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  • It allows bettors to bet for and against outcomes of Cricket games
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  • Cricket odds are usually the best on Betfair
  • Betfair Exchange Cricket covers hundreds of Cricket games per year
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Betfair Exchange Cricket brings home a tremendous opportunity for Cricket enthusiasts to have fun with the beloved sport gambling virtually no restriction or ceiling to fun that can be had. The gigantic opportunities that Betfair Exchange offers to bettors interested in the Cricket markets is demonstrated in hundreds of Cricket matches that it covers. Betfair Exchange Cricket creates a veritable gambling platform for bettors to not only bet on odds on Cricket matches and live odds, but to also set their own odds for aspect of Cricket markets for other punters on the exchange to bet against.

Betfair Exchange Cricket: A Quick Intro

It will not be utterly right to assume that everybody reading this article already understands the nitty-gritty of Cricket games. Hence, a short brief on basics of Cricket won’t hurt. Cricket is a game that is played with two teams of which each team is made up of eleven players. It is Popular in Asia countries like India (Indian cricket league) and Pakistan and also the UK (English ECB premier league) as well. Just as obtained in baseball, each team takes turns batting and playing the field in Cricket. Referring to the batter as a batsman and the pitcher as a bowler, the bowler’s job is to try and knock down the bail of the wicket while a batsman tries to hit the ball in an attempt to prevent the bowler from making contact with the wicket.

In Cricket, two batsmen are on the pitch at the same time. In terms of scoring, the batters can run after the ball is hit. For a run to be scored, places have to be changed on the pitch, and the team having the highest number of runs wins the match. Runs are typically counted in hundreds. It is important to know that six (6) runs means a ball hit out of the field on a fly while four (4) runs means a ball hit out of the field on a bounce. Regarding terminologies about outs (dismissals), a bowled out means bowler knocks over, also means breaks, the wicket with a bowl. Caught out means a fielder catches a battled ball on the fly. Run out means fielder catches ground ball and throws it at the wicket, knocking it down before the batsman gets there. And leg before wicket means batsman’s body interferes with a bowled ball that would hit the wicket.

Betfair Exchange Cricket: Betting Cricket

If you are a lover of Cricket and/or considering engaging actively and meaningfully in gambling activities on Cricket, a very good place to consider is the Betfair Exchange. Betfair Exchange has and continue to be the paradise and center for betting activity for many popular sports including Cricket. The interesting thing about Betfair Exchange is that punters interested in Cricket get the opportunity to perform much more than the role of punter; they get to play the role of a bookmaker.

Betfair Exchange Cricket offers a very gigantic market for live betting and of trading Cricket bets and can conveniently compete with other sports like football and tennis in terms of fan base. The simple reason why this is so is because it is available to bettors from many countries around the world to bet. Betfair Exchange Cricket is a brilliant choice for betting Cricket matches for two main reasons among many others. Secondly, with the staggering huge bettor population, Betfair Exchange covers a wide variety of Cricket matches; Betfair Exchange covers like hundreds of Cricket matches a year without leaving out even the supposedly smaller competitions like the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) and the Kenyan Premier League (KPL).

Notable among the top competitions that Betfair Exchange Cricket offers for bettors to engage include but not limited to ICC (International Cricket Council) Cricket World Cup, One Day Internationals, Women’s One Day Internationals, T20 Blast, County Championship Division 1, County Championship Division 2, The Ashes (Series Markets), and ICC World Twenty20. In all these aforementioned Cricket matches, Betfair Exchange offers bettors ample opportunity to bet “their way”. Allowing bettors to bet their way on Betfair Exchange means that bettors can set the odds themselves on over twenty-three (23) Cricket events covered on Betfair Exchange.

Steps to Join Betfair Exchange Cricket

First, Betfair Exchange is what you will refer to as Open Source, that is, many people from around the world can log on to Betfair Exchange, create an account if not already an account holder, and engage in betting activities or trade bets on your mobile.

  • Go online and register on the website by creating a user account
  • Find and select which available market which you are interested in.
  • Bettors can then decide to either place a bet for an outcome, in which they bettors are backing a bet, or to bet against an outcome in a Cricket match, in which case bettors are laying a bet.

How to bet on Cricket on Betfair Exchange

Betting on Cricket on Betfair Exchange is fairly similar to other Betfair Exchange betting like Betfair Horse Racing. Bettors planning to bet on Cricket using Betfair Exchange enjoy the privilege to choose from over 76 Cricket bets and also live betting. Bettors must choose Cricket markets to bet on or against. Market can be Match Odds, Tournament Winner, Special, etc. Upon choosing a market, bettors then decide either to match a bet, or set the odds and place a Cricket bet against others. Furthermore, bettors considering choosing Betfair Exchange for their next Cricket bet get to bet for or against an outcome.

For example, let us assume that a bettor has decided to bet on Sri Lanka vs. West Indies in a cricket sports event. Betting for or against an outcome means that the bettor can place a lay bet if he/she thinks that Sri Lanka will lose. Conversely, the bettor can place a back bet if he/she have sufficient reasons to believe that Sri Lanka will win this Cricket match.

It’s important to discussing briefly on understanding Cricket betting odds on Betfair Exchange. On Betfair Exchange, Cricket betting odds are displayed in decimals. The logic behind representing Cricket betting odds in decimals is actually for bettors’ convenience and comfortability as it is much easier to calculate payouts when punters win. Cricket decimal odds on Betfair Exchange simply represent payouts which is the cash earned. It offers the best odds possible for big returns.

For example, our previous example, a lay bet for Sri Lanka to win may be presented as 0.6. This implies that the bettor wins $6 for every $10 s/he bets provided Sri Lanka wins, including stake. On Betfair Exchange, Cricket odds shown in blue boxes indicate odds set by the layers, while Cricket odds in pink boxes are odds set by the backers. It is very important to note this.

Why Play Betfair Exchange Cricket?

There are quite a number of tangible reasons to bet Cricket on Betfair Exchange, for a logical point of view. First, the bettor population is something to leverage on as Betfair Exchange attract people from everywhere. This translate to a robust bettor population base, meaning there is always someone offering something. Recall also, that it’s an exchange, not a bookmaker arrangement. This means that bettors can either match a bet, or set the odds and place a Cricket bet against others: again, there are quite a larger proportion of ‘others’ as far as Betfair Exchange is concerned. ‘Others’ means many other bettors from around the world betting on the platform. Interestingly also, Betfair Exchange offers packages that help place bettors in more favorable positions to win and make great profit.

Want More Options? Check Out Our Betting Comparison

There are Cricket Sign Up Offers, free bonuses for new customers to place a Cricket matched bet on markets available, punters are advised to read the terms and conditions accompanying this bonus as well as the Cricket Betting Predictions section on Betfair Exchange that will help bettors make more informed decision when betting on Cricket. For more quality and up-to-date content and information on Betfair Exchange Cricket from time to time, always check our sports betting comparison page. You can always count on finding useful, powerful content on whatever topic you are searching to make good money on gambling.

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Making Smart Bet Exchanges with Betfair Exchange Cricket

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Betfair Exchange offers punters ample opportunity to place Cricket bets on major Cricket competitions around the world without leaving out the smaller ones. With Betfair Exchange Cricket, bettors can place a Cricket bet either for an outcome, meaning to back, or against it, meaning to lay. With Betfair Exchange, punters can also bet for or against an outcome. Numerous reviews from happy customers available shows that Betfair Exchange offers quite a number of packages and offering that ensure quality betting experience for punters interested in Cricket betting through favorable terms and conditions and good privacy policy.
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