events to its customers. You get to catch the action as it unfolds. In a case when you confused on which team to wager on based on uncertainties, you get to place your wagers as the action rolls out.

Starting from the day you receive your BetFair free bet offer – this goes to the new customers – the free bet is valid for 30 days.  This expressly means that your free bet offer lasts a duration of 30 days after which it becomes invalid when not used.

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Betfair is a sportsbook that has set itself apart in excellence and distinguished itself for exceptional performance in the betting and gambling industry. Lots of features has made this happen and one prominent one is its free bet offer in form of $100 sign-up bonus for new customers among many other offers and promotions. Get yourself started at Sports Betting Comparison to find an operator licensed for your state.
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